Monday, October 02, 2006

One Year

Yep, hard to believe but I'll have been a resident of the fabled blogosphere for exactly one year as of 8:40 PM this evening. Sorry, but I don't really have anything more profound to say than that. I have to be honest, the big day sort of snuck up on me. I've been thinking of what I might possibly say on this momentous occasion for several weeks now, but I honestly thought that I had more time, oops, sue me.

I did celebrate by taking the Cub for several laps around Amend Park this morning with my beautiful bride standing by for ground support, I suppose that counts for something. She did buy it for me after all, it's only right that she see it fly before I have a chance to crash it. So far so good, not even what you might refer to as a "close call" as far as crashing it is concerned. This is one of those planes that would likely take a freak accident, a serious radio problem, or a drastic case of "dumb thumb" to crash. Although Cubs aren't exactly famous for exemplary ground handling, once they're airborne they're a real pussycat. Slow and steady, no surprises, perfect for the days when I want an exact 180 from the CAP232. I've yet to have what I would call a really good landing with it, but every landing so far has been more than acceptable and damage free, which is all I can ask for until I rack up a little more experience with it. Oh, and speaking of experience, as soon as I'm comfortable with the idea and get a sufficient mount constructed, this plane will take over the camera toting duties from the Sky Fly. It's much larger, a lot more stable, has exponentially more power, and is capable of packing along a few extra POUNDS instead of ounces. It shouldn't even notice that a 5 1/2 ounce digital camcorder is along for the ride. My hat is still off to the Sky Fly however, packing anything but itself into the air is far outside of its design parameters, so with that taken into consideration it not only carried the camera, but did a damn fine job of it. Like I've said a hundred times before, if you're interested in RC planes and don't have a lot of cash or don't want a big hassle, the Hobbico Sky Fly is hard to beat.

I've got some video from last Sunday that I'll be sharing hopefully within the next few days, including the maiden flight of the Piper Cub, as well as a lot of catching up to do when it comes to reading all of my favorite blogs. There's a few out there that I haven't managed to visit in a while, and I've spent my last few times at the computer making the rounds and catching up.

Besides all of the reading that I still need to do, I need to hit few other pages and catch up on some new videos that have been posted by different friends of mine as well. I'm not ignoring anyone, I've just been busy for the last couple of weeks, and to be honest it's kind of a nice change. Being able to afford to work only part time is nice too, but it'd be a lot nicer if I had a set schedule and a steady income to depend on. These last few weeks have gotten me caught back up as well as stashed a few bucks away for when things slow back down. Hopefully I'll be able to enjoy the next slow period a bit more than the last one.

Sorry to put everyone off again, but it's off to sleepy nappy time for me. Expect a full post complete with new pics and video as soon as time allows. Later all.


KarbonKountyMoos said...

Happy Blogiversay!

Cricket said...

Congrats on the Cub's maiden voyage!! It's a beautiful plane, (your wife has great taste ;0) )

Wulfgar said...

The first is the hardest, and often the most fun. Happy Blog Anibirthday!

T said...

Seriously...a year, hats off!

Justin said...

Thanks Karen, I managed to stop by your place and do some catching up yesterday. Glad to see that all is still going well, and most of all I was glad to see that your sense of humor is still intact.

Thanks Cricket. Actually, I picked it out, the Mrs. just paid for it, kinda, oh you know what I mean. To be honest it would've been some time before I could have brought myself to part with the money to buy it myself, I'm kind of funny that way when it comes to buying expensive toys considering how wealthy I'm not. It's one of those grown up responsibility kind of things, damn I hate being a grown up. Anyway, she not only set aside the money to pay for it, but she constantly reassured me for about two weeks that we could indeed afford it, and thusly helped to save me from giving myself an ulcer worrying about spending that much cash on a toy.

Actually a Piper Cub was supposed to be my second plane, I'd planned on building one right after I learned to fly ten years ago, LOL. Sidetracked by life however, it took me until now to actually get one. If it hadn't been for my lovely brides thoughtfulness however, it may have been another ten years before I finally made it happen. ;)

Thanks Wulfgar, it has definitely been fun, and hopefully it stays that way. I've learned a lot in this first year, what subjects to talk about, what subjects to stay the hell away from, what subjects I don't know enough about to talk about, what subjects I'm best not to subject myself to, ect. I'm looking forward to another year of not only writing this blog, but reading as many others as I possibly can as well.

Thanks t, after all, it is you that's sort of indirectly responsible for me getting myself into this whole mess in the first place, LOL. Ed Kemmick deserves some of the credit as well, for if he hadn't attempted to make a mockery of me on his blog last summer, it's likely that I'd never discovered the blogosphere at all, let alone become a part of it.

The best part of it all is, that Google hits come, and Google hits go, but for the most part my steady readers/commenters stay the same. Thanks to everyone for a great first year, and I'm looking forward to making it a twofer. ;)

T said...

BTW, check your mail in the next few days....if it smells bad, DONT OPEN IT!

Cricket said...

That sounds all too familiar!!LOL.
Are you sure that you and Mark weren't separated at birth somehow?? The similarities are almost scary!!

JC Williams said...

Hey Justin hows it going, more than likely come March I,m going to hang up my Rockin Roll shoes and go part time, you know like semi-retire and I have always been interested in Radio controlled airplanes and would like to know what would be a good cheap starter plane to see if I have the skills to fly one of them bad boys, let me know what you think.

I did post 5 movies while out in the country while on vacation in Tennessee, just out in the country where I grew up.

Justin said...

WOW T! YOU'RE SENDING ME A BOX OF POO?! Ummm . . . . how thoughtful. I'll be anxiously waiting for the mailman, standing in a pool of drool. Thanks amigo.

Cricket, you take that back right now lest I smite you, LOL. Mark takes the term "tight ass" and elevates it to a level to which I can ne'er hope to so much as aspire. Not that it's a bad thing though, there's nothing wrong with being responsible. Besides that, he finds some really cool, really cheap, airplane stuff online and passes it on to his buddy Justin, and that rocks. These fancy planes are cool and all, but there's just something far more relaxing about flying something that doesn't cost much to replace if you drill it in. I've just about got everything I need to put my "Mugi" together, and when I do I'm planning on making at least two, if not three of them. They cost pennies to make, probably won't take but 20 minutes or so to cut out and fold together, and I happen to know a guy and his dad that would likely get a kick out of having one as well. It's not like I don't have enough Coroplast laying around or anything. ;)

Howdy JC, I'll gladly help you out in any way that I can. If there's anything in the world that I like almost as much as flying RC planes, it's talking about them! I'll send you an email with a few preliminary pointers later. Right now I'm off to finally watch your vacation videos.

Later all!

Chuck said...

Happy one year buddy!

Sorry I'm late.

Justin said...

Better late than never Chuck! Thanks man, good to hear from you as always.