Friday, December 09, 2005

I'm Too Busy For Blogging, Doh!

Sarpy Sam at Thoughts From The Middle of Nowhere needs our help folks. If you like his common sense approach to everything, if you like his spectacular photography, if you like the interesting quotes that he digs up somewhere, if you like the stories and news that he posts, go and vote for him in the blog awards! He's doing very well and with our help he can win this thing so go and vote for him. I insist. And curse your doomed souls if you don't. That's all I have time for today, that's all I've had time for this week, but I'm making money anyway, for now, gotta take it when I can get it. Go vote for Sam, see ya this weekend.


Joe Visionary said...

I voted for Sarpy Sam as you requested because I trust your judgement.

I only wish I could give a bit more time to respond to your comment on my blog.

I will get to it when my nose isn't the only thing above water.

Be good.

Sarpy Sam said...

Thanks for the plug, I can use all the help. Last I checked I was almost 50 votes down.

Justin said...

Howdy Joe, I was starting to wonder what happened to you. I definately know the barely staying above water feeling, I've been there for years. All the best of luck and keep in touch.

No problem Sam, I'll be voting every day, and hopefully everyone else will too.