Monday, December 26, 2005

My Wife Got A New Picture Editing Program For Christmas

And I've been playing with it. Aren't other people's presents fun?


Tony said...

Are the treehuggers cute or are they those smelly kind, with all of the patchouli reeking, dopesmoking and hempwearing they can muster?
Ya rascal....Be safe, see ya soon!

Justin said...

I'm not too picky, I dig goth chicks so smelly treehugger chicks aren't too much of a stretch. ;) I wonder if I could talk the wife into dressing up as a goth treehugger . . . . hmmmmm?

Joe G said...

When I seen the "treehugger" remark I thought of Tony. I guess he beat me to it! I also thought of Tony when I seen a surfer was attacked by a great white off the OR coast, was sure glad to see it wasn't him!

Table Mountains said...

pretty boys sounds like cliff clayburn,the character on the "cheers" sitcom.

Table Mountains said...

sorry about that last was suppose to be going in another blog still a bit hung over from last nights outing.

Tony said...

Nope Joe, wasnt I, I would eat the shark first-tastes like swordfish! there is a contradiction.
Shoe gazing star gazers?