Saturday, October 29, 2005

Comments Needed On Castle Mountains Travel Plan


This past Friday Kent Forrester and I took Doug Dodge, the ranger in charge at Harlotown on a ride in the Castle Mountains. We concentrated on trails that have been designated for closure under the new travel plan and trails that we would like to see opened for ATV use in the future. The weather didn't look to good when we left Billings but turned out to be a perfect day for a ride. I feel it was well worth the trip as Dodge was able to see for himself that if some of the proposed closures are allowed to stand there will be no legal access without going thru private land to the south side of the Castles Mountains.

Dodge enjoyed himself and promised to contact White Sulfur on our behalf on one of the trails in their district that we feel should be open to ATV traffic and agreed to keep an open mind on trails under his control. Kent and I offered our club's help in fixing some of the trouble spots along the trails we are requesting to remain open. This is the second ride that Dodge has accompanied representatives from our club, the first being in the Little Belts. This has given him the opportunity to see not only how the trail systems connect in his district, but what small amount of resource damage has occurred over the years from motorized use even without maintenance for the most part on the trails and roads by the Forest Service.

It is now up to us to supply the Forest Service with written comments supporting the decisions we wish to be made on the new travel plan. Again mark your calendars for Tuesday November 8th as that is when we will be filling out travel plan comments. We will be at the Knight of Columbus Hall at 2216 Grand Avenue from 3 pm to 10 pm and will have all the maps and materials needed on site. Depending on how busy we are it should only take fifteen minutes of your time to get the required paperwork filled out. Tell everyone you know about this opportunity to help in formulating the new travel plan for the Little Belts, Castle, and Crazy Mountains.

Tom Parker
Treasure State ATV

Treasure State ATV Association is a great bunch of people, I've ridden with them before and I can attest that these folks are excellent stewards of the lands they use. They promote RESPONSIBLE recreation, and they will volunteer in force to help with trail maintenance and improvements. These are definately not the enemies of the environment that groups like the Sierra Club would like you to believe they are. Please make the time to let the Forest Service know that you support opportunities for motorized recreation, unless you don't support motorized recreation, in that case what the heck are you doing reading this?

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