Sunday, February 19, 2006

I Seem To Have Gained A Little Value

I'm still pretty much worthless, but it's a start.

My blog is worth $10,726.26.
How much is your blog worth?

I haven't been able to round up the rest of the ingredients, so no test batch of biodiesel this weekend. I have almost everything I need to get started, methanol, isopropanol, vegatable oil both fresh for the first batch and used for the second, PH meter, various jugs and funnels and beakers and syringes for measuring and mixing, and I just received an email yesterday saying that my digital scale is on its way, but I still don't have any lye. I find it rather ironic really. I can't buy lye at a grocery store because people use it to make meth. Obviously, if they're making meth, they're still finding it somewhere so what the heck good is it doing anybody to keep it off of store shelves? The really ironic thing is that I could buy methamphetamine easier than I could buy lye, that crap is everywhere. Now that's irony, and a perfect example of the idiocy of a nanny state. Methamphetamine on every street corner just waiting for the terminally stupid to kill themselves with it, but I can't buy lye to make biodiesel, which isn't even poisonous. I really wish that it was actually physically painful to be that damn stupid, there would be people writhing in the streets screaming in agony, but at least I could jump over them and go buy some lye.

Stay warm folks, I'll be back tonight with more on the cost of biodiesel, since I'm woefully unable to start on the actual process of making it yet.


Table Mountains said...

i see those things on peoples blogs saying they're worth different amounts.what's that all about justin?

Justin said...

I'm not sure how they work, something to do with how many links are out there leading back to your blog. They use some formula that's used to figure the value of business websites. If you click on the "How much is your blog worth?" text, you can go get one yourself. It doesn't update automatically though, so you have to go and check it again from time to time. It doesn't really mean anything, just something to decorate the sidebar. If anybody was dumb enough to give me 10 grand for my blog, I'd toss in the Brooklyn Bridge, absolutely free!