Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Haven't Had A Good Rant In Awhile . . . . .

OK, so I haven't posted anything original in awhile . . . sue me. Other than working on my yard in an attempt to make this shithole look a little more like somebody lives here besides a gaggle of meth whores and occasionally committing a little aviation when the wind isn't blowing like a gaggle of meth whores there just hasn't been too much excitement around here. Pardon my repetition of the phrase "gaggle of meth whores", I just found it an appropriate illustration for both points, that and it'll get me some interesting Google hits. I'm starting to wish that I had a meth recipe, at least if that were the case the people that keep finding me by Googling meth related subjects might find something worthwhile and move along. How was I to know that all those meth jokes in my biodiesel posts would increase my traffic tenfold? That's the secret folks. Want hits? Put the word "meth" in your blog.

Speaking of hits, I just passed 5000 the other day, yippy.

Meth, not even once. Oh yeah, interest in that shit's really falling off with this new high dollar ad campaign, wanna see my web stats? What kind of dipshit would actually go looking for a meth recipe on a blog anyway? More importantly, what kind of dipshit would post a meth recipe on a blog? Meth addicts, that's who, and let me tell ya, there's a shitload of them. Billboards all over town and commercials on the TV and radio every five fucking minutes advertising the shit and the morons can't figure out why use is at an all time high. If I were a meth dealer I'd send them a thank you letter. Here's a clue dipshits: legalize it, it's a self solving problem, the shit's poison, guaranteed to kill it's users. Once the idiots snort, smoke, and shoot themselves to death the crap will be forgotten like that night I spent with you that time after the bar closed. What was your name again? Slut.

Politics? Who gives a shit? The government keeps doing the same shit day after day, wasting our money on bullshit, killing, raping, spying on American citizens, tossing people in secret prisons for "suspicion of terrorist activities" while they let the real criminals go free, standing idly by while global corporation after global corporation fucks us silly to fund their expansion into third world shitholes and God knows what else and all anybody can do about it is sit around and blame each other for the problems. I'm so goddam sick of hearing how this party or that one will fix the whole mess, they won't, wake up. If you're dumb enough to think that the Democrats or the Republicans or the fucking Scientologists for that matter have ALL the answers please do us all a favor and remove yourself from the gene pool, preferably in some spectacular and public manner so the rest of us will have something interesting to watch for once because everything on TV sucks. Contact me if you need suggestions on how to go about it, I'd be happy to help. Likewise for anyone stupid enough to believe statistics, or better yet, I have this swamp land in Arizona for sale . . . . .

Do I sound perhaps a wee bit bitter? Good. It's been a year since I lost the only job I ever liked, I've had two jobs since, and I'm still nowhere near back to my previous income level. Don't even get me started on this "low man on the totem pole" shit, somebody would get offended if they aren't already, the language could get a little ugly.

I'm now really starting to think that Tony has the right idea. One more person bitches at me as if I'm supposed to give a shit when I fire up a cigarette within 50 feet of them or their snot nosed brat kids and I'm liable to pack up and follow his ass to Mexico. Ditto for the next cop that gives me a dirty look and starts looking for something to pull me over for when I drive by not wearing my seatbelt, or the next person at work that tries to coerce me into doing something I don't want to do because "the company encourages it", fuck you, I don't care. I don't have a problem with my bosses telling me what to do, that's their job, start telling me who to be, we got problems. And people can't figure out why I liked working for a small company for less money and fewer benefits better than reaping the fruits of employment with a huge corporation, go figure. My old boss may have sold my ass down the river the first chance he got to load his pockets, but at least he didn't try to force me to be someone I wasn't.

What happened to Tony anyway? I notice that his link doesn't work anymore. Maybe he DID leave for Mexico. Or maybe he got ate by a shark. He'll turn up I'm sure.

Just in case anybody important at work reads this, I'm probably not talking about you. All of the management I've met so far is top notch with the exception of one. If I am talking about you, you know who you are, and you hung yourself fucker. Mess with me again, and everyone will know just exactly HOW BAD you hung yourself. I don't think the head office would want a racist fuck like you representing their company at such a high level, and I'll see to it that your comments are brought to their attention . . . fair warning.

Some of you are probably wondering how my biodiesel project is coming along. It isn't, that's how. Wanna know why? Didn't think so but I'm gonna tell you anyway. Thanks to the campaign against meth and the fact that the powers that be have everyone convinced that no matter what it is, people make meth out of it, lye and methanol are so expensive and borderline unobtainable in any kind of quantity that it just isn't worth the effort. Why spend my weekends cooking fuel for $2.50 a gallon when I can just buy the shit already made for $2.80 and I don't have to put up with people staring at me when I buy the ingredients because they're just positive that I'm a meth dealer? Still think that your government will save you? Believe me, if the sales of fucking Linoleum were hurting the oil companys' profits someone would be trying to convince you that meth is made out of Linoleum and that it should be controlled, mark my words. Show me one politician that wants to make it easier for people to make their own fuel, that's make their own, not buy it from some global corporation, and I'll dance a jig. Get the fucker elected to an office of any importance and I'll kiss my own ass.

The Government, big corporations, (one and the same really), despise independence. Independent people are a major thorn in their ass, the last remaining obstacles to their total global domination. I know, conspiracy theorist wacko right? When you're starving to death in the concentration camps, remember that. I won't be there, I'll go down shooting.

Well there's my drivel for the day, now go do something worthwhile, like working for peanuts while the companies you work for send all the money they make off of you to China. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside doesn't it?


The Dixie Drifter said...

Hey justin nice looking rifle, what caliber is it? I was outside at lunch time talking to another co-worker and about how nice it would be to have a nice varmit gun and go out and pop a few Coyotes, well now let me tell you this one woman did let me know what her thoughts were on that.

I just chalked it up to another Tulley's Latte' drinking liberal, now these people think they are something else when they go and pay 4 to 5 dollars for that shit, just give me a good ole' cup of folgers and I am happy........keep them pic's of Montana coming.

Justin said...

Howdy Drifter. It's a .300 Winchester Magnum, a little big for Coyotes, unless you really HATE Coyotes! I've got a .257 Roberts that works a lot better for yippy dogs, especially if you want to sell the furs. Since the animal rights weinies ruined the fur market though, might as well use the .300.

Back when I was a young lad, my dad and I spent a lot of weekends in the winter time (when the furs were in prime) calling 'yotes. We started out using our deer rifles, but we found that we could usually call them in close enough that an iron sight .22 was the weapon to have. You could get on target a lot quicker without the scope, and you didn't run so much of a risk of ruining the fur. Back then there were a lot of guys that hunted them with shotguns out of helicopters and airplanes too.

The ranchers would usually pay us a bounty for any that we shot on their property, then we'd take them to town and sell the furs. Back then we were getting between 50 and 100 bucks a dog, depending on the size and quality of the furs, and as if the cash wasn't enough, it was a hell of a lot of fun. Those were the good old days, not a treehugger, an animal righter, or a Starbucks in sight.

I agree on the coffee too, be a cold day in hell when I pay 5 bucks for a cup of the same shit I can make at home for practically free. Besides, the smell of a fresh pot boiling on a campfire in the mountains is worth more than anything they're peddling anyway, I don't give a shit if Juan Valdez personally hand polished every bean with a pair of silk panties that he just stripped off of a virgin seniorita. ;)

Wulfgar said...

I just bought a .300 winmag. 'Went shooting last weekend. My shoulder looks none too pretty after 17 rounds through it.

Justin said...

They do gots a bit of a boot to 'em don't they? That and you better make damn sure you've got your earmuffs screwed down tight unless you want to be saying "huh", the rest of the day.

My friend has a Remington 700 Sendero, .300 Win. Mag with a fluted stainless air guaged bull barrel, Leupold Vari-X II, it's a heavy sumbitch but it'll flat reach out and touch someone. 3 shots touching at about any range you damn well please. If you can see it in the scope, you can kill it. I only wish that I had as much accuracy, but he's got a wee bit more invested in his than I do though . . . ;)

jon m. said...

Brians gun is nice but try packing it walking more then a couple of hundred feet... hahahaha your paddle shooting any better groups then the last time we shot it? I always come back to see what you have to say on your blog (keeps me entertained)
jon m

Justin said...

Howdy Jon! How you been flyboy? I was just thinking the other day about the fact that I never did manage to make it out sledding with you last winter. I was hoping that you'd be able to go with us at least once, I wanted to get some pointers from you on how to make my sled run better. (I know, "buy a Ski-Doo")

When we gonna get together and go flying? These model planes are great and all, but I still keep hoping you'll let me try the real thing one of these days. I've only been learning anything and everything I can about airplanes for the better part of 30 years now, I think it's about time I tried to drill one into the ground for real!

The Ruger doesn't shoot any better than it did before. I'm still not too sure about that cheap scope but thanks to my former gracious employer my plans of buying a new Leupold last year sort of fell through, that and I don't have any vacation time to go hunting anymore anyway so why bother? I figure one of these days I'll buy a new scope and try it, if it doesn't help I'll put the cheap scope back on it and trade it off on a Remington. I wasn't too crazy about buying a Ruger in the first place, but as you know, the price was right on this one.

Take it easy man, stay safe up there, and darn good to hear from you. ;)

Tony said...


Hey J, I just got back from a trip south, tis true, I wont be an American much longer.
The blog was accidently deleted by Stella while I was posting one morning so....I have a new one started but probably wont bother.
Life is good here, we sold the house in Billings, closes this week, then, with alot of cash in hand, we are outfitting the new boat (third, I keep flipping them for money, we have gone from 38 feet to 62 now...) and are looking at a summer departure.
No sharks up here on the Coast but I did see a few whales this past weekend. I am learning to SCUBA finally after doing it all these years with no card...friggin' regulations wont let me fill tanks without certification, well, you know all about our "conditional freedoms"...

Stella is doing very well, almost smarter than Momma...uh oh! Crystal has a belly dance class she is teaching, 30 students this 8 weeks, about 20 for the next-mostly elderly though...eeeuuwww...
Anyway, I still have a bunch of tuna for a leeetle plane!
Take care, is the email, good forever, 541 260 3923 is the implanted phone (for now anyway)....
Oh, retirement ROCKS.

Anonymous said... Here it is,Ralpho

Anonymous said...

here is the proper link to the amend park video.