Monday, November 21, 2005

Doh! Those Damnable ATV Riders. It's All Their Fault

I just found this LTTE in the Gazoo, gee, I gots me a thing or two to say about that there yep I sure do.

Don't allow ATV users to interfere with hunting

I'm a serious hunter. After the opening week of elk season this year, I was so disgusted by the unethical and illegal activity I witnessed by hunters using ATVs. These hunters seem to be getting worse each year with their laziness and lack of respect for other hunters.
Awwwwwwwww, did somebody scare your little horsey with their big bad ATV? Poor widdle baby. Newsflash Baby Huey, there's loads, I say LOADS of land around this state where ATVs are not allowed, period. Perhaps you should try hunting there, that's where all the elk are anyway.
The Forest Service and the BLM are trying to get a handle on this ATV abuse on public lands, but lack of dollars and staff to enforce regulations will render their efforts ineffective. The majority of abuse is happening during hunting season, resulting in major impacts to wildlife management in Montana. Some of these impacts include overharvesting of mature bull elk, um. . . ahem . . . excuse me . . . I don't think so buddy. If ATV's do anything at all I would say they throw the balance in favor of mature bull elk. I've never even seen elk while riding my ATV, with the exception of one time, they were far away and getting further in a hurry. elimination of secure wildlife habitat and user conflicts between traditional hunters What exactly is a "traditional hunter" anyway? I remember when traditionally most hunters in Montana just shot critters alongside the road, back before dipshits like this guy started hunting for horns instead of meat and declared themselves lords and protectors. and unethical ATV hunters. I wonder if this guy thinks there are any "ethical" ATV hunters? This use of ATVs by hunters has all but eliminated any resemblance of "fair chase" hunting. There is no such thing as "fair chase" hunting, unless of course you were hunting with your bare hands. "Fair chase" was a term coined by trophy hunters in order to placate the antis. You have a gun, the critters don't, if your conscience can't handle having that obvious advantage, maybe you should give up hunting and take up knitting. That is if you wouldn't feel sorry for the yarn. When you order a cheeseburger are you concerned with whether the cow was killed in a fair and ethical manner? Hell no, you just eat the son of a bitch, don't you?

I'd really like to know how this guy feels about the plethora of Montana elk hunters that seem to think that it's perfectly OK to sneak up on an elk with your sound and scent quite effectively masked by the flea bitten old nag (horse) that you're riding, but he's got a problem with an ATV that an elk can hear from 10 miles away. That's funny, really.

The Montana FWP Commission regulates technologies that only have a hundredth of the impacts that this use of ATVs is having. Funny, all the research that I've read says that people that hunt with ATVs statistically have a far lower chance of success. Seems that critters can hear, and ATVs make noise, gives the critters a wee advantage see. It is time that FWP step up to the plate and regulate ATVs as a technology. Yep, right after they make it illegal to hunt with horses, but then again, they're not "technology", are they? Hell, maybe we should just make it illegal to hunt with rifles too, and bows, lord knows they're an unfair advantage. Go join PETA ya crybaby. Many other states have been regulating ATV use by hunters for years, Yep, maybe you should move there, everyone knows that as a result of such regulations they have far better hunting than Montana does, don't they? ~ insert chirping cricket sound effect here ~ Nope, guess not. such as only allowing them to be used for game retrieval between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. or requiring that guns be carried in enclosed gun cases and unloaded while hunting Now, is that what you really meant to say? I would love a regulation that required guns to be unloaded while hunting, as long as it only applied to your guns, dipshit. or adding interference of a hunt by an ATV user as an enforceable violation of the hunter harassment laws. There is no excuse for FWP not to regulate them.
Darryl Olson Shepherd? Is this guy related to Jason Biggs?

I know a lot of guys that hunt with ATVs, hell I'm one of 'em. I have seen no advantage that they provide except getting you to and from the place to hunt. You have to get off and walk if you're going to do any good. If you think you're going to ride out into the middle of a herd of elk on your 4 wheeler, you're an idiot. Funny though, I've heard lots of stories about people doing just that with horses. But that's ethical, just ask the next guy you see with an elk in the back of his truck and a horse trailer on behind it, he'll tell ya it is.


Anonymous said...

Appreciate your blog. A problem with ATV's in the Big Horn Mtn.durning hunting season...the majority of the users that tear up and ride everywhere are the out of state hunters...not the folks that live here. They are here for a few days and care less about the carnage they leave behind. I have used ATV's since 1984 and have never shot an elk from one..only heard of one person who ever has....I perfer using the ATV, rather than a $40,000 truck to get into areas to hunt...the optimum word is get to areas. ATV's do not damage and tear up roads that larger units would tear all to hell attempting to get to the back country. ATV users do get the majority of the abuse and blame from those that do not use them....sorry we do not all have access to ponies or the nickels to use them to get to the hunting areas....nor do we want them.

Joe Visionary said...

..take up knitting. That is if you wouldn't feel sorry for the yarn.

Terrific line.

Is this guy really on a horse? I'd agree that that certainly was fat-ass hunting.

Justin said...

I agree entirely, not only would I rather beat up my ATV than my truck, even though I paid $40,000 for neither, $1200 a piece, you can save a lot of money if you know how to turn a wrench and ain't afraid to do so, but you're exactly right about tearing up the country side. A 6000 lb truck plowing through the woods and clawing it's way up hills does a lot more damage than my 500 lb ATV does, and ATVs are also a handy tool for hauling critters back out of the woods.

I myself have been annoyed numerous times by, (and you're right they're usually from out of state), guys that seem to go out more for the 4 wheeling than the hunting. That's fine, just do it in the summer time not during hunting season. But rather than taking it out on the guys on the 4 wheelers I just accept it as the price we pay if we want to keep the trails open. If it bothered me that bad I'd just go somewhere where ATVs weren't allowed to do my hunting.

I was maybe a little hard on the guy but these holier than thou "fair chase" morons just piss me off. I don't know how the guy feels about horses but it just seems to be the general consensus in this state that sneaking up on a critter on horseback is perfectly acceptable while using an ATV to access back country isn't, I took it out on him personally and that was perhaps a little over the top.

Don't get me wrong, however. Just for the record I have no objection whatsoever to people using horses to hunt, I just object to these "pots" calling this "kettle" black, that's all.