Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I'm Not Trying To Be A Nuisance Here, There's Just A Lot Going On Right Now

Got this one last night from FFOR. Click on the picture for a more detailed view. Seems there's gonna be a hearing in Missoula December 2nd, complete with big shot politicians and a cheap bus ride and everything, I'll be sponsoring the mass bra burning and maybe I can get Tony to bring his VW bus so we can sit in front of it and listen to him play guitar just like real hippie activist types! If you're not doing anything . . .

Sorry to keep bugging everyone, I know a trip to Missoula is a bit much to ask from anyone that isn't pretty serious about this stuff. If you're interested though, here's the info. Any help that anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated. Since I recently started a new job and lost my vacation time as a result, making it to this one will be pretty tough as I would have to take two nights off of work without pay. Being the low man on the totem pole, just getting the two nights off would be a trick in itself.

If you can't make it to the hearing, you can still help your favorite blogger, however. By emailing your comments to the Forest Service and helping to keep my favorite riding area open.

Regarding that area, I wanted to clear up any misconceptions that anyone might have. Groups like the Sierra Club like to put out photos showing the damage caused by ATVs and dirtbikes. These photos will usually be taken in an area with numerous trails crisscrossing the landscape and seemingly no rock or tree or hillside unmolested. While I admit there are areas like this, most are small and located in areas that aren't particularly scenic anyway, and while I can't speak for other states, areas such as this are extremely rare in Montana. Most that I've seen were located on private land as well.

The areas that I'm fighting to keep open, the Little Belt, Castle, and Crazy Mountains aren't like this at all. The area where we ride in the Little Belts consists of about a 40 mile loop trail with 2 or 3 other trails branching off of it in various places along the way. All the trails lead to "someplace", they aren't just play routes created because somebody at one time wanted to see if they could make it up a hill. They're basically just narrow, primitive roads that connect two places that would require a long drive all the way around a mountain range in a conventional vehicle. These trails access scenery and natural wonders that would be entirely shut off if they were closed.

I hope I'm not being too big of a pain in the ass with this stuff, it's just really important to me that these areas stay open. Since all 3 of my readers already sent in their comments though, I'm just preaching to the choir anyway. If by some odd chance you haven't sent yours in yet, you still have until Friday, and I'm going to keep bugging everyone until then.

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