Thursday, June 01, 2006

I'd Like To Tell You A Story

Many moons ago, back about 1988 to be approximate, there were two young boys about age 14. Now these two boys had just recently met, but they were already becoming pretty good friends, and they had one very important thing in common. They were broke, and it sucked.

So these two boys did what any two industrious young fellows should do when they're broke and it sucks, they pilfered their parents' lawnmowers and set out to earn some cash. Little did one of the boys know that the events that were to follow would change his life forever.

The two young entrepreneurs spent the better part of the morning knocking on doors and pushing their lawnmowers up one street and down another, making a few bucks here and a few bucks there, and after a few hours they found themselves near one of the young lad's homes, prompting him to offer the other young lad a cold glass of whatever was in the fridge. Now this was an extremely tempting offer being that it was mighty hot, and they'd been hauling those lawnmowers around for hours, so the other young fellow gladly accepted.

When they arrived at the boy's house they were greeted by his mother who gladly offered up a glass of Kool Aid, but that wasn't all. They were also greeted by the prettiest little red haired girl the one boy had ever seen. Now of course the other boy wasn't too enamored with her since she was his sister, but the first boy however. He absolutely couldn't take his eyes off of her, and after they left, he couldn't stop thinking about her.

Time went on and eventually the boy and the girl became friends, then they became a little more than friends, then they became just friends again, which is the way of young boys and even younger girls.

After a couple years of this the young boy moved away, but every time he'd almost stop thinking about her, he'd see her somewhere and it would all start over again. He just couldn't chase that darn girl out of his head. For several years this went on, and during this time both the girl and the boy had many experiences, some good, some bad. They made mistakes, they got their hearts broken, but each in their own separate worlds.

Then, one fateful evening in 1993, June 1st to be exact, one week after the boy graduated from high school, those two world collided in spectacular fashion when they ran into each other at the graduation of a mutual friend. They started talking, they kept talking, as a matter of fact they kept talking almost all damn night and by the next morning something special had began to take place, they had decided to do what the young boy had figured they should have done that day after the glass of Kool Aid, but the young girl hadn't been in agreement until June 1st, 1993.

No they didn't do that, get your minds out of the gutter ya friggin perverts. That came later.

They decided that they were finally going to try to be more than friends, possibly for good.

Well, over the course of the next several years they moved in, moved out, they'd break up, then they'd make up, they fought almost constantly and basically made everyone around them's lives miserable and often even their own, but in spite of it all they knew that they loved each other, so they figured out how to make it work. In 1997, on June 1st of course, they finally took the leap and got themselves hitched. Pretty stupid right?

Well miraculously enough, the fights (which had already been tapering off for some time, these two weren't total morons) virtually ended over night. Of course they had a little spat from time to time like all married people do, but no more did they end by one of them walking out and proclaiming the whole thing over for good only to start over again the next week. Nope, these two were in it for the long haul, and they're still quite happily married to this day and only fight when they need an excuse to make up.

While I can't speak for the little red headed girl, the young fellow (now a grown man, most of the time) is still just as smitten with her to this day, and every time he looks into her eyes he's that happy go lucky 14 year old boy again without a care in the world except how he's going to impress that pretty little girl with the curly red hair and win her heart.

I love you Carrie, just as much today as I ever did, and I always will.

Happy Anniversary


Anonymous said...

Hey! Happy thoughts to both of you today! It's tough to stay married in these times. And this last year has been a really tough one for all of us. I figure if I can love him in the tough times, it will make the easier times all that much better! It will be 25 years this Oct for us and there are days it feels like forever and days it feels like yesterday. But they are all good days to me!
Congradulations to both of you. Keep your eye on the good times ahead!

Christina(rosa) said...

Your are so sweet. I cried but I am a girly gilr. Hope you two have a happy one.

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

06 02 06

Whoa Justin:
You sure have a way of telling a story. CONGRATULATIONS on your anniversary!!!! You showed that sticking it out and going through the thick and thin is what it is all about. What a beautiful story. And yes, redheads are magical aren't they?

Have a good weekend!

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Dawn said...

Hoppy A Day Late. Iv'e always been late, not intentionaly but just don't look at a calander, my husbands' never did either so we always celebrated A's late too. glad you remembered and you are so sweet....