Monday, January 15, 2007

Numb Nuts Is At It Again

Seems some people just don't know when to die. As if the previous unsuccessful round of court battles wasn't enough to certify this asshole's nomination for Yellowstone County's Most Likely To Find Sugar In His Gas Tank Award, Mr. Biggs is once again going to court in an attempt to close down the Shepherd Ah Nei ORV riding area. Of course FFOR is on the case, as are several other local motorized recreation groups, and I've heard that the almighty Blue Ribbon Coalition is even going to get involved. Hopefully this time the douchebag will find himself slinking home with his tail between his legs once and for all.

Get a clue dipshit, nobody's going to pay 4 million samolians for your crappy little 20 acre plot of sagebrush, ORV park next door or not. Buy a damn 4 wheeler and be happy that you don't need a truck and a trailer to haul it like the rest of us. Maybe if you had a little fun once in a while you wouldn't have such a corn cob stuck up your ass. I will dare to say however, that if you don't quit pissing off a large percentage of the local population on a daily basis, you're quite likely to eventually find something else stuck up your ass that will be even far less pleasant than the aforementioned corn cob. Somebody just might decide to make good on one of those threats you keep receiving.

Of course you can help put this sadly misguided and seriously outnumbered moron in his place by joining one of the previously mentioned organizations, or by getting in touch with FFOR, and purchasing one of their raffle tickets. $20.00 gets you not only a chance to win a brand spanking new Honda ATV, but also a snowball's chance in hell of actually having a place to ride it. I've never met a 4 wheeler I didn't like, especially a new one, so you can bet that I'll be picking up one or five. Don't be surprised if there isn't a nifty online order form, this may require an actual phone call to accomplish. These are Montana rednecks we're talking about here, not uber geeks, but I can assure you that if the FFOR is putting it on, this raffle is legit. Get your tickets now before they're all gone and let's send a message to Mr. Bunghole . . . . . . again.


Cricket said...

What's this?? A post? An actual post?? ;0) Glad to see you got the info I sent. I get periodic updates on these issues and thought you might enjoy flippin' a big middle finger at the idiot!!


Justin said...

I get a lot of it too, I'm on Ed Melcher's email list, and I get all of the Blue Ribbon Coalition's action alerts. I was actually kind of surprised that you got this one, and I didn't. At any rate, thanks for passing on the info, now I've just got to get busy and buy some tickets!

Cricket said...

You're welcome, I was just excited to see a new post :0) I should probably buy a couple myself...we'll see. If you'd like I can continue to forward the stuff I get on to you, or, if you get enough of that stuff let me know and I'll keep them to myself!!

ken hayes said...

What is this all about?

Justin said...

Send 'em all cricket, It's no problem to delete the ones I already have. There's been so much going on with travel plan revisions and such here lately, I haven't had time to go research everything so any free and easy info is much appreciated.

Howdy Ken, sorry if I didn't elaborate enough, I guess I just took for granted that everyone knew about this situation.

Anyway, out North of Shepherd there's a fair sized tract of BLM land that's been set aside, actually it was set aside years ago, as an off road vehicle area. The park is called Ah Nei.

A while back, this one particular adjacent land owner named Brian Biggs, filed a law suit and managed to get the area closed down for a year and a half. Meanwhile, he attempted, unsuccessfully, to sell his property for an exhorbitant sum of cash by advertising it as a serene, remote resort property of some such rubbish. Anyway, the BLM was ordered to jump through a bunch of hoops, environmental impact statement blah blah blah, but eventually through their efforts coupled with the efforts of several local outdoor recreation groups the area was reopened last year.

Several improvements were made, like marking trails and closing those that were pointless or environmentally damaging. The parking area was improved, bathrooms were put in, the rules were revised to limit conflicts and clearly posted for all to see in a fancy new information kiosk. Speed limits were put in place in certain areas like the parking lot and also the large "beginner area" that was set aside for the younger riders and those not comfortable with the more difficult trails, and an absolute maximum noise emission level was set and has been rigorously enforced for all machines operated within the park. Off trail travel has been prohibited, and of course the park hours were defined so that no one was out there blazing around in the middle of the night pissing off the nice Californians that have built houses next door full well knowing that there was an ORV park there when they bought their property.

Basically, through several hours of volunteer work by local ATV and motorcycle clubs, along with the coordination of the BLM, a piece of otherwise worthless brush land was turned into a first class ORV park that's enjoyed by multitudes of riders from all around the area in a safe and responsible manner. Now however, Mr. Douchebag, I mean Biggs, is still hell bent on shutting the thing down, so he's filed another suit, this time in Federal court. The local clubs, and even the national Blue Ribbon Coalition, are trying to raise money to fight another round with this self centered fine specimen of a human suppository. That's what this is all about.

Only in America, will we spend millions of dollars of the taxpayer's money to build an enormous trail system for bicycles, which pay no fuel, license, or road tax whatsoever, and then close hundreds of miles a year of trails for ATVs and dirt bikes which not only pay gas taxes, but are required to be licensed for both on and off road operation. I've half a mind to organize a huge rally this summer with ATV and dirtbike riders blocking all of the accesses to the bicycle trails down by the river, and the skatepark downtown, until we start to see some benefits from all of the dollars we spend on little damn stickers to make our machines legal. The whole situation pisses me off.

Justin said...
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Ken Hayes said...

Thanks. I have posted here before and noted I live in the great state of Missery. I go to Whyoming every fall to hunt and ride the machine. The Forest Dis-Service there has closed several trails that were open for years and damaged a lot of land that was at the closure site. It is my humble opinion we are being shut out of lands that the elite want for thier own use and the hell with the rest of us. Thanks for the explanation and good luck up your way.

I grew up in the giant city of Bridger. I try to read the left leaning paper every day to keep up on what is going on there. What has always bothered me was the people that move into an area from another state or country want to make the new digs just like they came from. If they want that, why the hell move in the first place. When in Rome do as the Romans or get the hell out is what I say. I enjoy reading your posts. From the ice and snow covered middle of missery I remain KH.