Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A Little Humor, Didn't Want You to Think That I Lost My Sense of it

A friend of mine told me a joke during the last presidential election that I think really sums up the debate between people who favor a gov't safety net, and people like me who believe that it isn't worth trading the freedom of responsible people for the wellbeing of those who perpetually make bad choices. While the original joke was in reference to republicans, (I haven't yet convinced my friend that both of our prominent political parties are basically the same corrupt entities, the Democrats will take the country to hell in a handbasket, the Republicans will do so in a shopping cart), but I took the liberty of changing it a little since I feel that it is more relevant to we libertarians with anarchistic tendencies, enjoy.

A farmer's daughter returns from her first year of college for Christmas break and they begin to discuss politics. It is immediately clear that the young girl has been converted to a raging liberal and is still young and naive enough to think that she can save the world. After hours of discussing how the Democrats would right all of the world's wrongs, the farmer, exasperated, changes the subject.

"So how are you doing at school otherwise?" asks the farmer.

"Oh I'm doing great, Dad," says the girl, "I'm getting A's in all of my classes and all of my professors say that I am the best student they've had in years."

"And how is your cousin doing? She was always such a goof off in high school."

"She's just awful, Dad. I'm ashamed to admit that I'm related to her. She parties constantly, is always late for class, she's flunking all of her courses. I think that she just went to school for the social life I swear."

"Oh that's terrible, well you know what we could do? Since all of your professors like you so much you should go to them and ask if they would be willing to just average both of your grades together so that you both could graduate and then both of you could have the same opportunities after you get out of school." says the farmer.

"Dad, that's not fair!" shouts the daughter, "I'm the one doing all of the work, why should she get a free ride?!"

To this the farmer calmly replies "Welcome to the Libertarian party, dear."

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KarbonKountyMoos said...

Sounds like a union to me...