Thursday, October 13, 2005

Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition

Check out the little tidbit that I just received from Ed Melcher at FFOR.

There is no joy in Biggsville today. After a year and a half of legal wrangling the Shepherd Ah Nei Recreation Area is scheduled to reopen for motorized use, that is if Mr. Biggs doesn't pull another rabbit out of his hat and screw it up again. Considering the time, and probably a little money too, that Biggs has invested in being a widely hated party pooper, he probably could have bought himself a house that isn't located next to a long established ORV area by now.

I simply do not understand some people's perceptions on matters of this type. I read recently that Biggs was disappointed that the courts and the BLM would step on the rights of property owners this way. My reaction to this comment?

The rights of property owners? Excuse me dipshit but if I'm not mistaken your property ends where MY property begins. That is BLM land, which means that it belongs to all of us, not you alone Mr. Biggs. If you have such distaste for the noise generated by ATV's and motorcycles then why, I ask, did you move in next to an ORV park? Was that your intention from the start, to close the area down because you have a hatred for offroad recreationists?

The same thing happened years ago in the South Hills, those whiney busybodies lost too but from what I understand there's still several people out there that would dance on the ashes after burning all of the "Open for Motorized Use" signs.

The bastards won in the case of the old Yellowstone Speedway, or at least this is how the story was told to me anyway by what I perceive as a reliable source, not responsible for errors or omissions but here goes. Seems that when the speedway was originally built, it was surrounded by nothing but farmland. Years went by and farmers subdivided and eventually there were houses located nearby. These people bought these houses and then suddenly noticed one Saturday night that there was a racetrack nearby that was frequented by several cheering fans and some extremely loud automobiles running around in circles at very high speeds. Who knew?

Unbelievable that the realtor wouldn't have told these unwary victims of unscrupulous business practices that the large grandstands with the huge sign hanging on them that said "SPEEDWAY", was indeed, a friggin SPEEDWAY. Speedways generally do not provide a venue for Saturday night quilting bees, their activities normally revolve around auto racing. So anyway, these concerned citizens went forth to fix their suddenly soiled neighborhood and managed to pass covenants or whatever it is that bitchy property owners do to screw with their neighbors that are just doing what they've been doing for years before the "Holier Than Thou" crowd moved in. They somehow succeeded in placing a restriction on the speedway that said it could remain there, but could not be improved or rebuilt, in other words once it was too worn out to use, it was gone. A few years ago the wind blew down a light pole that damaged the grandstands and thanks to the good neighbors, it could not be repaired, or at least that was what I was told, don't take my word for it I write an opinion piece not a news article so if I say something that's bullshit and you don't check it out don't get mad at me when you look like an ass for repeating it, I'll be too busy looking like an ass myself for posting bullshit in the first place. Anyway, that is why the new track had to be built out at the BMP, because there was no place for the roundy round cars to race.

The point of all of this babbling is this: Where do people get off buying a house and then nominating themselves lord and protector of the whole damn neighborhood whether anyone wants or needs a lord and protector or not? If you get a new job, do you try to be the boss five minutes after walking in the door? I've worked with people like that before, they don't usually last very long, too bad the same doesn't happen to the property owners with the same attitude.

Don't get me wrong, I am a major proponent of property rights. I don't favor the type of laws that exist within the city limits basically treating people like they're renting property from the city, rather than owning it themselves, as far as I'm concerned if it's your property you should be allowed to build a house out of garbage if that's what trips your trigger as long as you're not dumping toxic waste down the storm drains but just try to build your trash house in Billings and see how far you get. Hell, I'm not even welcome in all but the most meth-laden neighborhoods in the area because I live in a "Tin Tepee" or trailer house with metal siding for those vocabularicaly challenged among us (is that really a word or did I just make that up?).

Someone tried to clean up my neighborhood a while back too but fortunately the people in these parts really like their piles of junk cars and discarded appliances so rumor has it that a few of the more prominent local death-meth manufacturing tycoons had a discussion with the individual and she went away with an entirely new point of view, once again, don't take my word for it, I don't know anything, that's just what I heard.

I apply the same reasoning to this entire property rights debate that I apply to everything else, free people should be able to do pretty much whatever they want, up until the point where they hurt someone else. I'm sure that Mr. Biggs' reasoning is that the ORV park next door is hurting his property value, ( a tired assed argument that I am entirely sick of hearing, there is no guarantee express or implied that if you buy property, it is going to gain value, get over it), but the thing that I find funny is that I don't remember Mr. Biggs bitching about it when he bought the place. Hmmmm? So is that it? Quite a racket actually, buy cheap, shitty property in shitty areas, then file a bunch of law suits and try to make yourself out as a caring individual that is just trying to clean up a nasty area and give a hand up to it's residents, then sell your former garbage dump at a tidy profit. Sounds Republican to me.

The point Mr. B is that we don't need your hand up, Ah Nei is an ORV area, it has been an ORV area for years, and if we have any say so it will continue to be an ORV area for years to come. You knew that when you moved in from what I understand, now deal with it or leave. Build a shrine to the ecosystem and put a PETA headquarters on your property if you want to but Ah Nei is public land and the public wants to ride their toys.

As an avid ATV rider I can attest to the fact that when large numbers of machines are forced into smaller and smaller areas the amount of environmental damage increases. The solution is simple, accept the fact that ATV's are selling like hot cakes and take a hint, they need more room to operate, not less. Most of the areas that I ride receive little traffic, they are extremely large areas with a large number of trails and I simply do not see this blatant abuse that the eco weirdos preach about.

I simply do not see the harm in a two track trail winding through vegetation so thick that most of them can't even be seen from above the tree tops.

I simply do not see how one person can cause such a pain in the butt for so many people by filing BS law suits.

I simply do not see why I'm sitting here typing right now, I have to get ready to go riding this weekend.

Score: off roaders-1, tree huggers-1,000,000, let's hope it's an indicator of things to come.


Joe Visionary said...

Alright, now that you've identified yourself as the holder of a very common American opinion, what would you think if I told you that the rest of the world had a slightly different take on the matter of personal freedom?

Have a look if your interested.

Justin said...

I dropped a comment on your post joe, hope it answers your question. The fact of the matter is, however, I really don't care that much what the rest of the world thinks about personal freedom. The rest of the world didn't think about personal freedom at all before the United States came along so why should we expect them to think about it now. I've heard the whole thing about giving a hand up to the less fortunate, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside but the problem is that the programs spearheaded by the left don't address accountability. They simply allow people to make bad choices and then get bailed out by the government. After the taxpayers get tired of supporting a certain particular bad choice, then the liberals use it as an excuse to outlaw the said activity and make criminals out of people who simply made bad choices. Accountability my friend, it is the key to freedom. If you screw up, take responsibility for it and don't expect the rest of society to bear the burden for your bad choice. Save the government programs for the people who never had a choice in the first place. That's called compassion, and without it we cannot be free either.