Friday, November 04, 2005

Now I'm Pissed

Some may notice that I've removed the link for Chat Avenue. I've wasted countless hours there, blabbering on to people all over the world about this and that, having all kinds of fun. I memorized the list of emoties, I could draw them like a six shooter, gunning down the noobs with one carefully aimed frowny face. However, I went there tonight for a little convo and lo and behold, some asshole ruined it. No I mean it, they really ruined it. They made it into some kind of flash animated freakshow, none of the old emoties work anymore, you can't flood some asshole that's pissing you off, I was unable to figure out how to paste my custom lettered name into the login and therefore had to just type it in with regular ol' letters, how lame. This sucks. I'm really pissed, If I was a raghead I'd blow something up over this. Oh well, since I won't be hanging out in my former favorite chat room anymore, I'll have more time for blogging! Sometimes change is good.

Hey, why the hell is Fluffy the Killer Kitty not working? Where's that damn composition B? Ok, I fixed Fluffy, calm down Justin, put down the blasting caps, now where did I put that picture of the baby porcupines, oh, there it is, ahhhhhhhhh. That's better


Joe Visionary said...

A friend of mine liked your kitty and he asked if I'd email it to him because he wanted to send it to his girlfriend (I hope that's OK with you.)

She snorted out the water she was drinking when she saw it.

I'd say that was the desired effect...

Justin said...

Fluffy the Killer Kitty has that effect on people. I hope she's ok, with the water and all. Email to your heart's content, I think that's where I got him from, somebody Emailed him to me. He is pretty funny ain't he? hehehe