Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Learn Something New Every Day

Now I'm not much for poetry, but this morning I was looking for the one and only poem that I've ever liked, The Cremation of Sam Mcgee by Robert Service, and I happened across a whole page of stuff by Francis Duggan. I know about as much about poetry as I do about nuclear physics, nothing, but I liked this one, it makes a good point. Read it. It speaks for itself. I think this guy would agree with me on a lot of things.

If Your God Is As Judgemental As You

Francis Duggan

Don't talk to me about a life hereafter or tell me that my soul will live again
Since i only hope that when the 'grim reaper' claims me that
memories of me with others won't remain
Just leave me rest in peace when i have had my innings or good or evil of me do not say
You bore me when you talk of god almighty and remind me of the so called judgement day.

If your god is as judgemental as you are then what hope of heaven for the likes of me
I will be condemned for to live with satan to suffer with the damned eternally
You tell me when you are in church next sunday that for my soul's redemption you will pray
Instead you should pray for your own salvation for my own sins i am prepared to pay.

If your god is as judgemental as you are then satan's hell will be a crowded place
For you believe that there's no hope of salvation for the millions that other religions embrace
If you want to help me help me with your money for i don't think that my soul you can save
And i'm prepared to face the consequences that is if there's a life beyond the grave.

You claim your god is the only true god but if your god is as judgemental as you
Then satan's hell it will be overcrowded and heaven will be for the chosen few
And if by chance there is a life hereafter and your god is the god who judges me
And your god is as judgemental as you are then i won't be expecting sympathy.

This post is dedicated to all the "Christians" out there that have never read the Bible. Too bad Duggan was probably wasting his time trying to make nonthinking people think. Sort of like herding cats.

Have a good day, from your favorite cat herder.


Joe G said...

I've herded cats often. I use HOT LEAD!

Justin said...

I like your thinking Joe. ;)

a-fire-fly said...

There are strange things done
In the midnight sun....
Don't you like other Robert Service? One ends with "Thank god the whiskey's saved!"

Justin said...

Like I said fire fly, I know about as much about poetry as I know about nuclear physics, zilch. I figured he'd written more that what I'd read, I guess I'll have to go looking for some. Thanks for the tip.

a-fire-fly said...

Got a sample up for ya.

Cyn_NY said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I have a book of Robert Service poems. Got it at Barns and Noble some time ago.
Ever need just to hear Sam McGee Call me. I'll tell it to you. For some reason, unknown to me, it's one I have in memory. (Now that should scare the hell out of you!)