Monday, May 01, 2006

A Few Pics For You To Enjoy

First, a pic I snagged at sunup a few weeks ago out on the road. Sometimes I think God created the Crazy Mountains just to prove what a great artist he is. I've tried for years to get the "perfect" picture of the Crazies, it hasn't happened yet. I guess some things just have to be seen in person to be appreciated.

The dastardly CAP 232. I've finally managed to complete several flights without breaking anything. This pic was taken only moments after yet another flawless landing, following a heart stopping miniature airshow put on by yours truly.
Loops? We got 'em.
Stall Turns? We got 'em.
Rolls? We got 'em.
Low Altitude Inverted Flight? Maybe next week.
Torque Rolls? Ain't happening with this slowpoke on the sticks.
If I could fly half as good as this airplane, it would be one hell of a show.

Who knows what Coroplast is? It's this really nifty plastic stuff used for making temporary signs like sale ads in stores and campaign signs. It's sort of like regular corrugated cardboard, except it's made out of plastic instead of paper. The only thing it works better for than signs? Super tough, virtually indestructible RC airplanes!
I built this one from scratch with the hopes of using it to teach my Dad to fly. It flies pretty good, but I'm still having some issues with the landing gear. I've almost got it sorted out then we can get down to the flying lessons. It may not be much to look at, but once I put some graphics on it it'll look a lot better, as well as be much easier to see in the air. Best of all, it gets a whole lot prettier when one considers what it costs, or more importantly, what it doesn't cost.
This baby flies like a bird, because it's cheap cheap cheap!

Here's a couple pics of the Coroplast monster on final approach. It takes off, flies, and lands in a really lazy, true to scale fashion. What it lacks in scale looks, it makes up for in scale flight characteristics.

Just thought I'd drop a few pics on here for everyone. With the weather we've been having lately it'll be time to blow the cobwebs out of the 4 wheelers any day now. Also, I have another Coroplast plane almost finished that I can't wait to show everyone. The first one was a loose copy of a plane that I'd seen before. The one that I'm almost done building is entirely my own design, built from scratch from the ground up. Will it fly? Will it crash? Will it even fly far enough to have a chance to crash?
Stay tuned and we'll find out.


Tony said...

You are too cool....simply.
A friggin airplane.
You made a friggin airplane.
Are you a secret agent or something?

Justin said...

I'm not exactly a secret agent, but thanks to my gracious employer I am a member of Little Hitler's Jr. Gestapo Program For Good Little Nazis. Can't wait to get my membership card. Wonder if I'll get a secret decoder ring too? ;)

The Dixie Drifter said...

Nice Pic of the Crazies and a neat looking plane wish I could fly one of those....

Justin said...

Sometimes I wish I could fly 'em too . . . ;)

a-fire-fly said...

I know what Coroplast is! I have several sheets of it in my garage right now. Used to sell our scraps to the model airplane people around here. And we gave it to the Robotics Club for their projects. You can paint it to if you want.

Justin said...

Howdy fire fly. Send me some Coroplast!

I took some scraps and tried some different kinds of paint on them a while back to see what happened. I was afraid that normal spray paint would melt it, but I found that it works great. Scrap pieces of sign vinyl that my friend has been mining from the dumpster of a local sign company do nicely as well.

Good to hear from ya!

a-fire-fly said...

UPS said they do not ship to Little Hitler's Jr. Gestapo Program For Good Little Nazis.
About what size is your little flying fiend?

Justin said...

UPS doesn't ship to members of Little Hitler's Jr. Gestapo Program for Good Little Nazis?!?! WTF?!?!?

Considering that one of their sort of competitors is who's virtually insisting that I join, (and I'm sure UPS does the same with their drivers), I figured that they'd give me a discount.

What I'm talking about is the Highway Watch Program. It's a deal created by our benevolent Department of Homeland Insecurity in conjuntion with the ATA (American Trucking Association: a lobbying group that claims to represent the trucking industry, actually it represents the large companies and that's about it. I think of it as the exact opposite of the Teamsters, or at least what the Teamsters used to be back when they actually had the drivers' best interests in mind instead of just survival and collecting dues.)

The idea is to get truck drivers to sign up for this thing and get "training", then they get a membership card with a phone number that they can call and report anything "suspicious", JUST LIKE A REAL COP! Wow, it sounds so fun, I don't know how to contain myself.

However when I informed a particular high ranking company official who was pressuring everyone to sign up, that I really didn't think that anyone needed all that information on me for me to be able to call 911 and I'd really rather not participate, he got severely indignant about it and went on a half hour tirade about "ragheads" and "wetbacks". So I said "fine, if it's that big of a fucking deal give me the goddam paper", and proceded to scribble my name and address as illegibly as possible. We'll see what happens.

Anyway, it was a big thorn in my ass that he was so insistant and acted like such a whiney assed baby about it, so I just had to bitch to somebody, consider yourself bitched to. ;)

These planes are all pretty small. The CAP232 has about a 3 foot wingspan, the Coroplast disaster is 4 Foot. I've got some bigger glow engine powered planes but I've been sticking to these little electric "park flyers" lately. The one that I still have to finish building is a 3 foot wingspan as well. Next I'm planning on a "sort of scale", twin engine (electric motor actually), P38 Lightning made from Coroplast with twin carbon fiber tail booms. The one I'm building now is sort of the test platform for some of the construction techniques I'm planning on using for the twin. We'll see how it flies, then I'll decide if the idea is worth trying.

I was just kidding about the Coro, the stuff is only 10 bucks for a 4X8 sheet, I think I can spring for it locally. Only trouble is I seem to only be able to find the big sheets in white, some other colors would be nice. Some of the sign shops have colors, but they only have small sheets, and for the price difference I figure I can just paint the white stuff.

Well there, I've written my novel for today, sorry to get so long winded, I just had a really good morning flying with a bunch of other guys, and I guess I'm still stoked. Good to hear from you as always fire fly, later.