Sunday, June 11, 2006

I'm Having Way Too Much Fun On Sunday Mornings These Days

OK, not really. Is it even possible to have too much fun? Nope.

There weren't a lot of people at the park this morning, and most of them were the usual suspects, so no new airplanes to introduce you to this week. But I did manage to get enough video to throw together a short clip.

The morning started out beautiful, then the wind came up all sort of suddenly like, so a couple of the guys were going to head out to a slope south of town to try a little slope soaring. I've never witnessed the feat of flying without the benefit of a motor of some type so I decided to tag along.

After completing a very impressive stationary hover landing with the CAP232 in the face of about a 15 MPH wind (why doesn't anyone ever have a video camera running when I do stuff like that?) I tossed my planes in the back seat of the big Ford and headed out in the boonies to watch John and Dick do a little sloping. Only trouble was, when we reached the slope there was no wind . . . none . . . well maybe a little . . . but not enough for slope soaring without a motor. I considered tossing the Sky Fly off of the slope and zooming around a bit just for kicks, but the rough, rocky terrain would have been hell on my landing gear when I finally decided to bring her down, so I passed. We did find something to amuse ourselves though, and we couldn't complain about the scenery, so all in all it was a mighty fun morning. Watch the video and you'll see why.

Last week's video obviously had a Star Wars theme, but this week I'm going to let you all try to guess, sort of a "look for the hook" contest if you will. Now we're not looking for a specific film this time, just the genre. I'm even offering a $50 cash prize to the first person to give me the correct answer. (see contest rules below)

Offer not valid in any of the 48 contiguous United States. Offer not valid in Hawaii or Alaska. Offer not valid in Europe or Australia. Employees, family members or affiliates of not eligible to participate. All answers must be submitted in writing on a Post-It Note affixed to the screen of a 52" High Definition Plasma TV delivered and set up in Justin's living room. All answers submitted by any other means will be disqualified.

Thank you for playing and good luck!

Now here's the video, this is a short one for all of you impatient people out there. Enjoy.

Charlie Who?
Video sent by raginredneck93

Now I must sleep. My beautiful wife was kind enough to help me live one of my life long dreams as an anniversary present this year. Tomorrow morning I'll get the chance to fly an airplane, but this one won't be controlled from a little box on the ground. That's right folks, I'm hanging up my toy airplanes for a day, and going out to play with the big boys. Damn that instructor must be brave. So long ya ground bound slimes. ;)


The Dixie Drifter said...

Good video there Justin, you talk about shooting in the mountains I have a long weekend coming up and I am debating as to where I should go, Hells Caynon or Crater Lake haven't made up my mind yet.

I will be going to Tennessee in Sept and will be shooting a lot of videos out in the country where I grew up, I also plan on going over to Cades Cove in the Great Smokies and then on down to Nashville to shoot some videos and take some pic's of my Great-Great-Great Granfathers home which was built around 1820, I will be posting some articles about the house later on this week.

Justin said...

Cool Drifter, I can't wait! Missouri is about as close to the south as I've ever been, I've never poked around in Tennessee at all, lots of stuff to see down there I'm sure. My sister and her husband went down there last summer and said it was pretty cool. My sister is a raging Elvis fan, so she just had to see Graceland, yada yada and all that. I tried to tell her that he was dead, but she didn't believe me, had to see for herself. LOL.

Crater Lake is another one on my list of things to see before I die.

I haven't been anywhere except work related stuff in so friggin long, I need a trip in the worst way.