Thursday, October 27, 2005

Busy Bringin' Home the Bacon, I Haven't Forgot About Ya!

Working pretty steady this week, not a lot of time to dump my brain onto the ol' blog for you all to see, but I'll try to come up with something worth reading this weekend latest.

Nasty crash just East of Bozeman last night, closed the road down all night. I had to take off about 10:30 and go round up dropped trailers in Big Timber and Livingston and run them up to Butte via White Sulpher and Townsend, the scenic route. Can't pull triples on two lane roads so I was off to the rescue.

It sucks being the low man on the totem pole again, it's been a long time since I was waiting for a phone call every night to see if I was working, but oh well, gotta start somewhere I guess. At least I'm getting paid well for it, and I'm working with a great bunch of guys. I wish I would've gotten this job 10 years ago, then I'd be somewhere now, instead of starting over at the bottom.

Such is life I guess, I try to be thankful for what I have, instead of worrying about what I don't, and I am one thankful guy. I've definitely had a few bad times, but nothing in comparison to some people. I hope that everyone has a good day, I'm going to bed. See ya when I've got the time. Later all.


5 said...

Be careful out there, I heard about that wreck, if they every get that bridge finished...who are you pulling for? And triples? I have hualed everything, 48 and Canada but triples are scary...I heard you just pull in the mirrors and go....yee haw! Shiny side up Driver!

5 said...

Hualed is when you are done hauling....and they will get "every" bridge finsihed...damn drug testing, I told them they worked great!

Justin said...

Yeah, they wiggle a bit, but I've always kinda liked things that wiggle. ;)

They might get that bridge finished, if the jackasses don't cave it in again like they did last time.

I drive for Con-Way, for the last six weeks anyway. Before that I was at Reddaway for 2 months, just city delivery though. Before that I was with Molerway for 10 years, up until the super duper top secret we ain't tellin ya about it till you come in the morning that you ain't got no job anymore buyout thingy, but when I talk about that I get pissed, like really pissed. Not mildly disturbed kinda pissed, not even go off on a tangent and talk shit about "liberals" pissed. We're talkin pass the fuckin amonium nitrate and the blastin caps pissed. So I'm gonna quit talkin about it for now. ;) Be good man, hopefully dead animal pics tomorrow. Hug Stella for me, then hug her for yourself, then hug her again just because you can, then hug her one more time because she'll grow up way too damn fast. Later.

5 said...

That Molerway shit, I will help ya...Conway is stable though and big, I know they stepped in when CF bit the dust-which I still find hard to believe. When I was 48 state, I would pass a corn flake every three miles...
Im not sure how any company is making it. When I left Marten for ADC, I was at 1.09 a mile OO, cost me .54 to run the truck! Im looking for something to do, I might look at Reddaway as a stand by. I would love to find an OO that needs a guy to go to Chicago and back once a week....part timer! Take care and hope you get some meat tomorrow...T