Thursday, July 13, 2006

What An Interesting Morning

I got to work last night, wooohoooo. This bottom of the totem pole thing really sucks, it's been so long since I had to deal with it that I'd forgotten just exactly how bad it sucks. Sitting around babysitting a telephone, waiting for it to ring and have somebody tell me I'm needed. Damn I miss just going to work every night and having some idea of what my paycheck was going to be. Oh well, quit my bitching right? Right.

Tried to snap a few pics of the Saunders fire west of Columbus this morning, but they didn't come out all that great since I took them through the window of a moving truck. By the time I got stopped, I was too far up the Columbus hill to see anything. Not much to see anyway, just a big, black hillside with a bunch of burnt trees and a few wisps of smoke. Looks like they got that one about licked.

At least I got home early, lot of good it did me. Just about the time I was comfortably dozing off next to my beautiful wife, we heard a hellacious ruckus out in the yard. I pulled back the curtain and looked out and was treated with a splendid view of two large dogs in the act of brutally killing one of our cats. Now you all know that I'm all about freedom, fairness, tolerance and all that. Had a dog killed our cat in the dog owner's yard, I'd have never said a word. But my property is my property, and as far as I'm concerned if two dogs will gang up and attack a cat, I don't see anything to stop them from ganging up and attacking a kid.

Anyone that knows me knows what happened next. The nice Deputy Sherriff that just left didn't know me, he does now. Fortunately for this former owner of two dogs, whoever he is, I'm not quite as polished as I once was and I was caught off guard. He's still got one dog left, but he'll be wise to keep it at home from now on, it won't get a second chance. If it had been my dog running loose, I wouldn't have expected anything less. If you want to keep your animals, keep them at home, or don't bitch when they get what YOU deserve.


Ken Hayes said...

We had problems with the neighbors dog when he raped our yellow lab and now we don't have problems because the perpetrator doesn't exist any longer. The neighbors cats don't shit on our deck and flowers becuse they don't exist any longer. If ya want to have pets keep them up is what I say. We live in the country and there isn't any laws pertaining to the pets of others but if they want to do damage here you better expect the consequences.

By the by Justin your last post reminded me about my bro in law. He grew up in Baker and worked in the oil fields and the farming fields and some other fields. Stanhope be the name. Be about the age of your father I would guess by looking at your photo's. Do ya know any of those folks. I grew up in the little city called Bridger which is kinda south of Billings if ya know where that is. I, also according to my age could be old enough to be your father. I sure have enjoyed reading your blog. Good luck in the job search. KH in the middle of missery.

Justin said...

I don't know anyone by the name of Stanhope, but I'll ask my Dad. Chances are he may have known them. If you happen to read this Sis, does that name ring a bell to you? Chime in if it does.

I'm sure I come across a bit too course to some of my neighbors, especially considering the neighborhood that I live in where a large percentage of the people have no clue what it's like to work for a living and try to keep what you earned, city folks most of them with no concept of life without cops a phone call away. I get no enjoyment out of shooting someone's dog, I like animals just as much as the next person but I don't think I should have to tolerate loose dogs crapping in my yard, tipping over my garbage cans, and KILLING MY PETS for Christ's sake. I may have a distaste for killing dogs, but I have more of a distaste for explaining to my 9 year old why her cat was killed in its own yard.

Where I live is outside the city limits, and there is no county law barring the discharge of firearms, but it is still a residential area. The cops were far more concerned with me endangering somebody by shooting than they were with the fact that I shot a dog. I assured them that if I hadn't had a sufficient backstop I wouldn't have took the shot, I'm not some city boy dumbass when it comes to guns. Either way, if it happens again I won't reach for my .22 next time, my 12 guage is beside the bed. Don't have to worry about ricochets that way.

mikk_19 said...

I know plenty of pet owners that want to have "pets" like that! These are the same people that feel a strange need to adopt a rabid badger in need of a root canal around there home.

Why not keep a finch in a bird cage, or something like that?

Not that I personally would want to own a finch or something like that. Maybe I'll just stop commenting while I still have some room to back out of this...!


sis said...

yes i know the name stanhope- they had a trailer court in Baker where I lived as a wee one (long long long time ago) there is also a Marvin Stanhope that dad worked with and he's in billings now and their was another family in billings a few years back (15) that lived on 7th and yellowstone that were stanhopes from baker and the little apartments on the corner by my house here are owned by a Dee Stanhope or use to be she may be remarried havn't seen her in a while. whent to school with some too don't remember all of them.