Saturday, November 12, 2005

Cuttin' and Guttin', Killin' and Grillin', and Teenagers With Guns, Damn I Love America!

A hunting we will go, A hunting we will go, blah de blah de blah de blah, A hunting we will go. This is a kid that knows what guns are for, take a good look, you don't see them very often. We're gonna go try again to fill the freezer, Y'all hang tight, I'll tell ya what happened Sunday night.


Joe Visionary said...

You're writing this just to rile them, aren't you? (.. and you know who 'they' are too, I bet).

If you were Canadian, your glee might be a bit toned down, but I'd think that most people wouldn't take much notice.

In any case, enjoy and I know you'll hunt responsibly.

Justin said...

Now you're getting to know me better Joe, see, told ya we'd be friends when this was over. ;) Junior made me proud today, we'll see if you can find my semi cryptic reference as to how when you read my next post. I'm working on it right now, oh yeah, I gotta go finish it. hehe see ya.