Saturday, October 15, 2005

And When They're Not Looking. . . . .

Gonna try to squeeze in one more wheelin' trip before the snow really flies. As much as I would love to check out the Shepherd Ah Nei area, I think I'll avoid the rush and just go to one of my secret favorite places. I imagine Shepherd will be busy tomorrow, and I don't go wheelin' where it's busy, I don't even go with very many friends at once. I go wheelin' to get away from people.

I could now go into how much I'm disturbed by those who would love to outlaw my favorite pastime, but not today. See, I worked exactly 14 hours last night, then spent all day tinkering with a finicky carburetor in order to be able to go on this ride, so I'm beat.

Tomorrow, however, I will enjoy a glorious day in the mountains and hopefully return with the necessary inspiration to sit down and write all about how much I really hate eco-eggsucking treehugging enviro-weinies, or perhaps, I will return with a story about how much I hate finicky carburetors, either way I get something off my chest, and you get something hopefully interesting to read.

See ya tomorrow night, it'll be a win-win post, guaranteed.

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