Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hang In There, I Haven't Forgotten About The Blog, Just Been Kind Of Busy

Sorry to disappoint anyone that stopped by looking for an account of last weekend's adventures, there weren't any, so nothing to write about. Hey, even I need a break sometimes. I've been busy the last week or so and have found little time to tickle the ivories on the old keyboard here. A close family friend is in the hospital here in town, and many of my spare moments have been spent sneaking off to visit him, as if I have any spare moments. Between that and a few other, mostly positive, developments in my everyday life I just haven't had much time to write lately.

I have been making the rounds reading everyone else's blogs since I haven't had the time or inspiration to work on my own, some fine work out there folks, even the Dixie Drifter has mostly moved past his wave of negativity and is posting some worthwhile information. I'm a little intrigued by his friend mrigmaiden that's been posting over there, this person calls Bu$hmerika a hatefest because of the plethora of photoshopped pics of Herr Bu$h, and advises the contributors to lay off the negativity, yet when I look around at Rocky Top Tennessee what do I see? Photoshopped versions of my own pics, and a flaming hatefest along with enough negativity to fill a black hole, along with a whole lot of statements about me that are simply not true. So much for southern hospitality. Bu$hmerika is a hatefest, it's put out by a bunch of people that hate Bu$h even more than I do, they don't make it out to be anything else. The Drifter obviously likes Bu$h however, which is his right, and he's now doing a darn good job of defending not only the president, but the military as well. It's a start, a retraction of a few of the lies about yours truly would be a welcome addition as well, but I'm glad to see the Drifter has found something better to do than belittle other people. I like to see both sides represented, the current one party domination going on is the root of all the political heat coming down right now, but calling people names and making up lies doesn't further anyone's cause, nor does it distribute worthwhile information, and that goes for both sides of this argument. The Drifter is at least trying to defend his point of view in a logical and thought provoking manner now, I can give him credit for that because he has a right to his own opinion whether I agree with him or not. One of my best friends even disagrees with me on the Bu$h wiretapping issue, sometimes people just need to agree to disagree if we're all going to get along. Whether you like the wiretapping or not there's one thing that's for certain, all the bitching on all the blogs in the world isn't going to change a damn thing, get over it.

I'm staying away from politics for a while, I've got bigger fish to fry.

Speaking of frying, my biodiesel guinea pig is now parked safely in the veritable mother's womb that is my yard, a safe haven for cast off automobilia of all persuasions. Soon I'll begin construction of my home biodiesel brewery, with full documentation in text and photo here of course. When I have the design perfected I intend on making the plans freely available here for anyone that would like to follow in my footsteps, as well as constructing a few extras and selling them if anybody's interested. I hope this project doesn't fall by the wayside like so many of my others have over the years, but I'm really stoked about this right now so we'll see what happens. I want to make my own fuel, and I want to show you how to do it as well. Screw foreign oil, we can grow our own, or suck it out of a barrel behind some burger joint. I'm hoping that going public with this will make me more likely to stick with it and see the whole thing through instead of losing interest in it halfway down the pipe like I usually do. I need to cure my dropitis on this one, so act interested damn it, I know most of you probably could give a rat's ass if I invented a fusion reactor that ran on dirty diapers to power my truck, but I don't know anything about fusion, I'm learning about biodiesel, and I'm going to teach all of you about it whether you like it or not so sit down and shut up and listen. There, now I'm committed, I can't back out now, who says blogging isn't therapeutic? Maybe I should do a series on my still unfinished kitchen remodel from two years ago, I'll bet my wife would even volunteer to take the pictures . . . . . ;)

P.S. - Amy says Hi.


5 said...

I waited four days for this?
Cant wait to read about your house blowing up...lol!
"In other news today, a shop near the Emerald Hills blew sky high when a man tried to screw up the balance of power...an Exxon/Mobile helicopter was seen in the area but no details as of yet..."
Luv ya!

Justin said...

The Exxon/Mobil helicopters had better come in quickly and quietly, I shoot back.

I figure it more likely that some concerned neighbor will call the cops when they see me hauling various vats and tanks and barrels and beakers into my shop, then I'll have to prove to the nice Deputies that I'm making biodiesel, not methamphetamine. That or my concerned neighbors will be lined up across the yard knocking on the door in the middle of the night wanting to know if they can score a quarter gram. ;)

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

02 04 06

Hey there:
I just saw your blog again via DD's site. I made a critique of your blog before, and I didn't realize you and DD had been arguing about stuff. I think that colored my critique. I am happy you guys have worked it out. He is a gas and I really like him a lot:) Actually we disagree on some issues too, but I like the passion with which he presents his positions. I am actually not for the warrantless wiretapping myself. And here is one reason why; I like the Federalist society.

You are right that we should be able to respect one another though. The BushAmerika site just seems so infantile to me geesh! I much prefer a deconstruction of arguments to insults.

PS Are you going to start a technology blog? You mention your knowledge and projects and that is quite impressive. Have a nice weekend. Next time I do a critique, I will examine the situation more closely. But like I said, the BushAmerika people are ridiculous!

DD is nice and can appreciate other perspectives. He must because we get along well:) Take Care:)

Justin said...

Hello again mahndisa, I guess I didn't reallize that you were mrigmaiden until now, oops, silly me. As far as Bu$hmerika is concerned, just because I was invited to post there, doesn't mean that I agree with everything or everyone there.

If you follow Bu$hmerika at all you'll notice that from time to time I'll state my disagreement in a comment, usually however, I just keep my mouth shut unless I happen to agree with something then I'll chime in my support, my mama taught me that if I can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all. Sometimes I get caught in just the wrong mood and let somebody have it, that's what happened the first time I communicated with our friend the Drifter. After that initial introduction I reallized that I probably came off as a wee bit abrasive, and made a point of being exceptionally civilized in an effort to compensate. If you look at the original comment thread from Table Mountains that the Drifter referred to before, you'll probably notice two completely different mannerisms in my two comments there, the first one was Justin in a bad mood and acting like a know it all, the second was Justin after having a little time to think about it, perhaps having a few regrets about being such a lop, and trying to be a little more reasonable. I notice it when I read that thread, maybe it's just me.

I made a point after that to visit the Drifter's blog often and drop a compliment or at least a hello to let him know that I really wasn't that bad of a guy, but he deleted his old blogs so it's all gone now. I really don't want to keep up this battle of wits, I know the Drifter isn't a bad guy, there's a lot about him that I know I could like if he'd quit calling me names and attempting to rile me. It's hard to criticize others with regards to infantilisms and insults, when your home base is infested with infantilisms and insults like his is these days.

I don't agree with everyone or everything at Bu$hmerika, not by a long shot, but Chuck (the host) is an alright guy no matter what anyone thinks of him, he invited me to post there, so I do, and I don't see anything wrong with that. You may have noticed that my one and only post at Bushmerika so far drew plenty of heat from the hard core left, I'm not out to impress anyone, and flaming partisans least of all. If anyone is so superficial as to associate me with every contributor and commentor on the entire blog and with regards to every issue, then I guess I'm not terribly concerned with their opinions anyway since they're obviously not very well thought out.

If anyone else would like to invite me to post at their blogs I would likely accept their invitations as well, but I'm going to post what I think whether they agree with me or not, I DO NOT walk in lockstep with anyone. My being invited to Bushmerika is merely another chance for my voice to be heard by a different audience, an audience that most likely would disagree with me on a lot of things, but happens to agree with me on one fundamental issue, the fact that our president is overstepping his Constitutional bounds.

The place where my opinion differs from many at Bu$hmerika however, is their opinion that the Democrats would make it all better, I don't believe that, and I'm not afraid to say it. What we need is a return to a balance of power, the Republicans have gained too much and are running wild with it, the Democrats would do the same however if they had the chance, all the party rhetoric in the world isn't going to change that fundamental point of human nature. Power corrupts, simple but true.

There, that was all you ever wanted to know and then some wasn't it? ;)

As far as the technology blog is concerned, this is where it's at, I haven't got enough time to attend to one blog the way it probably should be, let alone two. I still intend on doing an occasional political post over at Bu$hmerika, but this will be where my posts regarding everything else will reside, technological issues included. I'm really looking forward to moving ahead with the biodiesel project, and writing about it as well. Stay tuned.