Thursday, February 08, 2007

Wanna Be My Best Friend Forever?

Then buy me this.

Or I'd take this instead.

Just kidding.


No I'm not.

Well sort of.

You get the idea.

Let me know if you need the address to have it delivered to. ;)


Cricket said...

While both are nice...I'd take a "Thing" any day!!! I've really got a soft spot for the V Dub...

Justin said...

I'd take a Thing, in the hands of a mechanical jeenyus like myself a Thing could have potential. I'm thinking a baja Thing, chopped down, lifted, 2000cc Bus motor with Brodix heads, cammed to hell and gone with dual carbs, it could work. Not nearly as much shagging room as a bus though, but from what I hear you and your old man don't need much room. ;)

I once saw the ultimate example of VW perfection sitting at a truck stop. Two guys from back east some damn place had it loaded down with ski gear headed for Utah by way of Big Sky to go strap sticks on their feet and slide down hills. It was a VW Vanagon . . . . Westy conversion . . . . Diesel . . . . and it was a Synchro (aka - 4 wheel drive). I lust for it. I see it in my dreams at night. Only I see it painted camouflage with me driving it into the mountains to go elk hunting instead of two tree hugger looking kids in expensive clothes on a party trip spending Daddy's money driving it that probably don't even know that the thing's one in a million.

I think I'm likely one of the only people in the world that would drive a VW bus with a gun rack in the window. Is there something wrong with me? ;)

Wulfgar said...

Eurovan, man. It's the only way to go (though I, too, would commit heneous crimes to own a Thing (Kugelwagen). Even though I *love* my truck, I still miss the Eurovan I traded in for it. It did have an over-heating problem, though. Damn Germans had such a hard time with that whole water-cooled thingy.

Justin said...

Eurovans are cool Wulfgar, but the only problem is that the newer VW's sort of defeat the purpose of owning one in the first place - simple and cheap. If I were going to go over to the dark side and buy a water cooled VW, it'd likely be a Golf GTI or one of the other high performance versions, or a New Beetle Turbo. Wouldn't mind a Scirocco either.

Don't think for one minute that I wouldn't "settle" for a Eurovan though, especially if it was a Westy! Eurovan Westfalias are sweet! They actually went so far as to make a regular motor home on a Eurovan chassis, nice for sure, but a wee bit extravagant. That's basically what I have now without the fuel economy, and I'm looking to downsize. Now that Chrysler bought out Westfalia, the new Westies are built on that Mercedes/Freightliner/Dodge Sprinter platform. There's a guy in town with one of the Mercedes diesels, and supposedly it gets awesome gas mileage, and loads of room even if it is a tad bit fugly.

I'll take a plain old air cooled Westy bus anyday - great gas mileage, plenty of amenities, and I can fix damn near anything that can go wrong with it alongside the road with a pair of pliers and a screwdriver. ;)

Justin said...

Correction - Mercedes diesel vans don't get "gas milage" . . . . I meant to say fuel economy. ;)

moos said...

I want a Karmann Ghia. . .

Anonymous said...

Tell your friend Moos that I have a beautiful Ghia for sale at this very moment. 1970 Coupe with 45,000 miles.

Justin said...

You probably just told her yourself Ralpho, LOL, but I'll send her an email just in case.

Those are going for pretty big bucks on ebay, especially all original low milers like that. Just a suggestion.

I'd trade you a Mugi for it!

Moogs said...

I'd take a VW split any day, especially like this.
Failing that, how about a Unimog - I have a real soft spot for those.
OK, sod it, for reliability gimme a Mitsu Delica 4wd! Grrroovy.

Justin said...

Howdy Moogs, damn good to hear from ya. I've been fixing to send you an email for a few weeks now, I was just waiting until I had some pics or something to send along with it. I've also been planning on becoming a procrastinator, but I keep putting that off as well, LOL.

I've seen some awesome VW Bus/Truck thingies, splits as you call them, on ebay lately. There was one that was a 4 door, with a flat bed, based on a Vanagon chassis a while back. One tiny little problem though, it was in Germany. Shipping might be a tad frightening on something like that, and I wouldn't even want to know what the government would have to say about bringing a German titled vehicle into the States. I know it gets quite sticky with various Japanese and other foreign cars that weren't designed for the US market.

Unimogs? NOW YOU'RE TALKING! I tend to place those in my "unobtainable" class however, unlike a VW bus which I may actually someday own, LOL. There's precious few Unimogs in the US, and the ones that are here draw a premium price. I've heard of folks stumbling across killer deals on them, but it doesn't happen very often. Usually, if they're cheap, they're thrashed beyond repair.

Now there is definitely some cool factor going on with the Delica. I don't know if those were sold in the US or not, I know I've never seen one but that isn't saying all that much. Things like 4WD minivans tend to not be very popular in my neck of the woods, a lot more likely to have sold on the coasts if at all. There are a few 4WD Toyota vans around, but I've never seen a Mitsubishi.

I've actually considered building my own since the factory made varieties are so hard to come by for a reasonable price. I've ran across several Chevy Astro/GMC Safari AWD's with bad transmissions over the years that could've been bought dirt cheap if a person had the cash at the ready. Unfortunately, I've never had the cash at the ready, LOL. Anyway, I happen to have a 5 speed transmission with a manual transfer case attached from a Chevy S10 pickup laying around that would swap right in place of the factory slush 'o' matic and limited slip AWD unit. I'm thinking, that a Astro/Safari with a 5 speed manual and real 4WD with a bit of a lift and some slightly meatier tires than the typical soccer mom grocery getter variety would have might just do the job. As long as it was a panel van, I could easily deck out the interior just the way I wanted to make the ultimate camp out under the stars hippy shaggin' wagon methinks. Of course I'd never actually finish the job because I don't have the time, but it's still fun to think about.

If only I'd been born rich instead of so damn good looking. ;)

a-fire-fly said...

If you design that mini van let me know!

Anonymous said...

Well, now you know how it is to be the Ralpho. It's the good looking thing that gets the two of us in trouble isn't it? I miss my old VW van. I had a 67 window model van in the early 80's. I loved it. It had a cammed up dual port 1600 with 2 big bore Kadrone (spelling?) carbs on it. It would pull 27th street at 55 mph in third gear. It was most fun on the highway around Columbus or on the Bozeman hill. I'd pull up along side an 18 wheeler, drop her in third, put a brick on the gas pedal and just watch them dissapear in the mirror while we would light up a smoke and get another beer!!! Oh those were the days!!

ken hayes said...

Justin, where are ya and where ya been? Miss your posts.

Cricket said...

I Agree with Ken

Justin said...

Sorry Ken, Sorry Cricket, I'm working on it, just been kind of busy, that and there really hasn't been much going on that I've felt like writing about. I'll get the blog bug back soon enough, I can assure you. ;)