Sunday, September 10, 2006

Did Ya Miss Me?

Ever tried to work a 12+ hour shift and then find time to blog? It doesn't work so good.

I have found time to turn the computer on for a minute or two here and there, but mostly just to catch up on the other blogs that I enjoy reading and drop an occasional comment.

In case you haven't noticed, Tony's back. I don't know just how involved he's going to get this time, but if he was to get anywhere near the epitome of blogging that was Spun and Spinning I'd be really thrilled. I think I speak for most in the blogosphere when I say that we've missed his voice, and I for one am glad to be back in contact with him. Welcome back my friend.

Touchstone over at 4&20 Blackbirds has been raising some interesting discussions lately as always. Don't ask me why I've never put a link on my sidebar for this one, because I really don't know. I'll have to fix that when I get done with this post. I don't always agree with Jay, but he's obviously one seriously intelligent individual and far closer to a "real writer" than I am. I'd be willing to bet that he even knows the difference between a predicate and a participle. Hell, I forgot about ten minutes after I graduated from high school. ;)

Then there's my good buddy Wulfgar. What can I say about this guy, really? I don't have to say anything about him because he speaks! for! himself! I enjoy his take on politics, once again I may not always agree with it, but I definitely enjoy it. Rob writes what is far and away one of the best political blogs I've ever read, even if I am trying to stay away from politics these days.

Had enough politics? Then I'd suggest giving OneCrueGirl a read. She's got this whole real life naughty kindergarten teacher thing going on and it works, really. If that doesn't do it for you, you're sure to enjoy her adventures in procreation, and her inlaw woes rival even mine when it comes to a good old fashioned belly laugh. Check out the covert tacky clothing pics that she snags at Wal-Mart if you really want a chuckle. Every time she puts one of those up, I can't help but hear the theme from Mission Impossible over and over in my head. Maybe she's really an undercover agent for the fashion police? I know for a fact that she was the real life inspiration for 1985 by Bowling For Soup.

If you'd like another shot of real life blogging, be sure to check out Fire Fly up in Great Falls. She hunts, fishes, works on her own car, all sorts of things that only cool chicks do. If I weren't already married to the coolest chick in the world, I'd be trying to steal her for sure.

Since we're on the subject of cool chicks, be sure to check out Rockstar Mommy. This is definitely a girlie blog, but if you can get past all of the fashion advice without your testicles shriveling there's some mighty funny stuff over there. If you don't happen to have testicles, disregard my last statement. If you have time to read the comments, (for some reason she's a bit more popular than I am), you'll likely find all kinds of good advice for everything from what kind of events it's acceptable to wear flip flops to, to how to get even with a pain in the ass nosy neighbor. Oh yeah, and did I mention that she's kinda hot?

Of course there's still Karen, and Sarpy Sam, the blogosphere just wouldn't be the same without their adventures in agriculture. Between the fires and other unfortunate events, I wonder how these two cope with all of their adventures to be honest. Lucky for us though, cope they do, and even take the time to share said adventures with the rest of us.

Just a handful of the blogs that I've been frequenting lately. Of course there's more but like I said, my time's been limited so I've been limiting my blogsurfing to a pretty short list.

In other news, sorry I haven't had any new video to post recently, but opportunities just haven't been presenting themselves. I've been doing precious little flying lately with my busier work schedule, and I've been spending my time at the field with a transmitter in my hands instead of a camera as a result.

Last weekend, I even turned down a chance to go 4 wheeling with Jim in favor of spending some quality time with my poor, neglected wife. Somebody please either pat me on the back for that one, or feel my forehead to make sure I'm not sick. I'm just kidding. 4 wheeling would have been great, but the Mrs. and I are allowed precious little time to spend together with everything else that's always going on around here. Dinner and a movie with her was a very welcome change indeed. Welcome enough in fact that I've resolved to make sure that it happens more often in the future. In return for everything she does for me on a daily basis, the least I can do is splurge for dinner from time to time.

Other than that, not really anything new to report from here at the Big J Ranch other than the fact that not one but both of my children seem to have started to come down with their father's dreaded aviation affliction. First it was my son, the vector for the disease being that P40 free flight plane that I bought him. As if that wasn't bad enough though, now my daughter has been exposed to a Spitfire that may have been carrying a similar ailment. I can only hope that their disease doesn't turn out to be as long lived as my own case has been. If it is, hopefully they can find some way to actually profit from it at least. Maybe I should start saving up to send two kids to flight school, so they won't have to just dream about flying like their old man does.


T said...

Hey! Ya mispoke when ya said Im back (though I am deeply touched that anyone would miss me!), I needed a place to host a pic or two and I use the blog for that...I put my opinions and observations aside for now and havent written a thing in a year...

Glad to see you have a handle on things though, the Wife and kidlets, I will look you up next summer when Im back in Montana...which I miss for some reason...

Jay Stevens said...

Hey! Thanks for the compliments! I'd say the same goes for you -- don't always agree, but damn! You are persuasive!

Tho' I think you underestimate your own writing skills: I find myself fascinated by stuff on your blog I never gave the time of day to off-roading or cars. (Tho I admit to a unrealized passion for model planes.) I think that's the highest compliment you can pay to somebody's writing skills.

Cool links, too. Never saw CrueGirl's blog...may have to link to it...

Justin said...

Well at any rate t, even if you're not jumping back into blogging with both feet, I'm still damn glad that you're back in touch. Do any of your old email addresses work anymore, or do you have a new one? Mine's still the same so let me know.

I thought you were coming back THIS summer? I've really been hoping that you didn't come back without telling me, LOL. I'll be looking forward to hearing from you anyway, keep in touch amigo.

Thanks back at ya Jay, and you're absolutely welcome. I'm not surprised to hear that anyone doesn't always agree with me, I'm not necessarily looking for agreement but it is nice when I find people like yourself that have the capability to disagree with at least a small semblance of respect. I mean let's face it, no two people are going to agree all of the time, but that's no reason why we can't all get along. Disagreement CAN involve intelligent discussion, it doesn't have to involve name calling, wailing, and gnashing of teeth.

If I've fascinated one single person with things like ATVs or cars, then my efforts have not been in vain, and you're right, it is a true compliment and I thank you. In much the same way as people in this part of the country tend to label anyone that disagrees with them as a "Liberal" (I've even been guilty of that one myself I must admit, these days I'm proud to be called a Liberal, it just means that the asshat I'm argueing with is out of ammo LOL), a lot of people that aren't involved themselves tend to believe all of the hype that anyone that rides an ATV is an enemy of the environment, and it's just not the case. I'm not saying that there aren't any bad apples out there, just that the majority of folks hold the areas that they ride in the highest of regard, and would never intentionally do anything to harm either the land or the wildlife that inhabits it. That's the reason for my ATV posts, to show people the other side of a story that they may otherwise never see.

As far as the unrealized passion for model planes, Hobbico Sky Fly, complete and ready to go for less than a hundred bucks. Learn how to fly one of those and it's just a hop, skip, and a jump to whatever your heart desires. Get one and look me up, I'd be happy to teach you how to fly it. Hell, I'd even let you try it first with mine.

Glad you liked CrueGirl's blog too, she's a real kick in the shorts that girl. I just wish she'd get internet access again and get back to more frequent posting instead of having to find a 'puter to post from.

a-fire-fly said...

Hey, thanks and glad you like it. I come here to see you go off on your humorous rants and adventures!
Gotta make life fun!

Anonymous said...

Please oh please don't send your kids to flight school.... hahahaha let them pay for it themselves. (like I did) Do you really want them to pay 100,000 big ones for a measily 5 dollar an hour job?

We need to go riding this year before the fire burns everything.

Chuck said...

Well, I miss your unique style T. Are we calling you T now? Huh?

Hope the family's enjoying life.

Justin and I were just talking about you the other day. Glad you're not in Gitmo or any secret places.

Stop by sometime or drop an e-mail.

And Justin- when I was doing the 12 hour thing we didn't have blogs. HA!

Justin said...

Howdy Jon, you're right, we need to squeeze in at least one more ride before it snows. Or we could just wait until it DOES snow, then the fires will all be put out. We DO own snowmobiles after all, LOL. Maybe I'll even go so far as to get around to fixing my clutch before it's time to ride the damn thing this year.

I haven't had a chance to call Brian and see how your ride up at Homestake went last weekend, I'll probably call him tonight. I would've liked to have gone with you but the whole Saturday thing just doesn't work too good with my schedule.

It'd be interesting to take a ride up Deer Creek after they get the fire put out to see how much damage there is up there, I'm wondering if the cabin is even still there or if it got hit. I'm sure that fire wiped out a lot of our stomping ground, I've been driving past it every night thinking about how bad it sucks that it'll never be the same.

And whaddya mean 5 dollar an hour job? We all know you make at least 7, you can't bullshit us dude. ;)

Good to hear from you Chuck. I remember back when I didn't have a blog, it's a wonder my wife didn't leave me, or shoot me. Now I can come home from work and bitch to the rest of the world about my problems instead of just her! I've always been into the whole sharing thing, LOL.

Maybe if we all bug Ton . . . um . . . t . . . enough we can get him to get back into blogging on a regular basis. I really miss that darn smelly hippy, he was about the only guy in town that was more of a nutcase than I am! ;)