Friday, March 23, 2007

Lawmaker Arrested For Drunk Driving

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Click it.

I dare you.

Both in face to face conversation, and here on the big bad interweb, I've often been called a scofflaw. I mean, let's face it, I AM a scofflaw, and shit like this is the reason why. If the people that make the laws don't even obey them, then someone please tell me why in the hell I should? The gal riding with this asshole was a member of the Yellowstone County DUI Task Force for crying out loud, and she can't bullshit me into believing that she sat there and had dinner with the guy and didn't know how much he had to drink either. Ladies and gentlemen, can you say hypocrite?

Don't give me any of that old "because it shows you're a better person" bullshit either, because the only thing it shows me is which people are stupid enough to swallow all of the crap coming out of congress and the state legislature. All of those laws that you do gooders have gotten passed in the last few decades in the effort to protect us from ourselves? Hidden back door taxes, that's all they are. The politicians that you duped into passing them don't even believe in them.

Overall, I'm a pretty damn law abiding person. I don't steal. I don't lie. I haven't killed anyone ever, and I haven't killed anything other than bugs recently although that record can easily be broken if some dumb ass decides to let his dog run loose and shit in my yard. I don't use illegal drugs . . . . . not anymore anyway . . . . . . and I can honestly say that I haven't in almost 15 years although I really don't think drugs should even be illegal. I have insurance on my vehicles. I obey speed limits and all other traffic laws, both in my own vehicles and my employer's.

I, however, do not most generally wear my seat belt unless road conditions are less than favorable, I fire up a cigarette wherever I damn well please if I'm outdoors even in those "designated areas" where some asshole seems to think they can tell me not to smoke even though I'm outside, and I think absolutely nothing about driving down the road sipping a cool one so long as it's only one and not a state legislator's nightly ration. I've even been known to get out of my truck on my way to or from hunting or 4 wheeling and walk into a roadside store with a loaded pistol on my hip, but so far I've never felt compelled to rob the store or kill anyone . . . . . . But then again I'm not generally intoxicated when I get out of my truck either unless my wife's driving, and I'm a firm believer that guns and alcohol don't mix.

Don't bother trying to give me an open container ticket for those beer cans in my truck either officer, those aren't open containers, those are empty containers, and there's a difference. A cop tried that one on me when I was in high school. Aluminum and glass are not controlled substances, and I'm not going to take a ticket without a fight for something that somebody tossed in the back of my truck . . . . . . Even if it was me. ;)

When I get caught for not wearing my seat belt? I pay the 20 bucks and go on my merry way, seat belt unhooked again as soon as the cop's out of sight. I've heard loads of crap from all the "patriots" out there about "Freedom Isn't Free", they're right, it costs exactly $20 every time I get caught not wearing my seat belt, and it's happened several times over the years. The first time I get caught for your nanny assed open container law, I'll do the same thing, pay the C-note and pop another beer. Maybe I should just open an account with the Montana Highway Patrol so they could save the time it takes to pull me over and just send me a bill every month. Seems that freedom is getting more expensive but it's still what I call "The cost of doing business".

Now I'm just waiting for the boneheads to pass a helmet law, which they're sure to do eventually, then it'll be war. Don't be surprised if you see a guy rattling down the highway on his motorcycle with a five gallon bucket on his head. Eye holes are optional, but the hose leading to the keg strapped on the back seat is a requirement . . . . . . . . At least it would be if I were a legislator. ;)

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Operation No More Mud

I've written here before about my yard, and how it's a giant mudhole interspersed with weeds and dilapidated automobilia of every kind. Due to an event in my past, namely spending a good deal of time and money cleaning and fixing up what was a weed infested shithole into a pretty damn nice yard with a mostly dandelion free lawn and an extemely fertile garden spot only to get the proverbial boot when the landlord sold out, I vowed to never invest any more time into a rented lot than what was required to keep from having to use a machete to get from the driveway to the door. I bought this place from my former landlady over a year ago, it's time to start acting like I own it.

First step: The mud has to go. Everyone in my family, me most of all, is absolutely sick of having to drive sideways from the road to the house, and then slog through ankle deep muck from the vehicle to the house, then try to scrape off as much as possible before coming inside to immediately remove our shoes. When the snow started melting I was really beginning to think that selling my 4 wheel drive wasn't the best idea as I played mud racer on my way to work every night in my old blue 2 wheel drive GMC. Driving sideways through the mud with your wheels spinning is fun, but not particularly when there's somewhere you have to be at a certain time.

Thanks to Todd, a good friend of my Dad's, I was given loan of a tired, but character rich, old Freightliner dump truck yesterday, and proceeded to haul 45 ton of gravel onto my property to hopefully cover up a few of the soft spots. I have kind of a soft spot for tired old trucks. I would've gotten another 15 ton if the gravel pit had stayed open a little longer, but I think we can make do. It's not everyday that someone that you've never met will let you just take his dump truck and go haul gravel, and it's definitely not every day that he absolutely refuses to let you pay for the priveledge. Thanks Todd, I owe you one, big time.

As I write this, Brian is on his way from Columbus with his skid steer - Mudhole, meet your maker.

I made three of these "mountains" as my little nephew Jeremiah calls them. Today we turn our mountains into molehills.

Little Jeremiah, an avid truck enthusiast to say the least, finally gets his first chance to drive a big truck, with the help of my daughter Jeannette of course. This little fella points out every truck that drives by with the enthusiasm that only a child posesses, but surprisingly he was kind of intimidated when he finally got to see one up close. With a very small amount of coaxing however, he decided that it wasn't all that scary after all. I still couldn't talk him into going for a ride with me, but I definitely didn't have that problem with my daughter who was all to happy to bounce along when I took the old truck back home to its owner.

My friend Wade showed up to visit with his grandson "Bug", and he was happy to help train Jeremiah in the finer points of truck driving. Unlike my nephew, Bug is an experienced gravel trucker with several miles of safe driving under his belt already thanks to grandpa. These little fellas really take me back to when I was just a little guy sitting on my Dad's lap steering an old tanker truck down a gravel road. Seems like just yesterday.

Well folks, time to get busy. There's a shovel in my garage that really needs someone to lean on it. More pics later.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Hiatus Interruptus

I know, you missed me. Now quit your Goddamn blubbering, suck it up, and grow some nutsack because your favorite ass kicking blogger is back to kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out on the big bad interweb.

OK, not really, but it sure got your hopes up didn't it?

My kinda sorta job decided to turn into a full fledged source of employment for the last several weeks. I don't know how long it's going to last, so I gotta pay the bills while I got the chance. Go work 14 hours a night, 5 nights a week some time and see if you've got time to write a blog in between trying to do the springtime honeydo's and finish several model airplane projects all at the same time. Fuck sleep, who needs it? More on the model airplane projects later, when I get a chance to take pics of them, but I can assure you that the R&D, Engineering, and Manufacturing Departments here at the Aviation Division of Big J Enterprises Worldwide have been very busy lately, with a production backlog that would make Boeing and Airbus jealous. I don't want to give anything away, but let's just say that I'll soon have a use for some of those bulk LEDs that I ordered off of ebay a while back. Stay posted.

Speaking of model airplane projects, Eric found out what happens when you feed your Mugi too much. Mugi's are very calorically sensitive, a strict and well balanced diet is an absolute necessity. Let this be a lesson to anyone that's considered giving their Mugi junk food and beer instead of carefully monitoring its intake. Still flies great though, as long as he can keep the speed control from melting.

Now, since I'm running short on time, I'm going to bring this post to a close by getting myself in trouble and talking a little politics.

I really have to wonder just exactly how many screws a person would have to have loose to claim loyalty to either political party anymore. I recently heard that Reverend Al Sharpton is seriously considering running for president on the Democratic ticket.


Personally, I don't think that anyone with the title of "Reverend" should be allowed to hold any public office, and I damn sure can't see how a preacher could get elected by the Democrats especially, I thought that was a right wing trick.

Before you start calling me names, just hear me out.

I'm constantly bombarded by my left wing friends bitching about the vast right wing conspiracy to convert everyone to their twisted little idea of Christianity, so why in the hell would the Democrats be the ones to campaign a Reverend? The Democrats bitch incessantly about the separation of church and state any time there's a dispute about something as innocuous as The Ten Commandments hanging in a public building, or a nativity scene on the courthouse lawn at Christmas time, but they have no problem with a preacher being elected to the highest office in the free world? Like I said, I don't think that a preacher should even be allowed to hold any public office, and least of all president. To me that's a far more egregious violation of the separation of church and state than a list of rules that most people would probably agree, regardless of religious affiliation, are the basis for our entire legal system.

Gimme a fucking break, these politicians are all on crack, and so are most of the people that support them. If it weren't for all of the warmongering, handouts to the rich, and the effort to ram a bunch of religious bullshit down my throat, I could probably be a Republican. But then again if it weren't for all of the tree and bunny hugging, gun control, bleeding heart bullshit, and ridiculous crap like this I could probably be a Democrat. Gee, I wonder why I'm not either. Actually, I wonder why anybody is to be honest. And to think that some of these fuckers actually call people like me sheep. If it looks like a sheep, and smells like a sheep . . . . . . . . keep following your "leaders" folks, they're obviously leading you down a wonderful path.

Here's my idea, fire 'em. I'm serious, run the bastards out of the country on a rail and start over. Limit terms for all elected offices to one term only, that way corruption wouldn't have near as much of a chance to take root. Here's another idea, quit electing corporate CEOs and big shot lawyers for everything and pass a law that no one that makes over 100K a year can run for office, maybe that way we could get some common folks with some common sense in there that could actually do some good. I'm plum sick and tired of a bunch of rich good 'ol boys blabbering on the TV and radio about what's good for working class Americans, when they wouldn't know a real job if it came up and slapped them with a cold fish. Now the fuckers want to tax my health insurance benefits to pay for health care for the "less fortunate". In my experience, what the government defines as "less fortunate", I'd usually define as "fucking lazy".

Everywhere I go, I see brand new pick up trucks and SUVs lined up at every light. Half of the pick ups have a brand new ATV in the back, and the ones that don't have one in the back have half a dozen of them on a trailer. There were enough kids in Billings with an extra 50 bucks rattling around in their pockets to sell out the Metra for a recent Nickelback concert. A person can hardly drive past a house for less than 100K even here in little old Billings Montana, and yet houses are popping up like Bill Clinton's pecker on a double shot of Viagra at the Playboy Mansion, and still these fuckers are crying about the economy and coming after me for more cash to help the "less fortunate".

Let's face it folks, the "less fortunate" in this country is the American working class, so get off my ass and start taxing somebody else because I'm already one of the few that's been able to find a job with health insurance that doesn't cost more than my house payment, for the time being at least. Hardly a month goes by without one of the company propaganda films that we have to watch mentioning the rising cost of health care. It's like an omen, it says to me "you know that cheap health insurance we give you? Well don't get too used to it dumbass because as soon as we find a good enough excuse, you can kiss that shit goodbye."

I did things right for the most part, I kept my nose clean, I stayed out of trouble, I didn't get seven nose rings and tattoos all over my face, I didn't dye my hair pink, I strive to maintain a good work ethic and a sense of responsibility, and as a result I've managed to nail down a couple good jobs in my life that came with benefits. The last thing that's going to impress me is telling me that you're going to tax my health insurance so that some purple haired wannabe gang banger that's too fucking good to work for a living can go to the dentist and get his teeth whitened while I'm busting my ass to pay for glasses for my kid because you're little punk busted them immediately before getting the ass kicking of his life, and my teeth are about to fall out of my head because I refuse to pay some Mercedes driving asshole $5000 for an hour's work.

Fuck it, there's no way in hell that I'm the one with all of the answers to all of the world's problems. It's just a good thing that I don't get to listen to the news very often or else I'd likely pop a vein.

I'm really sick of fuckers that won't do a damn thing unless they stand to make money off of it, it wears on a person after a while. Contrary to popular belief, there's really nothing wrong with doing something just for the hell of it instead of insisting on lining one's pockets, it actually feels really good for those of us that qualify for the title of "human being". If more of us, and especially our "leaders", had that attitude, there wouldn't be very many "less fortunate" people left out there that needed my tax money. Hell, if our leaders weren't so busy financing Vietnam Version 2.0, they'd have enough money to pay for everybody's health care, instead of just the "less fortunate". Too bad the bastards can't even take care of their own, the VA medical system is the definition of the word "fucked". Yeah, we'll send you half way around the world to fight in a war that nobody gives a fuck about, and when you get shot we'll stick you in some shithole dump of a hospital and wait for you to die of an infection so we don't have to pay you benefits for the rest of your life. What happened to the whole "no man left behind" thing? You can't bring freedom and honor to another country if you don't have any yourself. Where I come from you lead from the front. Crooks - all of them.

That's enough politics . . . . . . for now.

Here's a short video of Eric's Mega Mugi in action. Sorry I didn't get all fancy on this one, but we've been busier than a cat covering up shit packing dirt two miles at work lately, and I really need some sleep, so you get the quick and dirty version this time. The song really fits my mood though. Enjoy.

Eric's Mega Mugi
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