Saturday, November 05, 2005

I Don't Usually Do This, But. . .

It's not very often that anyone will hear me come out in support of one candidate or another, I think that my opinion regarding politicians is quite well known. Unfortunately, however, if we are going to maintain an elected form of government politicians are a necessary evil. In the upcoming Billings Mayoral Election I believe that one candidate stands out as clearly the best man for the job.

My choice for Mayor of Billings, simple: Ron Tussing.

One has only to read the interview with Al "I got interviewed by the largest paper in Montana and the only thing I could think to do is trash my family" Garver to know who the right man for the job isn't. The only negative point I've heard anyone stressing about Tussing is the whole "loophole" issue, which to me isn't an issue at all. Tussing signed a contract saying that he wouldn't apply for a job with the city, running for office is not applying for a job. There is a big difference, no two ways about it. I'm sure that Ron Tussing or Al "six months" Garver did not have to fill out a job application in order to get on the ballot. As far as Al Garver, I don't have to slam him, he already did that himself.

Anyone who would run for office in Montana and complain about having to work as a kid obviously is a little out of touch. News flash Al, most of us worked when we were kids, you're not special. I started working when I was 14, packing lumber around and pounding nails, building pallets for a few bucks an hour, my sisters fixed tires and drove truck for my dad when they were in high school, even those "rich rancher kids" that you spoke so highly of in your interview worked, they worked at home, on those ranches that made them "rich rancher kids." At least all of the "rich rancher kids" that I went to school with did, and if you hadn't been so busy hating them for it like a spoiled rotten little brat maybe you could've gotten to know a few and just maybe their dads would've offered you some work as well. Most likely not though, most ranchers find it hard to respect someone who only sticks to one thing for six months at a time. Oops, I slammed him anyway, it's just so damn easy though. . .

I supported Ron Tussing through the entire Kristoff Bauer debacle, and I support him now. I think that Tussing has the balls to stand up to the Billings City Council and blow the roof off of the little house of cards that they've built on a foundation of backdoor deals and borderline extortion. Nothing in Billings is free, that isn't a coincidence, no matter what you do, or own, or build, it costs you. That money always seems to go to the same group of businesses, the same group of businesses that endorse Al "I love to work, just ask me, I'll tell you" Garver, think about that for a minute.

Since I live outside the city, do me a favor on Tuesday, get out and vote for your mayor, vote for the right mayor, vote for Ron Tussing.

Then get down to the Knights of Columbus Hall on Grand Ave. and fill out a comment form for the travel plan revisions in the Castle and Little Belt Mountains. Let the Forest Service know that you support motorized recreation in these areas, I've been there, and I can assure you that there are no environmental concerns, these areas have been the "victims" of nothing other than good user stewardship. Come out and show your support. See you there.

My name is mud, and I approve this message.

P.S.-I had more earlier, but it got lost uploading, damn glitches.

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