Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Hipochritsmas All My Evil Cohorts MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Does it strike anyone else as funny that so many "Christians", that went to church yesterday, will tonight dress their children up as witches and devils and ghosts and monsters and aliens and all other manner of scary things and take them to cheesy haunted houses and shopping malls to walk around and beg for free candy that could be poisoned for all they know? And all this in observance of a Pagan holiday with Satanic roots steeped in witchcraft? But they won't let their kids read Harry Potter books? Or collect Pokemon cards? Because they're evil? Hmmmmm?

And they say I'm a bad parent because I burned the purple Telletubbies. ;) Jerry Falwell made me do it.

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Anonymous said...

Justin's bluntness rings with the sound of truth once again.
Charli- Overland Park, KS