Friday, October 21, 2005

I Take Back What I Said About Joe Being Smart

Joe, I have just lost faith in you entirely. Just when I thought that we were going to enjoy an intelligent conversation, you let me down. Go check it out folks, link on title. Seems that Joe is trying to make a comparison. He takes issue with the fact that I wouldn't allow my children to do whatever they want, even though I am a Libertarian and believe that I should be allowed to do what I want. Joe thinks that a good Libertarian should let his kids take guns to school, I'm beginning to think he's right, but only if Joe was a teacher. Joe doesn't seem to be able to discern between an adult and a child, maybe that's because Joe needs the government to babysit him.

Maybe Joe is trying to imply that maybe, just like I know what's right for my kids moreso than they do at their tender age, the government knows what's best for me after the same fashion. Ain't gonna fly Joe. Does anyone out there think that King George has our best interests in mind? Does anyone out there think Bill Clinton had our best interests in mind? ~insert chirping crickets sound effect here~ Didn't think so.

Liberal children grow up being allowed to do whatever they want, not Libertarian children. That's why liberals have no self discipline, Joe. Liberals want the schools to hand out condoms to their kids and tell them that it's ok to go around humping anything that slithers. Then they want the government to pay to feed their illegitimate children, and treat their sexually transmitted diseases. While I would be totally in favor of the whole "free love" thing in a perfect world (who wouldn't?), the world is not perfect, Joe.

Libertarians teach their children morals, be it out of respect for a higher power, or just out of common sense. AIDS is real, and so is teenage pregnancy, but you liberals have a solution for that don't you? Just go get an abortion right? If you have to ask, you wouldn't understand. Libertarians teach their children that if they go around having indiscriminate sex and they get AIDS, or conceive a child, that it's no one's fault but their own and therefore they will have to deal with the consequences of their actions.

Liberals teach their children that they can do whatever they want without consequences, they can do drugs with abandon because there are government programs to help them if they ever decide that they want to straighten out, nevermind the people they might hurt in the meantime. Libertarians teach their children that the choices they make should not be taken lightly because the choice they make today may well affect them for the rest of their lives. Libertarians teach their children that if they do something wrong, no one is going to accept the excuse that they were drunk or high when they did it.

Liberal children grow up thinking that the world owes them a living, that's why when liberal children grow up they champion causes like socialist medicine, and welfare, and government subsidized housing. Libertarian children grow up knowing that no one owes them anything. If they want to make it in this world they're going to have to do it themselves. Don't even jump on this one and say something about Libertarians kicking their kids out on the street on their 18th birthday, I don't care if my kid is 40 years old, if he or she needs my help, it will be there. See we Libertarians believe in family, we don't depend on the government to bail us out, nor do we abandon our children.

Most of us wouldn't abandon your children either, Joe, that's called compassion and we don't need the government to force it on us like you do. Tony's a Libertarian, Tony took in a displaced family from Hurricane Katrina, the government didn't make him do it, he just did because he felt it was the right thing to do. What's the last thing you took in that was in need, Joe? Adopt a cat from the animal shelter maybe? Wouldn't surprise me, liberals always seem to have more compassion for animals than people. But you don't actually have to help anyone do you because you support all of those government programs that do it for you right?

If you sense that I'm getting pissed, you're right. That's probably what that dipshit post was trying to accomplish, it's an age old tactic practiced widely by liberals and lawyers, get the guy all fired up and destroy his credibility. The gun thing didn't work so you had to break out the big guns and just say something so ludicrous as to totally flabbergast me. Well I'm still quite credible, Joe. I've been getting pissed off about idiots like you for years and it hasn't ruined my credibility yet. The one that just lost his credibility is you my friend. If one of my 3 (comin' to get ya Tony) readers reads that garbage and even remotely thinks that you asked me a legitimate question, I'll eat my shorts. (I'm gonna wind up eating my shorts one of these days, don't let me down this time folks)

So now I'm gonna ask the questions, Joe. Do you actually believe that you are better off with the government making your decisions for you? Do you actually think that the government knows what's best for you and is acting in your best interest? Do you actually believe that you need to be coddled to by the government if you make a mistake? Does your mommy still come over and change your friggin diapers when you talk out your ass and accidentally slobber like you just did? Oh that's right, you're a liberal, it's not about you is it, it's about society as a whole right? Do us all a favor and read some Orwell ok?

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