Thursday, November 10, 2005

I'm a Little Short on Time, Here's Some Pics to Keep You Interested, I Hope. . .

This was a gold prospecting trip to Zortman a few years ago, didn't strike it rich, but we sure had fun. Just one more of my hobbies that environmentalists hate. This area was already raped years ago by large mining interests, a few hobbyists with shovels and gold pans aren't going to hurt anything.

Chrome Lake, on Benbow, worth hopping over all those miles of rocks, not an easy ride, but worth it, and contrary to one rather abrasive individual's opinion, it doesn't require a 4 wheel drive Polaris to get there, or back for that matter. Not if you know how to ride a 2 wheel drive Yamaha like I do anyway.

You meet the nicest people on a Honda, remember that one? When is Harley Davidson going to make an ATV? Give me a V-Rod motor in a well built chassis with independent suspension, throw in an automatic trans with reverse, and I'll. . . . I'll. . . . . endorse it on my blog! I'll be waiting.

Another one from up on Benbow, check out all those dead trees. Is this a forest fire waiting to happen or what? Damn drought. I know, let's keep up the effort to prevent any form of logging whatsoever, that way all of these trees can just burn, that's better than using them isn't it? What kind of air pollution is given off by the average forest fire? I really need to start my own environmental group.

A meadow we visit often, here's another one, check out that old steam engine, sure would like to know the whole story behind how it got there, probably used it to run a saw mill at one time, back when it wasn't illegal to use renewable resources.

Just a sample of a few of our adventures. 4 wheeling season is about over for this year, but in my usual glutton for punishment fashion, I seem to have been roped into another hobby, looks like my days of sitting around the house all winter are just about over, we'll see what happens. Should provide some good photo ops though, I've always liked the mountains in winter, absolutely beautiful. This is my 2nd best friend Brian's sled, I'm sure that mine will be torn apart like this sooner or later. His is in the process of receiving a few, "performance modifications". hehehe.

This is what it looks like from the outside.

Where's the beef?

Here's the beef baby, 120+ horsepower, 670cc's of pissed off 2 stroke fury, this engine has more power than most cars on the road, most cars made in the 80's anyway. hehehe. P.S. - he runs synthetic oil, it burns cleaner, stinks far less, and helps to protect this baby from melting itself, that's a lot of power from such a small package, it needs all the help it can get. I still think the purple head looks kinda sissy though, he says he'll show me sissy when we go riding. Do you think maybe he's challenging me to a race? He's just bitter because my truck kicked his ass at the dirt drags, I doubt I'll be touting victory after we race the sleds though. I haven't actually seen this thing in action but it has a vicious reputation. My ancient beater hasn't got a chance.

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