Saturday, October 29, 2005

NOW They Tell Me. . .

I just checked the FFOR website a day or two ago and nothing, this must be a new developement. I know I said I'd be there for the next volunteer day, but I already promised my son we were going hunting Sunday, a little more notice would be nice next time folks.

Shepherd Ah Nei OHVArea
Volunteers Needed!!!
On Sunday October 30th, 2005 the BLM Billings Field Office needs volunteers to assist with the installation of Carsonite trail marking signs and perform trail maintenance on a few selected trails at the Shepherd Ah Nei Motorized Recreation Area.
The work will begin at 9:00AM and will require a couple of hours to complete,
depending upon the number of volunteers. Please bring a shovel and work gloves.
Your help to maintain our riding area is appreciated.
This work we do to make improvements or maintenance of our area will be very influential in keeping Ah Nei open for motorized use for years to come.
For questions please contact:
Lynn Anderson
Outdoor Recreation Planner
BLM, Billings Field Office
(406) 896-5248 (5281 fax)
Carl Siroky
Shepherd Ah Nei OHV Area Information Line 896-5014
Families For 0utdoor Recreation.
Working hard for family recreation on our public land

Once again, any help will be appreciated.

I'm off to try to kill something tomorrow, hopefully a hunting story tomorrow, complete with dead animal pics.

Don't touch that dial. . .

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