Wednesday, November 29, 2006

He's At It Again!

That's right folks, my good friend Wulfgar is once again hosting the Montana Weblog Awards. At this point, he's taking nominees in several categories, so be sure to get over there, follow his simple instructions, and nominate your favorite bloggers. You can nominate 3 contestants in each of the categories, just 3, no more, like I said, simple instructions, and every category that gets at least 3 nominees will be eligible for the final vote. This was a lot of fun last year, it requires an enormous effort on Rob's part to keep track of all of the votes, and I long for the taste of victory. Nominate someone, you know you want to.

Especially me.

Nominate me.

I need all the help I can get.

So far the only nomination I've seen is for the Popular Culture category, and if there's one thing I despise it's popular culture. Considering my lackluster blogging efforts of late, I'd probably be lucky to win "Montana's Least Updated Blog", so I guess I'd best quit bitching and take what I can get.

So how about this weather we're having? Has anyone else gotten actual real life frostbite on their nutsack yet? OK, I haven't gotten frostbite on my nutsack, but I know I've been close a time or two. Warmth please, this sucks, what else can I say? I'd go flying but there's regretfully no deicing trucks stationed at Amend Park, and I don't even want to think about how brittle coroplast would get in this kind of cold. Ever seen a Mugi Evo shatter like glass? Neither have I and although it may be cool to watch, I'm not going to be the poor sap to stand out there and make it happen. If anyone else would like to give it a try though, let me know. I'll sit in the cab of my truck with the heater on and take pictures.

Speaking of pictures, I'm sure that anyone that's been reading this blog since its inception is rather disappointed at the the lack thereof this year. Last hunting season I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to take several pictures of local wildlife, and in turn post them here. This hunting season was a total flop however. A lack of time, coupled with a lack of ambition, coupled with a waning interest in hunting in general teamed up to make this hunting season basically nonexistent for me. There was a time when I virtually lived for hunting season, but that time has long since passed. Anymore, my interest in hunting, like my interest in most things, seems to ebb and flow from year to year. This was one of my off years, we'll see what happens next year. I am planning on spending at least a little time with my son this winter in pursuit of wascawy wabbits however, so we'll see how that pans out.

I've always enjoyed hunting smaller game moreso than the big stuff anyway. Rabbits and birds aren't nearly as much work to drag out of the woods, and they're mighty tasty too I might add. In Montana at least, there's still no season or limits on rabbits either, so your hunting is limited only by the size of your freezer. I also tend to spend more time humping the boonies when I'm after smaller game, which makes for a much better hunting experience in general. I'm smart enough to know my physical capabilities, which aren't all that great to be honest. Hey, I can admit it. When hunting big game I tend to find myself sticking fairly close to roads and trails since I know myself well enough to know that quartering an elk and making four or five trips over 20 miles of rough terrain is far outside of my physical limits. I've been known to cover a lot of ground when in pursuit of critters that are small enough to carry and not even notice that they're there however. Lord knows I can use the exercise, and any time spent in the outdoors is better than the best time spent at work in my book. Yep, time to polish up the .22's and warm up the bunny pot methinks.

To be honest, I just have too many hobbies, and my feeble little brain only seems to be able to concentrate on one at a time. Fishing gear, boats, 4 Wheelers, motorcycles, snowmobiles, guns, model airplanes, RC cars, tools, boxes of pieces parts, CB radios, motorhomes, tents, other odds and ends camping gear, junk cars and pieces thereof, this is gonna be the mother of all yard sales if I ever get tired of tripping over all of this shit and decide to sell out. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is fun, but it's also awfully expensive. Did I just mention one of those alphabet soup diseases that those in the psychiatric community love to toss around? Oops. I really should go to a psychiatrist some day, really. By the time they got done listing off all of the letters for all of the disorders that I probably have, likely myself and the shrink would both wind up wearing hug me coats and sitting in a pink padded room. At least it would be warm . . . . and the drugs . . . . . aaaaaaah the drugs. Fuck medicinal marijuana, I want some medicinal harder stuff.

With that, I think I'll solicit a little audience participation. How about a top ten list? Here's mine.

Justin's Top Ten Songs For Which There Is No Stereo On Earth Loud Enough To Play Them Properly.

10 - Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train - Ozzy invented loud, he's gotta be in here somewhere.

9 - AC/DC - Highway To Hell - You should see the looks you get from your mom's church friends when you drive by with this one cranked up, especially when you've got a skull and crossbones painted on the hood of your truck.

8 - Skid Row - 18 And Life - If you think I play it loud now, you should've heard it when I was 18.

7 - Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit - Why do all of the really cool rock singers die of overdoses? Maybe it takes a lot of drugs to make great music.

6 - Mudvayne - Happy - Did I say something about a pink padded room?

5 - Alice In Chains - Man In The Box - Eternal truths set to a kick ass beat, what's not to love?

4 - Offspring - Gone Away - And to think that this is a love song. Just proves that you don't have to be a flaming wimp to love someone.

3 - Queen - Fat Bottom Girls - Fat girls are like mopeds. Everybody wants to ride one, they just don't want their friends to find out.

2 - Dire Straits - Money For Nothing - Even better if you know the story behind how Mark Knopfler came up with it. One of my all time favorites.

And the winner is . . . . . Envelope please . . . . . .

1 - Motley Crue - Girls, Girls, Girls - This one needs no explanation, just crank it the fuck up and toss up some devil horns you pussy.

There, I showed you mine, now you show me yours. I'm going to the hobby shop, this fucking ice cube has to melt sooner or later, best be ready for it when it does.


Wulfgar said...

Regarding Nirvana, Cobain didn't o.d. He blew his brains out with a scattergun (which is why I've always found the song 'Come As You Are' kinda creepy ... you know, where he swears that he doesn't have a gun?) And how can you have a list like that and not include "For Those About To Rock ..."?

Thanks for reminding me that I don't need a tag to hunt varmint and small game. I've been going through hunting withdrawel, big time.

Wulfgar said...

Okay, so here's my list. There's 13 of them, in keeping with my own traditions (10 is never enough). I didn't reuse any from your most excellent list, though I think I'm breaking a federal law by not including 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'. Also, I tried to keep it to songs that most people would recognize, hence I didn't include Kiss - God of Thunder. So, here we go:

13) Rush - Tom Sawyer
12) Big Country - In A Big Country
Guitars really do sound like bag pipes, if it's loud enough.
11) Nazareth - Hair Of The Dog
NOW, your messing ...
10) Tears For Fears - Shout
I dare almost anyone *not* to crank the stereo when this song plays.
9) Blue Oyster Cult - Veteran Of The Psychic Wars
Just one of many BOC songs that requires a volume setting of 11
8) Boston - Don't Look Back
I've heard the song hundreds of times ... and not once loud enough (not even in concert).
7) Pearl Jam - Even Flow
6) Disturbed - Down With The Sickness
Most Disturbed requires more stereo than I've ever had.
5) Bachman Turner Overdrive - Sledgehammer
Those Canooks definately understood the need for loud.
4) Nine Inch Nails - Head Like A Hole.
As for which version, just pick one.
3) Black Sabbath - Iron Man
If they aren't reading the bass line on seismographs in Japan, then you need to turn it up.
2) Jethro Tull - Locomotive Breath

and the champeen (as chosen by me):

1) Van Halen - Running With The Devil
But then this entire list could be filed out just from Van Halen's first 4 albums, couldn't it?

Justin said...

Blew his brains out? I'm probably the only person in the world that didn't remember that correctly, but for some reason I was just sure that he ODed on heroin. I must be thinking of someone else. He was a patron of the horsey though if I'm not mistaken? So many dead rockers, so few remaining brain cells in which to file away all of the info about them. And to think that I've been nominated in the Pop Culture category. ;)

Excellent list by the way, I agree with almost all of them. The only reason why I didn't include a lot of the same choices as you, is because it was only a "top 10" list, maybe I should've went for 20, LOL. Double Kudos on the Pearl Jam, Disturbed, and Nine Inch Nails, but since I was going for an "all time" list, I was trying to stay away from too much "newer" music. I considered tossing in Iron Man, but decided on one of Ozzy's solo efforts instead because, well, basically, what's Black Sabbath without Ozzy? Locomotive Breath is definitely excellent, just not one of my favs for cranking up to excess unless I just happen to be in the right mood, and I'll never argue with you about Van Halen. I actually went through my whole music list looking for a Van Halen song that would fit, and although there were many possibilities, there just wasn't anything that I could wholeheartedly put in my top 10. I guess that's why there's so many different artists, with so many different styles of music in the world. No matter which two people you ask, there's bound to be some disagreement. Nobody's wrong, it's just a matter of personal preference. Kind of reminds one of politics doesn't it? ;)

Wulfgar said...

Keep in mind that I left a lot of stuff off because many people would be scratching their heads as to what the hell I was talking about. Many bands/performers that should be represented aren't: G'n'R, Dio, Tesla, Queensryche, Ministry, Stone Temple Pilots, Iron Maiden, Primus, Talon, Incubus, Scorpions, Bad Religion, Green Day, Korn, Sublime ... face it, bud, there's just one helluva lot of music out there that's better really really loud. To be honest, there's some Evanescence, Cranberries and REM that I can't listen to quietly.

But, in my defense for poor musical taste, I've never really liked Judas Priest, and I hate Metallica with a blinding passion (only because of their stance on music downloads; 'Unforgiven' is perfect rock, and 'Enter Sandman' was actually concidered for my list. Their version of 'Whiskey in the Jar' is one of the best things I've ever heard. I think I'll download it, listen to it, delete it, and then download it again! F%$@ you, Lars!)

Nathaniel Mayer said...

10- Bo Diddley, Bo Diddley
9- Get a Job, Silhouettes
8- New Orleans, Gary US Bonds
7- Little Bitty Pretty One, Thurston Harris
6- Pipeline, Chantays
5- Time Won’t Let Me, Outsiders
4- You Really Got Me, Kinks
3- Whole Lot of Love, Led Zeppelin
2- All Along the Watchtower, Jimi Hendrix
1- Last Night, Mar-Keys

T said...

1. "Holiday in Cambodia"
Dead Kennedys
2."No Quarter"
Live version, Led Zeppelin
3."Gin and Juice"
Ween's version
4."Even Flow"
Pearl Jam, live version from the Fox Theater.
5."Rear View Mirror"
Pearl Jam
6."Prison Bound"
Social Distortion
7. "Chickenman"
Indigo Girls "1200 Curfews"
8."Bad Luck"
Social Distortion
9."Paddle Out"
10."Babylon must fall"
Catholic Discipline

Hey, just returned from a southerly trip, glad C finally did the deal on the fish, a bit of a slacker, no?

Rock on Dude!

JC Williams said...

Great Post Justin, here is my top 10

10. Honky tonk women, Rolling Stones
9. Johnnie B Goode, Chuck Berry
8. Thats alright Mama, Elvis
7. Ring Of Fire, Social Distortion, some call it Prison bound
6. Rave on, Buddy Holly
5. Time won't Let Me, Outsiders
4. Candy Man, Roy Oberson
3. Eve of Destruction, Barry Mcguire
2. One Toke over the line, Brewer and Shipley

and the number one have to look at it, some may like the girls better than the song, but it is my all time favorite, been listening to it for over forty years, first heard it when I met my wife..

Justin said...

Well Wulfgar, I can tolerate Enter Sandman, but Whiskey In The Jar came along long after Metallica had started their descent into eternal suckiness, in my opinion anyway. I was a major Metallica fan back when you had to be wearing a black T-shirt of some sort, have hair far past your shoulders, and smoke an actual real live joint in front of the clerk at the music store before they'd sell you one of their tapes. Yes, I said tapes. Master of Puppets was one of my favs, as was For Whom The Bell Tolls, and Creeping Death has been known to piss off my neighbors from time to time for sure. Basically anything off of Garage Days, Ride The Lightening, Master of Puppets, and Kill 'em All, I could let any one of those albums play all the way through and never find a song that I didn't at least moderately like. At one time Metallica was my undisputed favorite band, until I bought the And Justice For All album and found that it only had one song on it that I really liked. The black album had some good stuff on it, but by that time all of the preppy kids were listening to Metallica and pretending that they had discovered something new, so that whole underground rebel appeal was lost. They've done nothing since that really interested me, the download thing really soured me on them, the remake of Bob Segar's Turn The Page (one of my all time favorite songs, albeit not one that I like to play particularly loud) was an absolute massacre, and if I hear that horrid Some Kind Of Monster on the radio about one more time, I'm driving down to the radio station and kicking some DJ ass, it sucks. You and I must have some pretty similar taste in music though methinks, because every band that you list is one that I like. Everyone knows that Evanescence is by far my favorite these days, and not just because Amy is my patron blog babe either. (you should see her do Haunted live, ayyyycheeeeeewawa, just be ready for a cold shower afterwards and I've never heard an arena erupt and go silent as quickly as when she started doing My Immortal solo at the piano) I thoroughly enjoy their music, they don't have a single song that I don't like, (and I even have two of their underground albums with songs that most people have likely never heard), but most of it isn't the kind of music that I like to play really loud. Maybe I should do another top 10, only this time just make it my general top 10 favorite songs of all time with volume not being a determining factor. Don't think you have to leave out the head scratchers though, that's kind of what I'm going for here. This is a really cool way to discover some really cool music, and rediscover some that I may have forgotten about.

And one more thing that I almost forgot, I used to own pretty much every album that Metallica put out, on tape, they either wore out or got stolen over the years however. So when I got a computer, I downloaded every damn one of them that I used to own, and if Lars doesn't like it he can kiss my ass. ;)

Thanks for the list Nate, although I can't say that I'd play most of those all that loud, they're great songs every one. I think this was a cool idea that I had. It's really neat to see how people's opinions differ on this stuff, and it's also interesting how easily I can tell approximately in which decade people grew up by their choices, LOL.

Welcome back t, the Mrs. told me that you'd abandoned us up here in el norte for a spell. Maybe she is a slacker, but late is far better than never, LOL. Besides, she's a pretty slacker and one hell of a dancer, so I guess we can forgive her. Great list by the way, but leave it to you to be entirely original. I also happen to be a bit of a Sublime fan, although I tend to recognize most of their music entirely by tune, I couldn't tell you the name of a single song without cheating, LOL. Still, I have a list of Sublime songs a mile long in my music collection. Catholic Discipline is a new one to me though, I'll have to go research that one. I find more cool "new to me" music on this here interweb . . . . ;)

Howdy JC, long time no hear. That's a list of greats for sure, and although I've never been a big Elvis fan, there's not a single song on there that I wouldn't listen to. That I Fought The Law video was pretty cool as well, I really got a kick out of the outfits that the dancers were wearing. And to think that Britney Spears probably thinks that she invented that whole exposed belly button look, LOL. I've known for some time that you've got some great taste in music, although most of it was a little before my time I can definitely respect a classic when I hear one. Hell, most of the stuff that I listened to back in the day is considered "Classic" anymore. Does that mean that I'm getting old? ;)

Thanks again to everyone for chipping in, this has been a really interesting little experiment, and it's reminded me of a lot of music that I haven't listened to in a long time, possibly introduced me to some that I've never heard of, and caused me to have a whole bunch of songs stuck in my head that I'll now have to listen to before I can rest, LOL. Hopefully the lists will keep pouring in, I'm really having fun with this.

_MattYoung2006 said...

This was my first time visiting Justin's site, but not my last. Thanks for the tip, Wulfgar!

I'm not much of an audiophile, but I'll give it a whirl.

10. The Beatles, Tomorrow Never Knows
9. Nirvana, Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
8. Led Zeppelin, Immigrant Song
7. White Zombie, Living Dead Girl
6. Blue Oyster Cult, The Reaper
(More cowbell!!!!!!)
5. Nine Inch Nails, Closer
4. Guns and Roses, Mr. Brownstone
3. The Rolling Stones, Sympathy for the Devil
2. Pink Floyd, Echoes
1. Jimi Hendrix, The Star-Spangled Banner

Matt said...

10. Thunderstruck, Highway to Hell, Hells Bells, TNT, For Those About to Rock (hell, the whole damn live double cd set, you can't rock out to these guys, you're dead)
9. Killing in The Name - Rage Against the Machine
8. AEnema - Tool
7. Run Like Hell - Pink Floyd
6. Die My Darling - Misfits
5. Closer - NIN
4. Rob Zombie - Dragula
3. Buckcherry - Litup
2. Limp Bizkit - Nookie
1. Booze Me Up and Get Me High - Ween

An imature list, but hey, a list :)

JP said...

I have to admit I struggled with this, as I listen to a lot of stuff loud.

I'll give eleven, because... well, the list just goes to eleven. I could have done a louder 10, but this goes to eleven.

In no particular order (and I had to whittle this down from two legal sheets I scribbled over lunch)

11. Carry On My Wayward Son - Kansas
10. Know Your Enemy - RATM
9. 2 Minutes To Midnight - Iron Maiden (plus everything else on Piece of Mind and Powerslave)
8. Baba O'Reilly - The Who (really tough for me to choose even 10, much less one Who track)
7. Go For Soda - Kim Mitchell
6. Break It Down Again - Tears for Fears (for Wulfgar, as I didn't want him to be the only TFF fan on record)
5. Spirit of Radio - Rush
4. Twilight Zone - Golden Earring
3. Wild Side - Motley Crue (yes, guilty pleasure)
2. Livin' On A Prayer - Bon Jovi (again, guilty pleasure - kinda like a moped I suppose)
1. In My Time Of Dying - Led Zeppelin (and about 30 other tracks from them as well)

I know as soon as I hit 'post' I'll slap my head and think of seven more that could be up here. Ah well. Good mental exercise for sure.

a-fire-fly said...

"humping the boonies" I read that "bunnies" the first time!
Can't agree with you about Metallica, and we need some Megadeth on that list too! Give me a few minutes and another beer, I'll get my list in.

GeeGuy said...

10 ain't enough!

Ok, not that I disagree with many posted so far, but here's a list to make our list more eclectic:

10. Over the Hills and Far Away-Zepplin
9. Ain't No Fun (Waiting Round To Be A Millionaire-AC/DC
8. You Shook Me All Night Long-Post Bon AC/DC
7. Have You Ever/Staring at the Sun-Offspring
6. Welcome to the Jungle-(GnR)
5. Riff Raff-AC/DC
4. Rats in the Cellar-Aerosmith
3. This Flight Tonight-Nazareth
2. Say Hello-April Wine
1. Sympathy for the Devil-Stones

I realize I said "eclectic," and then put three AC/DC songs on it!

Great idea, Justin.

GeeGuy said...

Can I change my #1?

Anonymous said...

1. Dirty Deeds done Dirt Cheap
2. Immigrant Song
3. Get What You Need
4. Hotel California
5. Don’t Fear the Reaper
6. Keasby Nights
7. 9mm and a 3 piece suit
8. The Big Sleep
9. Pour Some Sugar on Me
10. Hysteria

Anonymous said...

1. Dirty Deeds done Dirt Cheap-AC/DC
2. Immigrant Song-the great Led Zeppelin
3. Get What You Need-Jet
4. Hotel California-The Eagles
5. Don’t Fear the Reaper-Blue Oyster Cult
6. Keasby Nights-Streetlight Manifesto
7. 9mm and a 3 piece suit-Catch 22
8. The Big Sleep-Streetlight Manifesto
9. Pour Some Sugar on Me-Def Leppard
10. Hysteria-Def Leppard
LONG LIVE SKA!!!!!!!!!!!

Justin said...

mattyoung, kick ass list. While I definitely like The Beatles, I've never regarded them as the type of music that I'd play loud, but then again they were a bit before my time. Of course I can relate to the Nirvana, and the Zeppelin, but when you say Living Dead Girl, now you're talking my language! That was one of Rob Zombie's solo efforts by the way, post White Zombie, but hey who cares it still kicks ass. The rest of the list is cool as well, but most of all I thank you for reminding me of the Hendrix version of Star Spangled Banner. That one probably frosted a lot of asses back in the day, but I still regard it as one of the coolest versions, of one of the most meaningful songs in history. Now I'll have to go listen to it or face humming the National Anthem all day, LOL.

That list isn't immature Matt, it kicks ass just like all of the submissions. I was headbanging to AC/DC long before there even WAS a double CD boxed set. Shit, I was headbanging to AC/DC before there were even CD's, in my non technophile world anyway, LOL. Rage kicks ass, there's quite a list of AEnema in my collection, Floyd is timeless, ect., ect., ect. Everyone knows I like Zombie and NIN, Ween is a new one to me though, I'll have to go look that one up but like I said before, that doesn't necessarily mean that I haven't heard it, I'm just really terrible with names. Bizkit rocks, but Buckcherry is one that never tripped my trigger until I heard Crazy Bitch, since then I've amassed quite a collection of Buckcherry, those guys kick ass.

Howdy jp, two legal sheets? Wow, you probably put more effort into your list than I put into mine, LOL. Not one bad song on that list my friend, excellent every one and don't worry about Wulfgar being the only TFF fan on record, I did grow up in the 80's after all and if you think I've never cranked up Shout you're sadly mistaken, LOL. The one that's got my wheels turning though is Go For Soda, I haven't heard that one in years! I must find it now, or I'll be forced to sing it to myself, and trust me, when it comes to singing, I suck. Might as well go for soda nobody hurts and nobody diieieeeeeeeees . . . . . ;)

Fire fly . . . I'm still waiting for your list, and no . . . I don't hump bunnies. OK, maybe, but only on Tuesdays. But then again, I was never enough of a stoner to really get into Megadeth either, so maybe that's why. There must not be a lot of real stoners out there that are chiming in though, no Pantera, Megadeth, Anthrax, Man O War. Luckily there has been plenty of AC/DC, Black Sabbath/Ozzy, Maiden, ect. to keep me from losing all hope here. Come on fire fly, I know your list will be among the best! ;)

Excellent list geeguy, especially the Aerosmith. They are the kings of rock Beavis, there is none higher. It'd take two pages to list off all of the 'smith in my collection, but once again it's not the type of stuff that I play all that loud unless I'm in a certain mood. Deuces Are Wild has been known to blow the dust bunnies out of my shitty outdated speakers from time to time. What It Takes is one of my all time favorite songs, my wife can't figure out why I like it so much but really, what guy can't relate to that song? Sweet Emotion was almost on my list, and it would've been had I done more than 10, and that Crazy video with Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler . . . . well . . . . .in one word . . . . . YUMMY. ;)

Excellent list my anonymous friend, both of them, LOL. You came up with a few that I'll have to go check out as well, and that's what I'm going for here. A journey of discovery was my intention. I'm a long time Leppard fan myself, but in my typical underground rebel style I lost a lot of interest in them after Pour Some Sugar On Me got played to death on the radio. Now that they've fallen out of the limelight however, I find myself listening to them again more and more. Kudos for selecting Hysteria as your #1 though, it's one of the few slow songs that I'd risk smoking a voice coil on. Jet's another one that I've never really related to, but Cold Hard Bitch illicits a rightward turn of the volume knob when it comes over the airwaves. There's a few on there that I'll have to research though, perhaps I'll have to come up with a new list after I get done tracking down all of my new musical finds!

This is unequivical proof that What I Think (as if you give a damn) readers . . . . . FUCKING ROCK!

David said...

1. James Gang, "Walk Away."
2. Bob Dylan, "Brownsville Girl."
3. 275-way tie.

a-fire-fly said...

Skid Row/18 & Life, but the whole album rocks.
Ugly Kid Joe/Milkmans Son
Megadeth/Symphony of Destruction, it was really hard to pick a favorite here.
Metallica/Master of Puppets but I cannot listen to any Metallica with out it being really loud.
Ozzy/Crazy Train, Ozzy just rules
Little Ceasar/Rum and Coke, Awesome bass needs volume
Mood Iguana/Loves not Gone (Ha, find that one!)
Motley Crue/Live Wire, My teenage anthem
GnR/Rocket Queen, the bass again, but any GnR is good with the exception of Spaghetti Incident

I must say this was very difficult, I didn't have room to include alot of what I listen to.

Justin said...

Cool that you mention Dylan, David. I've never thought of Bob Dylan as an artist best listened to at high volume, but maybe I've been missing out all these years. Most of what I've been missing out on, is the substance that was meant to be smoked while listening to Bob Dylan at high volume. ;)

Kick ass list fire fly, I knew you wouldn't let me down. Several of my favs on there for sure. Mood Iguana huh? Would that happen to be a blues band headed up by one Andre Floyd? Take me for a sucker will ya? Don't worry about not having enough room, believe me the stuff that I put on my list is but a small fraction of what I listen to. Hell, it's but a small fraction of what I listen to loud for that matter. It just happens to be a few of my favorites.

OK, I admit it, I Googled Mood Iguana and that's about all I came up with. I really need to quit being so honest, I could have a lot more fun that way.

Loxjet said...

What a great question!

In no particular order:
Johnny B. Goode - Johnny Winter (live version from ...And Live)

Communication Breakdown - Led Zeppelin

Whole Lotta Rosie - AC/DC

Stray Cat Blues - Rolling Stones

Paradise City - Guns n Roses

Sheer Heart Attack - Queen

Great White Buffalo - Ted Nugent (live version)

When the Levee Breaks - Led Zeppelin

Sweet Emotion - Aerosmith

I Thank You - ZZ Top

Anonymous said...

Crazy on You-Heart
Cattle Call-Eddie Arnold
We Love the Funk-George Clinton
Emotional Rescue-Rolling Stones
Shook Me All Night Long-AC/DC
So Fine-Electric Light Orchestra
Mama Told Me Not to Come-Three Dog Night
Bang a Gong-T Rex

Anything Pink Floyd ever did