Friday, January 20, 2006

I've Had Enough Politics For Now . . . . .

I'm going snowmobiling Sunday, working on the junkpile a little more Saturday maybe, or maybe not. One, possibly two more junkers may be leaving this weekend, but another looks to be showing up, more details later as this one may be interesting. I've found a guinea pig for my biodiesel project, and I've got five gallons of oil to play with already and a line on a steady supply. I'm selling/hauling off most of my other pending projects so I can concentrate on this one, I've wanted to do the biodiesel thing for a long time and for once one of my projects may actually save me money.

I need a break from this political crap for a day or two at least, as I've said before I don't have the stones for it day after day. All the bitching in the world isn't going to change anything anyway, screw the DemocRATS, screw the RePUDlicans, I'm going sledding while it's still legal.

Here's more pics from the road, I'm getting better at the moving photography thing. Thank goodness for digital cameras, I don't think looking through a viewfinder and driving would be entirely safe. At least with digital I can tell if I just took a picture of the dash or not without waiting for the film to get developed, I don't exactly aim the thing, I just push the button and hope. The company I work for strongly frowns on talking on cell phones while driving, (so do I), I don't think they'd be very happy about their drivers cruising down the highway looking through a camera.


Sarpy Sam said...

I agree, the whole politics thing, if you aren't wed to a certain party, is hard. I've had the same problem since they are all corupt it all sounds the same after a while and gets tiring. You preach away and it seems like nobody listens.

Nice pictures, where were they taken?

Table Mountains said...

our politics up here should end monday night when we have our federal election.the blogging world has far to many blogs on this stuff.far to many!

Justin said...

Howdy Sam, that's why your link over here refers to you as "a very down to earth person", I recognized you right away as having a load of common sense and an intellectual depth far beyond parroting party rhetoric, you're a cattle rancher, not a sheep farmer, or worse yet, a sheep.

Good to see ya Wayne, I agree, there's too many blogs about politics for sure. We all have our own opinions, we all hang around in everyday life with mostly people that agree with us, then we come out here on the big bad interweb and think it's going to be the same way, SURPRISE! There's lunatics on these damn computers! I hope your politics end, at least for awhile, but I doubt it. There's just too many people around that won't let it rest. I can't wait (~sarcasm~) for the next presidential election, if we think it's bad now just wait until people are actually RUNNING for president.

I guess it's my own fault in a way for being so naive. In real life, and out here in the blogosphere, I'm sort of like the blind skunk that fell in love with a fart, I'll at least try to make friends with anything. Just my opinion but I think the world would be a lot better place if people concentrated on the good instead of the bad. When I meet somebody new I'm not looking for a reason to disagree with them, I'm looking for qualities to admire. Seems there's a lot of people around though just spoiling for a scrap, I say find the COMMON ground first, we can worry about our differences later after the foundation is layed. We may just figure out that we're more alike than we thought.

Justin said...

OH, sorry Sam, the pictures were taken between Columbus and Big Timber on I90, in the Bridger Creek area.

5 said...

Knowing 90 by feel, any pics you post, I can name the mile marker! Sad!
I have Greg here, I will call ya shortly