Monday, January 16, 2006

Whew, What A Day

Well, my introductory post over at Bu$hmerika didn't exactly receive warm reviews, but nobody's calling for my ouster yet as of last time I checked so I guess I haven't done too much damage. We'll see if my login still works the next time I try to post. Turns out that emphasizing the fact that I'm not a Democrat wasn't such a popularity winning item on a left wing blog. Who'da thunk it?

I asserted that I hold no loyalty to Republicans either, but I guess nobody noticed that part, they didn't feel compelled to comment to that effect if they did anyway. Who would've thought that it would be possible for me to not be left enough for a bunch of lefties? I already know that I'm not right enough for a bunch of righties either so I guess I'm just up a creek without a paddle when it comes to politics. That's why except for an occasional foray into the realm of governance, I've mostly stayed away from the subject here.

I started doing this to share a little fun with anyone who happened along, but every time I've shot my mouth off about political issues I've found little if any support, and a whole lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth. If I wanted an argument I'd start one, and people would know my intentions to do so immediately because I'd make them quite clear. Maybe that's what I should do, start a big assed argument, I mean a real knock down drag out whizbanger. That's how I did it with Joe Visionary, and we wound up getting along in the end even if I haven't had time to reply to him in a while. Naw, I wouldn't do that at Bu$hmerika, it's Chuck's place and I have too much respect for him and his readers and contributors to do that, but I have too much respect for myself to bend my principles to fit the audience as well. I'll just have to tread a little more lightly I guess, not that I'm all that concerned with being popular but I'm not exactly trying to convince everyone to hate me either. Let the chips fall where they may, I'll still be the same person when it's over, just another working class stiff that's tired of the government screwing with me, unless the current economic trend keeps up, in that case I'll be just another unemployed stiff that's tired of the government screwing with me.

Seems that most people need something to follow, well I don't, I'm not a RePUDlican, and I'm not a DemocRAT either, given too much free reign either one would grab up all the power they could, and anyone that can't see that isn't worth debating in my opinion. Being a glutton for punishment like I am, however, I'm going to continue to try to find the common ground. I'm tired of living my life worrying about what new laws I'm going to be in danger of breaking tomorrow, and I'm sure the people on the both the left and right are too. What difference does it make which laws that we'll be worried about breaking? Why do so many people that say they want to be free, try so hard not to be? I don't understand it, and I guess I never will, but I'm going to keep trying because I'm a hard headed bastard. Gotta be good at something I guess.

I did accomplish something good today at least, my junk pile is now lighter by one POS, still a long way to go but it's a start.

The mudpit dried up enough to get in and out of the shop with something besides a hovercraft, so it was a good opportunity to snag the parts I wanted off of at least one of the junkers and send it to the great beyond. Don't want all of those factories in China to run out of second hand American steel do we? That would be a damn shame, really cut down on the cashflow of those poor, starving Chinese business owners, and after all that effort by the Republicans to send all of our manufacturing jobs over there for them. What's that? China is a communist country so the government owns the businesses? Isn't Socialism a left wing ideal? Well what do ya know about that? There I go on politics again, damn. Maybe the left and right can get along in China at least.

This is today's victim. A Plymouth Voyager minivan. During the minivan craze, which came right after the station wagon craze and right before the SUV craze, automakers in an effort to sell cars and make money, (because that's what businesses do, in a free country at least), tossed together these nifty little grocery getters out of mostly what they had laying around. In the case of the front wheel drive varieties like this one, what they had laying around was a bunch of engines and transaxles that were originally designed for much smaller and lighter front wheel drive cars. Most of these, especially the Chrysler products, were notorious for frying transmissions on a regular basis as a result of their manufacturers shortsighted haste. The gearbox in this one works fine, must've just been replaced or it's about to go I figure, but the engine has an obvious gushing oil leak and a tell tale staccato knock from the lower end when it's running. This makes it rather obvious to me that someone ran it out of oil and gutted a rod bearing. Gutted rod bearings are bad, oil is good, some people don't check their oil, they get gutted rod bearings, gutted rod bearings are bad, so people that don't check their oil are bad, people that check their oil are good. Are you seeing a pattern here?

These right here are two of the most important parts of your engine. Use them wisely, and often. If you get bored easily there's always the radiator cap that could use some attention from time to time as well. We're fighting for equality for all regular maintenance items under our hood, remember. Even if they don't pull their own weight. A good Democrat will pay absolutely equal attention to all of them. Well, some of them anyway, they'll pay special attention to the ones that look different, and a good Republican would never miss a chance to sell more oil.

If you just noticed a tell tale staccato knock from the lower end of your engine and pulled the dipstick to find an absence of life giving oil, be sure to remove the radiator cap while the engine is still hot. That way it will burn you silly, and you'll deserve it for being a dumbass. As you're nursing your blistered arm consider it your car's just revenge for your having tortured it to death, slowly and painfully, and you can't make it better by naming it an "enemy combatant" or a "poor unfortunate victim" either, only a complete replacement or a total overhaul will do. Sounds kind of like the government.

These engines were notoriously tough too, this person had to have been trying to kill it. They might as well have just shot it. Either they had too much sense to discharge a gun so recklessly, or they didn't have one because they didn't believe in them. Guess it depends on what side of the isle their favorite politicians sit on. Maybe the owner of this van didn't care about politics, so they just ran it out of oil. Engines need oil to run, but some people don't think so in spite of all the proof. Oil helps the parts in the engine to work together smoothly, but it isn't so heavy as to slow them down and keep them from doing what they need to do. The government could learn a lot from an engine.

So anyway, there was only one part that I really wanted off of this thing since it was beyond rescue without a hefty outlay of cash for a project that just wasn't likely to give back any returns whatsoever except for continuous expenses. It would be extremely irresponsible of me to teach this van to depend on handouts because it was obvious that it would never pull it's own weight, there comes a time when enough is enough, and a little "tough love" is in order. Vans can't change their ways on their own, people can.

I couldn't find anyone that wanted the transmission even though I offered it free to anybody that would come and get it, so the rear axle was my only obstacle. If you ever have any intention of building a utility trailer, two place ATV/snowmobile trailer in my case, look for a junked out Chrysler minivan. The rear axles are perfect for trailers. They're designed to mount to regular leaf springs, they use 14" tires which are commonly available used dirt cheap/free and will stand up to highway speeds far better than the tiny little 8" trailer tires that come with most light duty trailer axles, and they have much larger, stouter wheel bearings that won't melt as soon as you break 55 MPH. If a person used one of those nifty hydraulic brake actuator couplers they could even make the brakes work if they so desired. I haven't made up my mind whether or not I'll get that carried away yet, but at least it's an option. They make the trailer a lot easier to stop and save on the brakes of the tow vehicle, but they're a big hassle when you have to back up since the actuator will lock the brakes with rearward pressure on the hitch unless a lock pin is installed first. Safety is important, but not always when it hinders freedom.

These are wrenches, wrenches are slow, I want this axle out fast, I'm not going to use wrenches. Wrenches have no political opinions whatsoever. I wish I were a wrench.

This is a gas axe, called an oxy-acetylene cutting torch by purists. I'm not a purist. I call it a gas axe. Gas axes are fast. I want this axle out fast. I'm going to use the gas axe. I don't have time to argue about what to call it, because it isn't really all that important as long as it works. You can call it whatever you like, because the right to your own ideas is part of being free no matter which end of the political spectrum you fit into. I won't hate you if you call it an oxy-acetylene cutting torch, I won't hate you if you call it an orange and green thingy, I won't think that you're stupid or insignificant, but I will get pissed if you tell me I can't call it a gas axe.

These are the U-bolts that attach the axle to the springs. I could've taken the nuts off of them but they're not reusable anyway, and that would've been slow. Slow is bad in this case. I cut them with the gas axe. It cuts fast. I like cutting things fast. Fast is good in this case. Gas axes are fast. Gas axes are good.

Here's what was left of the van when I dropped it off at the junkyard. The axle is sitting next to it. I put the arrow there to point it out. If you don't know what a dipstick is for, the arrow is for you. This is what your car might look like soon. I don't need any more junk, check your oil. Buy lots of it, Republicans need to make a living too. Your engine will last longer, and run better anyway. When an engine runs better it gives off less emissions, and that's better for the environment. Smog is bad, I don't care who you voted for.

So the junkpile shrunk a little today, not as much as I would've liked, but some is better than none methinks. Now I can go snowmobiling next weekend and I won't feel so guilty for not getting any work done. With a little luck maybe the whole mess will be cleaned up by spring and I can take it easy this summer. Never know, I may have some neighbors that are lefties that would want me to get this stuff recycled, or some neighbors that are righties that would love to buy the steel and send it to China so it could be made into Diehotsooos or whatever they're called and sold to those with no eye toward quality control for an easy buck. There I go with the politics again, damn, when am I going to learn to keep my big mouth shut. Likely never, deal with it.


5 said...

Funniest. Post. Ever.

Oh my goodness, I havent laughed this hard in a wee bit let me tell ya.
Gas axe, oh yeah! You can call it that cuz it is!

I will now head over and straighten out those lefties who were picking on you, not that you need help...
I havent read anything over there but I do know, that in this country, there is no longer a "right or a left", the Right is in power and screwing the country, the Left is not in power and spineless anyway.
Men like you and I are in the middle. This isnt a race to see who can be more idealogical, to see who can sing the praises of one wing of the corporate pig party over the other...
Go Centrists!

(Im going to link this up to notalwaysthere..., surprisingly, I have the same three readers!)

5 said...

Yeah, looks good over there mister, you stirred the pot on the gun thing, its hard for people to recall what got this Country free in the first place...
"A well armed Citizen Militia has the power to wrest control of the Government...."
The whole reason for the second amendment...
Centrists Rock!
But yeah, you did fine over there, I didnt see anything to get into a fuss about.
I didnt hear from Greg yesterday, I will try him at work to you soon,

Justin said...

I never intended to go anywhere near the gun issue, not over there and not right away. I guess I must be dealing with the genuine article, REAL liberals. Mention the word "gun" even as a figure of speach and hackles start twitching. Maybe I should post my deer picture. hehehehe ;)

a-fire-fly said...

Wonderful post! You have successfully integrated mechanics with politics!

Chuck said...

Hello Justin.

I don't have any time to read through your entire entry here because I have a doctor appt. in a few minutes, but I thought you were received fine over at bu$hmeriKa. Actually, not too many of the readers commented yet. Like I said- the traffic goes way down on the weekends for me.

And really, you did just what I hoped and expected you would do- spoke your mind. Of course I'm anti-bush. I think he's the worst we've ever seen. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't even have a political blog (that sounds unpatriotic- but I'm not).

Anyway, all said, I appreciated your entry. I don't expect anyone to "lock step" and I know you and Tony won't. There's many things that I disagree with the Dems on. I'm a bit more radical I guess. :)

The Dixie Drifter said...

Justin what do you expect from Bu$hmerika just another site that recycles old news nothing new in there, if it is not about Bush it's about Haliburton, or the election in 2000 and how Gore won because he got 500,000 more votes, when are the going to get a life and get over it?

Chuck said...

Thanks for the unkind & untrue words.


Dave Budge said...

Justin, you've really got to let those people at Bu$hmerika that libertarians are not centrists.

Then go buy another gun.

Philbert Suggs said...

Hey, I'm just an average guy like you as well. I just want to be able to hunt, use my guns and be free to kill a few animals.
Gosh, those secular liberal non killing types go insane when you mention the right to bear arms when talking about a free militia. They act as if they still don't understand us American patriotic, conservative Christian, bible reading men and that we need our guns. We need our hunting! And we need to love the Lord because he loves us and his father wants us to have Dominion power over all do what we want.

God Bless.

Sports-manly Yours,


5 said...

Libertarians are nothing but corporate asshats and cannot be trusted with public policy.

Justin said...


This ol' boy done stirred hisself up a ho-net's nest on dis one by golly. ;)

Where shall I start, OK, here goes.

Dave and Tony, As far as Libertarians are concerned, if I were given the power to make our government 100% Libertarian tomorrow, I wouldn't do it. Why then do I vote Libertarian? Because I think that Libertarians would bring a good balance to the whole mess. If there were a centrist party they would have to have a hefty majority in order to do any good, not likely for any third party. But, if at least a significant part of the congress were libertarians then these far out wacky ideas like ruining the economy of an entire state in order to save a single maybe endangered species based on a knee jerk reaction brought about by shaky science backed up by unfettered emotion, would have a reality check before they were hastily signed into law by a liberal president. These far out wacky ideas like granting the power to the president to start wars unilaterally and wire tap US citizens after handing out no bid contracts to favored corporations to build prisons to hold "enemy combatants" incomunicado in strict violation of the US Constitution and the Geneve Conventions would have a balance in the congress, instead of everybody going along with it and then waving fingers at each other later while the conservatives laugh all the way to the bank. A Libertarian presence in the governing body would ask the questions that I ask. Things like "OK, you say you need to wire tap US citizens in order to catch terrorists, but how can we insure that you won't extend that power to other areas later? Who's going to decide who's a terrorist and who isn't? Why should I trust you Mr. President, with that kind of power when the Constitution strictly forbids you from having it? Why should we allow you to engage this country in a war with no definite victory, and no real enemy, and no end in sight?" Then a Libertarian would campaign and vote against it. That's why I vote Libertarian, I'm smart enough to know that Libertarians will most likely never hold a majority in the congress, but a formidable presence would provide the Constitution a far better voice than it has now. Instead of having our choice between one extreme or the other there would be middle ground and a barricade between the powers of the government and the rights of the people. If Libertarians took over tomorrow, however, so many regulations and social programs would dissapear over night that we would have people starving in the streets, and con men kicking them out of the way as they hustled from one mark to the next ripping off everyone in sight. All the while two or three major corporations would be buying up everything and before long we'd all be at the mercy of a global monopoly, making the government insignificant anyway. Absolute Libertarianism is an extreme, I can't abide extremes. I think we could use a dose of it, but not an OD. Mixed in proper proportions with a good shot of radical liberalism, and a touch of good old fashioned reactionary conservatism, we might just come up with a tasty coctail. That or a government that was too busy arguing with each other to screw with us.

Republicans are corporate asshats, and I'm an American, I don't fit labels, or they don't fit me take your choice. Libertarians just want to let the chips fall where they may, unfortunately you're (Tony) right about one thing, as I said before one or two large corporations would be gathering up all the chips. Libertarians would, however, put an end to all the corporate welfare, and you'd never hear me bitch about that.

Chuck, thanks for stopping by. I didn't figure you were mad at me, I'm sure that you knew I wasn't exactly a flaming liberal before you invited me over. I'm just a little disturbed that the whole thing had to turn into a discussion about guns, that wasn't my intention, and as far as I'm concerned, I didn't mention guns until I got dragged into it kicking and screaming. I tossed out a figure of speech and someone took it and ran. I'll defend my position on that subject until the end, so I have to figure out a way to turn the ship away from the rocks I guess. I didn't go over there to argue with people, I went over there to try to help out with the cause, the cause being that bu$h is a Hitler wannabe, and that stepping on the Constitution shouldn't be tolerated. I hoped that by showing that even a centrist with some obvious right wing tendencies was just as fed up with bu$h as a bunch of flaming lefties, that I could add some fuel to the fire and foster a little comeraderie between factions, maybe I was wrong.

Howdy Drifter, don't be too hard on the Bu$hmerika bunch, King George has overstepped the boundaries on numerous occasions and they're just trying to rally support. In the beginning I was at least a moderate supporter of his, that started to change as soon as he came up with the Patriot Act. The war in Iraq didn't exactly win him any support from me either. By the time I heard about the wire tapping thing I had a picture of him taped over my dart board. Now I'm getting invited to post at left wing blogs. I've came a long way in such a short time and the only reason I supported him in the first place is because Clinton made my skin crawl. I'm nowhere near a liberal yet, and I know I never will be, but at the very least we need a group of far more moderate Republicans because the ones we have now are downright dangerous. Impeach the bastard I say. The Constitution isn't "just a piece of paper", and anyone that thinks it is should not be allowed to hold any office in this country higher than head janitor.

I saved the best for last.

Philbert, you had me on your side, right up until you started preaching. First of all, I don't necessarily "need" to hunt, and I don't necessarily "need" my guns. That was the point I was trying to make over there. Why the hell should we have to show that we "need" guns in order to justify our position? "Need" isn't the issue, "want" is the issue. It's a free country so why shouldn't "want" be good enough of a justification to have something? As far as the "liberals" are concerned, they don't "need" spotted owls and old growth forests, but they sure as hell "want" them don't they? What's good for the goose is good for the gander is what I'm trying to say and "the pursuit of happiness", in my opinion, means working for things that you "want". The idea of communism is to provide people only with what they "need", and I ain't no fucking communist.

As far as all that other stuff is concerned, someone doesn't have to be a "good bible reading conservative Christian god fearing gun packing animal killing man" to be a patriot and a good American. Imposing Christian values onto people that don't want them is no better than forcing people to worship the environment. You can't legislate morality, and as soon as fundamentalist Christian Wackos realize that they'll be a lot better off and so will we. I'm about as enamored with politicians that spout bible verses as I am with politicians that spout drivel about how guns kill people. The Constitution seperates church and state for a reason, the forefathers had seen what can happen when religious leaders gain too much power. I'm a Christian, and I read the bible, and nowhere in that book have I seen where I'm supposed to impose my will onto others, I'm a live and let live kind of guy. The book says "judge not lest ye be judged", and a true Christian lets people do what they want right or wrong because they have strong the belief that it is God's job to punish them if they're indeed doing something wrong, not mankind's because mankind doesn't possess the objectivity to do so fairly. The decision who is right and who is wrong is God's, not ours. Christ taught tolerance, raging right wing conservatives could use a LARGE dose of tolerance. Just because someone doesn't agree with you, that doesn't make them a bad person, and it doesn't make them wrong. And please, lay off that dominion power shit, that stuff just gives me the friggin creeps.

Justin said...

Sorry fire fly, I almost forgot about you. Thanks for stopping by, now if I could just successfully combine mechanics and getting my damn yard cleaned up the rest of the way I'd be doing good.

a-fire-fly said...

I think I'll run over and check out the hoopla.
I think a good dose of tough love mechanics, your gas axe and some explosives would go a long way to cleaning up that yard. If it makes you feel any better, my father-in-law's yard is much worse, Unless you just didn't show us the rest of the vehicles, the campers, motorhome, storage sheds, pull along camper, stuff that can't fit in storage sheds, storage sheds.....

Chuck said...

Justin. Thanks. See my comment under your introductory entry to see where I stand on the gun thing.

I didn't know shit about politics until the disaster monkey took office. I don't even understand (or care) about these "labels".

If people haven't figured it out by now, I have one conviction politically- I'M ANTI-bUSH. Period. I know people say that he's just a figurehead and a neo-con puppet and I'll go along with that...BUT THERE'S MORE. You see, I know him. I've been around people like that my entire life. Everyone else has to, whether they admit it or can identify it.

To me, he's the smirking little rich-boy asshole that has never worked for anything in his life (with mommy and daddy as bail-out tools). He's the kind of "person" that steps on the backs of others and never looks back in his wake. He lacks brain endorphins and therefore is void of an empathetic though towards another person. I can see a lot in his eyes and hear it in his voice. I'm also COMPLETELY CONVINCED that the last two presidential elections were stolen (and I'm not happy with the Democratic concessions in either instance).

It just happens (and seriously) that I have voted for the Democrat my entire adult life. I have also been for the underdog my entire life and I really believe that the Democrats are much closer to that than the Republicans, is all.

Democrats are far from perfect within their ranks, but I can count the number of decent (and I won't take time to define that word in context) Republicans on one hand.

And Justin- I invited you over because I like your style and the way you express yourself- regardless whether you and I agree on everything (and I'm sure we don't). And I know that you're a sincere and decent family man just like Tony- and I admire you guys for that. :)

And really- like I said before, I think your introductory post was well received. I have no idea who double jointed is. Your entry was the first time she had ever commented on my blog.

As I know you will- keep speaking your mind at bu$hmeriKa!

Dave Budge said...


The Dixie Drifter said...

You ever notice this about the left wing political hacks, here it is 5 years later and they are still convnced that Bush not only stole the first election but also the second one. You ask them where's the beef (proof) and the only thing they can say is I'm absolutely convinced they stole it.

If they would take the time and read the first Supreme Court decision they will see that it was Al Gore trying to steal it with the shister lawyers he was using....SO WHERE IN THE HELL IS THE PROOF THAT BUSH STOLE BOTH ELECTIONS EITHER PUT UP OR SHUT UP....ENOUGH OF THE SAME OLD BULLSHIT...OR GONE STAND IN THE CORNER.....

5 said...

Hey Drifter?
You should go easy lest you look a fool. I can show you a picture of the "shyters", they werent on Gore's team, no no, B*shco sent 49 lawyers down to Florida.
Ohio? For the first time ever, the exit polls were wrong? Yeah, after Diebold and the Governor of Ohio (now under investigation) promised " to swing Ohio for B*sh"...
You may love it that B*shco is fucking this country but the rest of us do not.
Even our host here see's through the bullshit. Try it sometime.

Joe Visionary said...

What?! Turmoil in the Blogoshere in the vicinity of Justin??

... can't imagine how that happened...

I hope you're keeping well, Justin. I'm betting blogging is keeping you at least as occupied as your guns do (did?).

Justin said...

Joe, good to hear from you! My guns still keep me quite busy, mostly defending them on these #%%#@#%$^^ blogs! Maybe if I shot the damn computer, I'd have more time to go target shooting. ;)

I'm certain that Dave has more to say than just hmmmm. He's a thinking man, and I think he's thinking, be quiet and let him, I want to hear what he has to say. ;)

I haven't had time to check out your comment yet, Chuck, but I will. I got home late this morning and I really have to get some sleep. Thanks for stopping by amigo.

Drifter, as far as the election thing is concerned, I have a cousin that's a member of an activist group that's hell bent on banning these voting machines, and he isn't a liberal either. He's got a stack of info, very believable info not just left wing biased rhetoric, showing that our election process is corrupt. It's not just the left that's starting to catch on either, the raging right wingers are the only ones not asking questions. I'll catch hell for this but I don't care, my personal opinion is that Al Gore is a moron, the left rolls their eyes every time a conservative touts Ronald Reagan, then they take someone like Al "I can't even spell potatoeeeee" Gore and make him their hero. They are/were both idiots, figure heads put up by the people that are actually in power, Gore, Reagan, who friggin cares? If the left wants a hero they would do a lot better with John Kerry if you ask me, he strikes me as having at least twice as many brain cells as Al Gore and Bill Clinton put together. But then again, nobody asked me. As far as the elections are concerned though, no offense Drifter, but there's some EXTREMELY scary shit going on there, and there has been for a long time. I'll go into it further when I get time.

FIRE FLY! OMFG, I think I may be your father in law. :O How did you guess that I didn't take pictures of all the junk? ;)

Chuck said...

I don't know who this Drifter is, but I know that I tried to be decent to him when I first "met" him here at Justin's blog. I even went over to his previous blog and said "hello", but I guess he's not a get along kind of person considering he attacked me here, personally without any provocation whatsoever. I'm used to that from right wing fanatics anyway, so whoopie freaking doo.

Whatever. I could give a shit- When pink pigs fly through the frozen arctic tundra of hell I'll give a shit.

There's pleny of PROOF that the United States suffered a coup in 2000 & 2008. All you have to do is look it up from non-partisan sources- and there are PLENTY of them (or [of course] left wing sources- needless to say, the blind accepting right wing idiots aren't going to admit to it; they can't see it and they love their emperor who claims he counsels with god).

DIEBOLD (Walden O'Dell publicly promised to deliver Ohio to duh-bya)/ESS/Sequoia/SAIS- these top bush fundraisers completely controlled the U.S. Presidential Election process.

Supreme Court & Poppy? Look it up.

Only since the 2000 presidential election have exit polls failed to agree with the actual vote - and bush "won" both disputed elections.

Add in ballot "spoilage", voter intimidation tactics by armed personnel in Florida, polling place chicanery only in large Democratic populations such as Cuyohoga County in Ohio ("ethnic cleansing" of polls), boxes of "missing" ballots in heavy Democratic precincts, uncounted ballots in dumpsters in Florida, exit poll discrepencies in wide margins (of course it was just a COINCIDENCE that the exit polls were CORRECT where there WAS a PAPER TRAIL and INCORRECT [+5% for bush] where there was NO PAPER TRAIL), electronic machines casting votes for bush when Kerry was selected with no rectification, recount halting in 2000 AND A PICTURE STARTS TO EMERGE.

All you have to do is look.


Kerry Won

ELECTION 2004: Worse Than 2000

Powerful Government Accountability Office report confirms key 2004 stolen election findings

(pdf warning)

and the motherload:

ELECTION 2004: Fraud And Voter Suppression: THE MASTER LIST

There's 1,300,000 "Election Fraud Theft" hits on a google search of just those three words. Why?

When neo-cons control all three branches of government and there are no longer any checks and balances that the U.S. Constitution was supposed to insure, there's not much that can be done, imo.

Have we ever been this divided? Of course not. Not even in 1850. Why?

I know why.

The Dixie Drifter said...

Chuck that was no attack that was a friggen ass kickin' if you believe all of those 1,300,000 friggen hits on gooooooooooogle...I have some ocean front property out in want to buy it????....let me is right on the beach......the price is right....

The Dixie Drifter said...

Democratic populations such as Cuyohoga County in Ohio ("ethnic cleansing" of polls), boxes of "missing" ballots in heavy Democratic precincts, uncounted ballots in dumpsters in Florida, exit poll discrepencies in wide margins (of course it was just a COINCIDENCE that the exit polls were CORRECT where there WAS a PAPER TRAIL and INCORRECT [+5% for bush] where there was NO PAPER TRAIL), electronic machines casting votes for bush when Kerry was selected with no rectification, recount halting in 2000 AND A PICTURE STARTS TO EMERGE.

Well now chucky boy if this is all facts just goes to show you that you left wing political hacks are not as smart as you think you are....correct...with all of that education behind you...hell boy you should be able to out smart some ole' country bumpkin like GW don't you think..especially the likes of John Kerry...he probalbly decided to vote against hiself before he decided to vote for himself...go friggen figure who are the smart ones here....

Justin said...

Great, now Chuck and the Drifter are fighting. Oh well, that's how I "met" the Drifter, we got in a little dispute and came out friends, hopefully the same will happen with him and Chuck. They're both good people, it's just a difference of opinions, it'll come out in the wash I hope.

I can see both sides of this issue, the election fraud, but I see a lot more meat that makes me believe that it's true than I do showing me it's poppycock. Some mighty suspicious stuff happened around the last two elections, and I'm sure some mighty suspicious stuff will happen around the next two as well. I'm going to do a post soon concerning a bet that I'm willing to make with the blog reading public. I know who's going to win the next election, and the victory will be just as fraudulent or possibly moreso than the last two. I'll elaborate further at a later time, if anybody's interested in my predictions.

As far as "dubya" is concerned, he isn't some "country bumpkin", he's a member of the obscenely wealthy Northeast Elite, upper crust all the way. His adopted Texas drawl doesn't fool me one damn bit, and it shouldn't fool anybody else either. The Bush family has ties to the oil business going back to its beginnings, before WWI. That doesn't necessarily make someone a bad person per se, but it is mighty suspicious when you consider the government handouts going to oil related businesses these days. Corporations run our government, republican, democrat, it doesn't matter. Truth be told we should actually be voting for Wal-Mart versus Exxon, with a third party ticket naming Halliburton, that's who's really running the show, politicians are just figure heads.

The Dixie Drifter said...

Justin the one thing I like about the internet is....if I have a position on the election, hell boy I can find all of the information that I need to support my position, or visa versa, isn't it wonderful the internet how we do not have to think anymore, we just let the friggen computer do it for us....wonderful piece of equipment....damn I love this machine of mine...

Chuck said...

That? An ass kickin'? My white ass, bubby.

No Justin. I'm not wasting any more time on that one. I don't know him, but I know his type.

The more scandals that erupt around the neo-con overlords and the disaster-monkey, the more this out of the blue "retaliation" from the [insert your own adjective here] against those of us who are awake occurs on the WWW. Hell, I was in the cyber trenches with that kinda shit before the 2004 fiasco and if I learned only one thing, it was this:

We're divided. We're not going to change each others' minds and the pretendent doesn't give a shit about either side. He'd sell BODY BAG Bab's fat blueblood certificate of aristocracy for a nickel in a hearbeat.

So there it is and there it stays.

There's just no more to say. This thing was played out long ago & I didn't start the "back & forth" here. It's all right there in black & white for anyone to see.

Chuck said...

There's pleny of PROOF that the United States suffered a coup in 2000 & 2008.

Whoops! Forgot to fix that one. 2004 of course.

The Dixie Drifter said...
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The Dixie Drifter said...

Let’s hear what all of the Liberal have to say since Osama has made another threat....should GW continue to go after these guys by wire tapping or should he back off and let them carry out their deeds????....take this moron Hillary Clinton going after Bush again this time saying that he is out sourcing the negotiations with Iran and did not act fast enough...what is this idiot talking about just a couple of years ago this witch was accusing the man of acting to fast and not out sourcing the problem in Afghanistan and Iran...where in the F**ck do these…go figure…damn if you do and damn if you don’t

Justin said...

You do have a good point on that one Drifter, as soon as another attack happens, a lot of people's credibility will be on the line with me regarding the who and the how of the whining and the finger pointing. The point, however, is that as long as a warrant was secured in advance, it was perfectly legal for the government to wiretap terrorism suspects, BEFORE the Paridiot Act. All the Patriot Act did when you boil it all down, was take away YOUR (and my) Constitutional protections against illegal search and seizure. I look at it much like gun control, (here I fucking go again, why did someone have to get me started on it?). People like me, and I assume you Drifter, reject all gun control because of not only our perception that our right to keep and bear arms is protected by the Constitution, but also because we see these "little" infractions on our rights, i.e. gun registration, assault rifle bans, outrageous ammunition taxes, handgun bans, ect, ect, ect, as a slow and steady whittling away of our rights. If it keeps up long enough it's inevitable that eventually our gun rights will be gone completely. Give the government an inch, and they'll take a mile is essentially what we've been saying for years. The left is simply saying the exact same thing, only regarding our protections against illegal search and seizure. If we let the government wiretap terrorism suspects without a warrant, how long will it be before they're wiretapping other suspects without warrants? How long will it be before they're wiretapping anybody they damn well please without a warrant? Give them an inch, they'll take a mile. The forefathers put those protections in the Constitution for YOUR OWN GOOD, to protect you from a government run amuck. I don't take violations of my Constitutional rights lightly, and neither should you, no matter which part of the Constitution we're talking about or which political party is doing the violating. I'm not asking you to vote for Hillary, lord knows that I won't be, all I'm asking is to give credit where credit is due. The Patriot Act is the most dangerous piece of legislation to come down the pike in a long time, I'd just like to remind everyone that the Republicans didn't pass it all by themselves, like I keep saying, they're all crooks.

The Dixie Drifter said...

"The Patriot Act is the most dangerous piece of legislation to come down the pike in a long time, I'd just like to remind everyone that the Republicans didn't pass it all by themselves, like I keep saying, they're all crooks."

Justin this maybe the very piece of legislation that will save the lives of many people in this country, I know the old argument I hear it all of the time, give me some documented proof of where one citizens rights have been violated under the Patriot Act.

If you call wire tapping and jailing people who want to destroy our way of life a violation of your rights, well maybe we can ship them to Montana and let them go at it, this is not a war that is going to end tomorrow this is a war that will be fought years to come, so what do you want, you want the terriost to have the freedom to destroy what you most cherish, I guess so, not me, my take is you go after these people with what ever it takes, because they do not have any rights once they start plotting to destroy my country. I say you start targeting and shooting them no questions ask, I know that is harsh but maybe they would get the message, hey that the time has come to go and meet Alah. You have been hanging around with Chuck and the gang to long...time to move along and get away from the LIBERAL BULLSHIT

Justin said...

Drifter, "Chuck and the gang" HAVE given you documented cases of people's rights being violated under the patriot act, that's a lot of what they're about, they do it almost on a daily basis, if you really want documented cases, Tony's your man, he can dig this stuff up by the bucket load. I've never seen him say anything without proof to back it up, that's why I respect him. He's not a flaming "ban all the guns" liberal, he's a guy just like you and I and so is Chuck, OK maybe not JUST like you and I, but anyway, they don't fit the stereotypes, and neither do most of these people. I did the same thing for a long time, it's easy to try to lump people into two different categories but life isn't that simple. All "liberals" and all "conservatives" don't agree on everything and never will, we're all individuals after all. I'm concerned with the individuals, not the party rhetoric and I'm trying to figure out just how many people are swallowing this bullshit the government is feeding us. They depend on us staying divided if they're going to accomplish their goal. Their goal is complete control of everything, they're already closer than most people think and it isn't just the Democrats, and it isn't just the Republicans.

As far as hanging around with "Chuck and Gang" is concerned, they haven't influenced me one bit, except for perhaps helping me to realize what I already knew: The government is corrupt, and a lot of people find it easier to blame one party or the other because they can't accept the fact that it's a package deal. I'm looking for the "liberals", and the "conservatives" that are fed up with it. I firmly believe that the government, both parties, are in bed together and this gradual whittling away of our rights is a plot, a plot to take over everything and all of these wedge issues are a distraction to keep us divided until they do it. When that happens, it will come down to a fight between us and them. It won't be on blogs, it won't be at the polls, I'm talking blood and bullets. When that happens a lot of people will get a serious wake up call about reality and survival, the wedge issues of gun control and abortion will no longer matter, the people that wasted time being concerned with such things will instantly see how insignificant they really were, or they'll get shot standing around bitching about it. Think I'm a nutcase? I hope I am but if you study history it's happened before, this government will implode eventually, it's inevitable, and I think it's close. When the government does go tits up it won't matter which ones of us followed which political party, if we're going to survive we'll have to watch the back of the guy next to us, and he'll have to watch ours. Petty differences over politics won't matter anymore, I'm trying to make them not matter now.

People on both sides of the fence think people like me are nutcases, Clinton and Reno went after us with raids and Nazi Stormtroopers while the Democrats cheered, Bush will lay the groundwork for wiretapping and surveilance so it's that much easier for the next bunch to come after us with whatever methods they choose while the Republicans rally support. I could go into a more elaborate reasoning as to why I believe what I do but it wouldn't matter. I want the government to leave me alone, that's all. I don't care which party is fucking with me, because I know the other one will be before long. THEY'RE ALL IN BED TOGETHER! Conspiracy? This thing crossed that line a long time ago. But who cares what I have to say, I'm a nutcase. Maybe it's just a "Montana" thing, wanna see my Unibomber Fan Club membership card?

The Dixie Drifter said...

"Ever listened to cell phone calls with a scanner? Ever tuned in cordless phones with a scanner or mulitband radio? A lot of phone transmissions are handled by radio signals especially satellite uplinks. Before the Patriot Act, they had to have a warrant to use them against you. What are those little green boxes all along the roadside in most areas, who are those guys working on them all the time? Do they really work for the phone company? How do we know? I know a thing or two about electronics too, a hardline connection is hardly necessary to tap phone calls, but at least a search warrant used to be."

Justin that post was made to make a point as to how naive people are when it comes to the media, I know all about the scanners cell phones etc, and for your info, those little green boxes you are talking about are called (CP's) control point and (AP's) access points.

The point of the post is if the telephone company was going to tap your line it would not be done at a CP or An AP, why go to the trouble when they can do it right from the (CO) centeral office, and yes they could do it from either locations, but I doubt it would take place at either one.

They are not listening to local calls, if you are trying to make a date with some hooker doubt id they give a shit, but if you live out in the middle of Montana and are making numerous calls to Pakistan you just may draw some attention.

Go back and read what you said you made my point most people haven't a friggen clue as to how a telephone call is made and routed through the public network, the only thing they give a shit about is if they can make the call.

The Dixie Drifter said...

"I respect him. He's not a flaming "ban all the guns" liberal, he's a guy just like you and I and so is Chuck, OK maybe not JUST like you and I, but anyway, they don't fit the stereotypes" Chuck like you and I????you ever live in that shit hole of a place called Ohio????I did for 20 years once I left I never returned, believe me the people there are not like you and I,if that is the way you want to put it.

Justin said...

Well, shithole of a place like Ohio notwithstanding, I've been to states that I didn't like too, but that doesn't mean there isn't good people living there. People can't choose where they're born, and it isn't easy to pick up and move away from your roots. That's the worst generalization you've made yet. What exactly is it that you don't like about Ohio? Are there too many "fags", "niggers", "beaners", and "kikes" there for you to feel comfortable? I wouldn't want to live there either because it's too populated but come on, judging people by what state they live in? That's a bit of a stretch. You lived there for 20 years, I never lived there at all, who's the dumbass now?

As far as the phone tapping thing, I don't have to be a phone technician to understand the risks of letting the government conduct illegal searches and seizures without search warrants. Phones can be tapped, and nowadays without a warrant, that was the point of the whole thing. I could give a rat's ass if they're listening to calls on radios, tapping into the main switchboard, or breaking into my house when I'm not home and installing a bug. If they don't have a search warrant signed by a judge, it used to be illegal for them to do it, it isn't anymore. As far as the call to a hooker is concerned, how the fuck do you know what they're listening to? And more importantly how do you know what they'll BE listening to later on down the road? There was nothing to stop them from listening before but at least they needed a warrant for it to be admissable in court. If I'm talking to a hooker on the phone however, the government would be the least of my worries, my wife would hand down a death sentence immediately. ;)