Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Emerald Hills Is On Fire . . . . . Again.

This just in from the What I Think (as if you give a damn)'s breaking news department. OK, it's not exactly breaking news, but it's what I woke up to this evening. Link on title to the Gazoo story. If you really want to puke, just read the peanut gallery on this one. I simply can not believe that in a state like Montana, that people would act the way they do in the Gazoo article comments. I was so infuriated that I even sank to their level and dropped one in the soup myself. You can read what I had to say there if you'd like, I'm not going to hash it out again here.

Now if everyone will excuse me, I'm going to go back outside and watch the fire planes fly over. If you don't hear from me for awhile, you can figure that the wind must have shifted. This fire is REALLY close to my house, and we're under a standing order to be prepared to evacuate.

Actually, THIS is what I woke up to this evening.

Like I said, it's close.


Kristen Wyatt said...

I cannot agree with you more!! How sad to think that in a place like this we have folks with so much loathing and such a lack of compassion that they cannot even extend the slightest bit of empathy for their neighbors. We have friends who live up there and are now manditorily evacuated to watch, hope, and wait to see if they have a house to go home to... My thoughts and prayers are with all of those awaiting the whim of the winds...

On a completely unrelated note, I need your help O redneck guru of things electronic and smarter than me :0) Here is the situation now, we attempted to wipe out the hard drive and reinstall windows 98SE.(I know antiquated junk, but, it's what we have for the time being.) When the system rebooted, it stuck the monitor at 16 pixels and the desktop size at something like 640. There is a message that says something like the system doesn't recognize the graphics/video card. We downloaded the drivers for that card on the manufacturer's website...to no avail. The system now says that we have the wrong card. But, that is the one that comes up when you boot the system. Any great suggestions? Once we get the desktop size reconfigured, we SHOULD be able to install the drivers and software for the modem (which said system also fails to recognize) AARAAGH I thought technology was supposed to make life easier. Not give me an exercise in impulse control and anger management!!

Anyway, if you or any of your faithful readers have a suggestion, I would LOVE to hear it!!!

Justin said...

Thanks Kristen, we're not evacuated as of yet, and thankfully the fire seems to be moving to the South instead of toward us, but we're not quite sighing with relief just yet.

As far as the 'puter prob is concerned, I'd just have to sit down and hack away at it. I know very little about Windows 98, just what I've had to figure out on my son's ancient POS. Actually, I don't know all that much about computers at all, I'm just a hard headed bastard and I like figuring things out. If I had to venture a guess, I'd suppose that possibly the video card might be fried, but most likely it's just something in the settings. My brother in law had a similar problem with his machine a while back, only it was the sound card that went AWOL. If I remember correctly, he fooled around with it for a while, then unplugged it and plugged it back in and it worked.

It's really hard for me to say, but you're right in asking my readership for advice. There's a lot of folks out there that would probably know exactly what it is right off the bat instead of having to figure it out from scratch like I'd have to.

One of the best is my sister, Dee. If she happens to see this, your problems are likely solved. Whenever I can't figure something out, that's who I call. If it can be fixed, she most likely knows how to do it. My big sister beats up wannabe computer geeks like me for fun. ;)

Cricket said...

Thanks Justin,
Your help and the help of your readers is greatly appreciated! As you know, My old man is much like you in the hard headed fix it when you have to sort of way....So, we'll keep plugging away, trouble shooting on the laptop and trying to figure out how to ressurect the dinosaur for now...only to put it out of its misery and relegate it to preschool games and pounding little fingers later :0)

You'll be happy to know that one of his birds made it back into the air last night...That is until the battery decided to overheat, puff a little and scare the BeeJesus out of me! (Those things explode I guess) Anyway, he should be back up soon, If I can talk him into getting the new battery, maybe even in time to bring something besides a coffee mug to the field ;0)
Hope the smoke clears today!!!

Justin said...


Yeah, you're right, they can explode, but I'd be far more concerned about the price of replacing them. I have one of those nifty "What The Fuck" meters or whatever they're called, he's welcome to use it anytime if he wants. It's a good idea to check your amp draw whenever you change a prop or anything to make sure you aren't overloading the battery or speed control. The explosion isn't nearly as much of a problem as the fact that afterwards they tend to start on fire. They burn at about 2000 degrees, and a lot of times the fire can be a delayed reaction. If you manage to get them put away and tool on down the road before they ignite, they'll melt right through the bottom of your car. If the gas tank happens to be under where they decide to do it, KABOOM!

I probably shouldn't be telling you this stuff, don't go and get all paranoid about them being in the house or anything. It's extremely rare for anything like that to actually happen, but it's still a good idea to respect the things. Basically, they're the same kind of battery that's in a laptop or a cellphone, and we've all heard of one of those exploding or catching on fire from time to time. When one considers how many of them are around, compared to how many of them actually catch fire, the odds of it happening are pretty slim. Like I said, I'd be careful moreso from the standpoint of the damn things are easy to ruin, expensive to replace, and not all that difficult to take care of if one uses a little caution. I'll have to chastise him unmercifully when I see him again.

As far as the 'puter is concerned, I also have an old Windows 98 machine setting here if you happen to need any parts. I don't think there's much left of it, and it's a POS Compaq, but it does still have a few goodies left. About all I want off of it is the hard drive and a few other odds and ends.

cricket said...

I think the battery he fried was a ny-cad or a nickel metal hydried...Hell I don't know, I can barely keep up with all the lingo...even when I TRY to get it all!!! I have a sneaking suspision that he's at the hobby shop as I write this looking for another...I'm pretty sure he's working a split today..anyway, before you chastize too unmercifly, make sure I have the details correct as I usually don't know my aelerons from my ass...;)

Justin said...

Ailerons are for a roll in the sky, ass is for a roll in the hay. Hope that clears it up for you. ;)