Monday, November 06, 2006

Missed Me . . . . Didn't Ya?

I seem to have started a trend.

The Mugi Evo population of Billings has grown a bit since last update. I may not have the fastest, but I did have the first!

Tomorrow is election day. Be sure to get out and vote for the crook of their choice, it is our civic duty to play their silly little fucking game after all. As if the outcome isn't already decided . . . . .

There's my conspiratorial reference for this year, I can't let an election day pass without at least one, it's bad for my reputation. On one side the elections are all rigged . . . . . on the other side we have to be sure and vote or else we're some kind of lesser citizen. What's the difference? It'll all turn out the same anyway.

Sorry to be so cynical, I've just been struck with another case of writer . . . . . um . . . . . blogger's block. I'll get my sorry ass back to normal soon, right after I quit getting bombarded every five minutes by another smear ad payed for by another crooked politician or group that stands to gain something by the election of said crooked politician. Our government may suck, but it still sure as hell beats the alternative. At least we think it does. But what's to say that we don't already have the alternative? Ponder that for awhile.


a-fire-fly said...

What is the widest point, on the wingspan?

Anonymous said...

I just want to know how to put a 2.4 Brison on one of these!
Bigger is better!!??????

Justin said...

firefly, you have mail. ;)

That's funny Ralpho, Mark and I were just talking about that last night. I suggested 10 mil Coroplast, 15 foot wingspan, and a 100cc twin . . . along with retracts and working bomb bay doors coupled to a bomb bay large enough to hold my neighbor's dog. ;)

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

11 11 06

Cool pic: I have missed stopping by here and glad you are back. I like the PETA post;) hahehhehe Have a great weekend Justin. As to your question about 'the alternative', well I tend to agree. I am quite certain that our civil liberties are being sacrificed for 'the greater good' but something about that doesn't quite sit right with me. Glad you are steadfast in your Patriotism, regardless of party affiliation.

I recall the NRA President said that all politicians were 'jack booted thugs' and I tend to agree. Wah:(

Justin said...

Howdy Disa, long time no see. I recall a particular NRA president saying something else that I liked, I say it myself often. "From my cold, dead hands". ;)