Saturday, November 25, 2006

Keeping A Low Profile

I picked up two packages at the Post Office the other day. One of them was a box from a Mr. Anthony Lewis of Coos Bay, Oregon. Anybody know this guy? ;)

Anyway, I open the box and what do I find inside? Four jars of the most delicious, home canned, albacore tuna I've ever layed taste bud upon. Mmmmmmmmm . . . . . . . . tuna! (sm)

Thanks Tony, my fish craving is almost satisfied for awhile once again. As soon as the Thanksgiving leftovers taper off a bit, it's fishburgers all around, LOL. Were you still interested in a Coroplast glider? I think I may just have something figured out, and enough extra pieces to toss it together. ;)

The other box was the reason why I've not been doing too much blogging lately, well that and the fact that I've been too busy working to spare any valuable sleepy time sitting in front of a computer. I've been looking for one of these things for months, ever since one of my flying buddies told me about them. At one time they were going on ebay for several hundred dollars, but luckily the supply has caught back up with the damand and Toys R Us and Radio Shack both have them for less than $50. Originally, they were $29.95 all over the place but they sold out almost immediately. I got mine off of ebay before I knew that anyone local had them in stock, or at least they did a few days ago. These things are loads of fun, not very controllable but with a little practice they can be maneuvered rather effectively, and best of all I can fly it in the house when the weather's shitty like it is right now. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Picoo Z, quite possible the coolest flying toy since the frisbee.

Indoor Fun With The Picoo Z Micro Heli
Video sent by raginredneck93
That's all I've got for you all right now. I think the Picoo Z is just about charged back up, and I've got all the parts cut out for two more Mugi Evos. One of these two is going to be the lucky recipient of a 3600 RPM/volt brushless motor, and a rather ingenious color scheme that my friend Mark helped me come up with. I haven't decided what I'm going to do with the other one yet, but at this point it's going to be ready in case I need a spare. I'm considering pulling the brushed power system off of the first one and just using it for a sloper, and putting that motor and speed control on one of the new ones. Stay tuned for more pics and videos.

P.S. - There's a really cool video of some Mugi combat action on Ralpho's Putfile page from last week, so go check it out!


T said...

Hi Justin, this is C, the wife, T is down south. I was supposed to get that out a few weeks back but I was trying to find the title for the motorcycle he gave you but no luck. Hope you like the tuna, C

Justin said...

Thanks Crystal, it's Delicious. Notice the capital D. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the video plug on MUGI MADNESS MONTANA. I need to go now cause I am real tired and need to go to bed..

Justin said...

No problem Ralpho, get some sleep. I have a lot of fun filming footage and making movies, but sometimes it's nice to let someone else man the camera while I sneak in a little extra flying time. One of these days, probably several months down the road when the weather gets a little more tolerable, I'd really like to get together on one of these productions and use both of our cameras to get some different angles of the same action. If we could get some serious Mugi speed trials going with Dick's radar gun, I think it would be pretty cool to have one or two cameras picking up the planes as they zip by, with another one focused on the radar gun showing the speed. That way I could patch the footage together and show the pass, immediately followed by the readout on the radar gun. I've got a couple of video editing programs that I haven't even played with yet, but if I could figure out a way to do it, it would be pretty neat to do a split screen type of thing with the radar gun in the corner of the screen so the viewer could see the readout as they were watching the plane zip by on the rest of the screen. We could even use my other camera to film the pilots while they were flying, so I could pan to that view from time to time. I'd like to put something together that we could enter in some of these video contests that are always going on all over the place. Look out Steven Spielberg, here comes Big J and Ralpho!

Cricket said...

Don't forget the attempted combat action for that Mugi epic :0)

On a separate note, Put the new heli down and blog would ya!!!

Take care,

Justin said...

Howdy Cricket, glad to see you're still speaking to me. Your hubby probably has a picture of me tacked up somewhere to throw darts at since I passed tonight, but I just had to stay home and fly my Picoo Z. ;)

Ok, actually I had to stay home and finish the two Mugi Evos that I've been working on, that and I haven't taken the Mrs. out to breakfast in awhile, and the fact that it's fucking cold may have had something to do with it as well.

I figure there won't be any flying going on for a few weeks at least, so hopefully he gets over it and quits cursing my name by then. The joke will be on me in the end, since he'll have more cash to buy airplane goodies come spring. ;)