Sunday, October 01, 2006


More later . . . . Unless I go back to the park to fly some more!


Anonymous said...

Can't beat a deal like that!!! Sorry I missed the park yesterday morning. I would have liked to see her maiden flight.

Justin said...

Howdy Ralpho, long time no see. Everyone was speculating yesterday about what might have happened to you, LOL. You'd better make an appearance pretty soon or we might lose hope, just figure you found a new girlfriend or something and forgot about all of your old flying buddies, LOL.

I've got some video of the maiden flight that I'm going to try to get edited and posted today, complete with my first two take off attempts nasty ground loops and all. Of course no one was running the camera on the second flight when I figured out the trick to it. Flies like a pussycat, but the ground handling sucks, in other words, IT'S A CUB! It lands pretty easy too, but one is best to be Johnny on the Spot with the rudder lest that nasty ground loop tendency comes back to bite you in the ass, yep, it's a Cub alright. As soon as I get a chance I'm going to bend a little toe in into the main gear and see if that helps.

My Dad had a friend years ago that used to fly a full scale Cub, back in the oilfield days. He was famous for landing it on the gravel roads just so he could stop and shoot the breeze, take a leak, eat lunch, whatever. It was not at all uncommon for him to wind up going tail first into the ditch at the end of his rollout, then slide out of the cockpit cussing that blasted Piper ground looping bastard, LOL. Judging by that, I'm quite confident in saying that my Cub has very realistic scale performance, especially on the ground, complete with the cussing. ;)