Monday, October 30, 2006

Whatever You Do, Don't Look Outside

Wow, what a change in the weather. Sunday was nice except for the wind, not that it did me any good. I snuck out a little after day break and did a little flying, but thanks to my recently acquired cold from hell that was about all I had the ambition to do all day. Luckily I had the foresight to leave my more fragile aircraft at home, since my final . . . . um . . . . . landing, proved that I was a little off my game. Did you know that Mugi Evos can . . . . . um . . . . . land(?) upside down at full speed and still survive? I didn't either but I do now. Built up balsa Piper Cubs and CAP232's can't . . . . survive that is . . . . . . . they land upside down just fine . . . . . . . but they usually only do it once. Yeah, best to leave them home until my head quits feeling like it's about to explode. I did try something new with the Evo besides the aforementioned inverted landing though, check out the video.

Luckily Morgan Wood designs tough airplanes, I'll stick to his stuff until I start feeling better. If you haven't checked out the site yet, go give it a look. Turns out that he's a bit of a blogger himself. If you go to his FTE56 (Flight Training Europe) page, he's got really cool photos and journal entries from himself and his classmates at flight school in Spain. Really neat stuff, especially for an airplane geek like me. (Sticks and stones firefly, LOL) I can't wait until his newest creation is finished in kit form.

The Tea Racer is what he's calling it (he is British after all), and it's a really cool looking sort of retro pylon racer made of Coroplast and designed from the ground up for light weight and electric power, no heavy plastic gutter pipe involved like most Coro planes that were originally designed for glow power. There's a picture of one of his earlier prototypes here, he sent me a pic of what the final form is going to look like but I don't know if he'd like me to use it or not so for now anyway I'll keep it top secret. Other than a little narrower wing which effectively gives the plane a longer tail moment and I assume a little more manageable control characteristics, it's basically the same plane as the one pictured anyway.

The wider wing would be better for slow speed control, but a plane called a "Tea Racer" isn't exactly what I'd picture as a slow speed aircraft. Add that to the fact that when working with Coroplast I've found that weight tends to add up just as fast if not faster than wing area anyway, there's not a lot of benefit to going with a larger wing. Mostly you just add drag, the added weight of the additional material tends to eat up any lift benefits on these smaller planes, so I can definitely see why he narrowed the wing. He tells me that he's planning on offering it as a kit first to try to make up for the more than two years that he has invested in designing and testing it, then eventually he plans to release the free plans like he did with the Evo. If I have my way, I'll have a kit making its way across the Atlantic shortly after they become available. I think I've freeloaded off of Morgan long enough, time I ponied up and sent a few bucks his way I think. It's not everyday that we find someone as generous as he is in this hobby, or this world for that matter, where it seems everyone is out to make a buck. Actually there's a lot of stuff that I'd like to order from him, but the cost of shipping from Great Britain can get a little pricey for anything that isn't small enough to go airmail.

There . . . . that's enough advertising for today.

Why isn't there a market for snot? I've got barrels of the shit and no end in sight to the supply. So how about it? Anybody want to buy a barrel of snot?

Didn't think so.

Sorry to be so brief once again, but I seriously feel like ass. I'm gonna go have another Airborne and echinacea cocktail and go back to bed. Snow on the ground and one of our drivers is off for the week so I doubt I'll wind up with a night off. I guess if I'm going to be sick I might as well get paid for it. From what I hear, the snow's supposed to be short lived but the cold assed temps are likely to hang around for a few days anyway. Do yourself a favor and dress up like an Eskimo tomorrow night, I wouldn't advise the nude surfer costume.

Oh yeah . . . . enjoy the video. ;)

Cheap Thrills
Video sent by raginredneck93


a-fire-fly said...

I'm dressing up as a fence post. Hope it doesn't rain.

Justin said...

I don't think mud fences have posts, but it wouldn't matter anyway cuz if it rained you'd be a frozen fence post. ;)

Justin said...

. . . but if the ice built up thick enough you might look like a popsicle!

Dawn said...

fudgesicle anyway..... I was watching de video and all quiet in my home until- big scream. BOTH my big dogs came full speed from couch and on my lap wanting to know what that noise was.(and was i ok) they scared me worse then you did. love it.. by the way we moved last weekend .

Justin said...

I know you moved last weekend, my mommy told me. :)

What the hell do you mean TWO big dogs? Did you drag home another worthless mut, or have you taken to calling Bruce names again?

Dawn said...

we are dog sitting for a couple who have gone to mississippi to help rebuild disaster places. but had no room for their beloved pet who i am tring to find a good home for cuz my Daisy seems to be in a motherly way. ya puppies due mid Dec. so more dogs my husband is Prime Rib not dog just so you know.