Monday, April 10, 2006

This Is What's Been Occupying So Much Of My Time Lately

I've been flying RC airplanes off and on for almost ten years, they're sort of like a disease that you just can't get rid of, but this blasted thing is bound and determined to break me of the affliction. It flies beautiful, if it could just keep doing so long enough to land without something going haywire. Just got done patching the damn thing back together after another . . . . um . . . . unscheduled landing. Most of the story can be found here, I need some sleep. Later all.


big mike said...

I saw an interesting flyer at the park last summer: "Lost airplane". Apparently some kid's RC airplane got away from him and flew off to who knows where.

Justin said...

It happens for sure. My first plane was quite a bit bigger than these little electric jobs I'm flying these days. It had a six foot wing span and a glow engine with about a 12 ounce fuel tank. At wide open throttle it flew about 60 MPH, and would run for a good 20 minutes or more on a full tank of fuel. It was extremely stable and once it was trimmed out it would basically fly in a straight line all by itself. If a person was to lose radio signal with a plane like that, it could cover a lot of ground before it ran out of fuel and crashed. Good luck finding it is all I can say.