Monday, June 05, 2006

Seether Concert Report

So we checked out the Seether concert at the 12th Planet last night and I can definitely say that I've spent more money and had a worse time. Simply put, I dig live music, and I dig Seether, so it was cool. Even more simply put, when it comes to going out for the evening, I'd rather pay to watch shitty live music, than watch "good" karaoke for free, assuming that there was a such thing as "good" karaoke. Did I mention that I fucking hate karaoke?

The show started off with Mercy Fall on stage, a band that I have to admit I hadn't even heard of until last night. It wasn't hard to tell that they had a serious case of "opening act syndrome", meaning that for whatever reason beknownst only to those who do sound work for concerts they were only allowed about as much stage presence as Seether's sound checks. I thought they did a pretty good job in spite of it though. Nice, loud, old school, long haired rock and roll just the way we like it. I was so impressed that when the lead singer came walking through the crowd selling CD's (how often does that happen?), I bought one. Hey, anybody that's willing to work that hard to make it is welcome to my extra 10 bucks. If I were him I'd probably have been backstage consuming various intoxicating substances and getting as friendly as possible with a couple of fine young ladies instead of walking around peddling CD's, but that's just me.

Next up was Evans Blue, another band that . . . you guessed it . . . I hadn't heard of until last night. Does this mean that I'm getting old? Basically the same report here, nice and loud, but if you don't know the tunes it just isn't the same. Still beats the shit out of listening to some drunk cowboy wannabe caterwalling a striking rendition of "Friends In Low Places". The lead singer was too good to walk around selling CD's though, so they didn't make any extra cash off of me like Mercy Fall did, but the guitar player did come out and chum with the crowd a bit. Maybe they have enough cash already?

Following Evans Blue we were treated to a fine performance by Faktion, FINALLY, A BAND THAT I'D ACTUALLY HEARD BEFORE! I felt 5 years younger when they started thrashing out "Take It All Away" and I actually knew the words, well at least some of them. Whew, I was getting worried there for a minute, thought I'd have to stop off for some Geritol after the show.

Finally Seether took the stage by busting straight into Fine Again and all of a sudden the oldness left me and remained only a feeling of youthful bliss. OK, that's bullshit, but it's good bullshit isn't it? Thanks to mandatory random drug tests and a total depletion of my tolerance for alcohol all feelings of youthful bliss left me years ago but by the time they rounded out the set with Remedy I was feeling pretty good for an old fart surrounded by people with purple mohawks and nose rings. Earlier in the evening I'd been making fun of the only guy there that looked older in spirit than me who was parading around in a Motley Crue T-shirt, I figured it was probably the last concert he'd gone to back in '85. I really felt like a dumb ass when the drummer for Seether came on stage sporting, you guessed it, a Motley Crue T-shirt . . . oops. Anyway, after Remedy they were coaxed back onstage for two acoustic encores and finished up with Shaun singing Broken all by his lonesome. I kept hoping that by some miraculous turn of events Amy would show up and help him out, but it was not to be. Damn, and here I figured that after meeting me the last time she was here she'd jump at the chance to come back to Billings, wrong again was me.

So if I were to offer up a review, (isn't that pretty much what I just did? Damn I'm stupid sometimes.), I'd say that overall it was a pretty damn good show. The 12th Planet isn't exactly the kind of place that I'd hang out all of the time, but as far as a concert venue is concerned it's pretty hard to beat. I don't mind paying to see a band as long as I can actually SEE THE BAND. All too often when attending shows at Metrapark, unless you want to bounce around in the mosh pits on the floor and dodge falling crowd surfers your only alternative is a spot in the nose bleeds guaranteed to have a herd of tall people in front of you that stand up for the entire show unless you're one of the first people in line for tickets. The best seats that I've ever had in the Metra were for Linkin Park and they were comparable to the worst possible view from anywhere in the 12th Planet except the shithouse.

If I had to suggest anything that could be improved it would be this: Get a fucking air conditioner! We were sitting on the upper level of the bar and it was almost unbearably hot, I had sweat literally dripping off of me by the end of the show and all I was doing was standing there watching, I can't even imagine what it was like for all of the people on the floor bouncing around and the guys on stage. But then again, I'm an old fart. Damn it hurts to say that.


a-fire-fly said...

We used to go to the 17 Club. Saw Great White there. Very cool. Smaller venues are better, Metra sucks.

Justin said...

OMG, fire fly you could quite possibly be the last surviving Great White fan! I think they killed the rest in that whole fireworks thing. I didn't make it to any of the shows at the old Knife and Gun Club, but I heard that they were pretty good.

a-fire-fly said...

Only bar I have EVER been to that apon commencement of a barfight, incoming patrons looked over, Said "Make up and have a good time, you morons", then went inside and had a drink.
It was pretty cool when they had 50-60 Harleys rolling in across the dance floor too.
I loved that bar. And don't dis Great White, you already have one ass kickin' comin!

Justin said...

Oh no, not another ass kickin' :=(

Alright then,

I'm a wasted rock ranger,
I live a life of danger,
on the road to find a higher high . . .