Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Congratulations! Today I'm Giving You All A Free Quickie!

Went to Columbus Sunday, flew the Sky Fly, rode some dirtbikes, visited with my good buddy Jon M. the gen-u-wine airline pilot that comments here from time to time, got to make some money last night, came home and tossed together a quick video, now you get to watch it, and I have to go to bed.

Wham, bam, thank you Ma'am, that's all I have time for today.


Play Day In Columbus
Video sent by raginredneck93


Anonymous said...

Ha ha funny video j man. I finally got home from my trip and was able to show the video to brian and autum. Good time Jon M

Justin said...

Glad you liked it Jon, I told you I'd make you famous!

I'll have to give Brian a call and see what he thinks, he's probably pissed at me for putting a video of that wussy assed jump of his on the internet. I'll have to make it up to him by posting some sled videos, he's got a lot bigger cajones than me when it comes to the snowmobiles for sure.

Too bad we didn't have the video camera on that hunting trip in the Gravelies eh? That would have made for some quality entertainment. Sort of like putting the Three Stooges on Survivor. If we ever go back up there, I'm all for taking the sleds next time, that or I'm figuring out how to build a 4 wheeler that I can carry in a backpack. Two foot tall wheels and 4 foot deep snow just don't mix, it's pretty sad when riding a 4 wheeler is more work than walking. ;)