Friday, March 23, 2007

Lawmaker Arrested For Drunk Driving

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Click it.

I dare you.

Both in face to face conversation, and here on the big bad interweb, I've often been called a scofflaw. I mean, let's face it, I AM a scofflaw, and shit like this is the reason why. If the people that make the laws don't even obey them, then someone please tell me why in the hell I should? The gal riding with this asshole was a member of the Yellowstone County DUI Task Force for crying out loud, and she can't bullshit me into believing that she sat there and had dinner with the guy and didn't know how much he had to drink either. Ladies and gentlemen, can you say hypocrite?

Don't give me any of that old "because it shows you're a better person" bullshit either, because the only thing it shows me is which people are stupid enough to swallow all of the crap coming out of congress and the state legislature. All of those laws that you do gooders have gotten passed in the last few decades in the effort to protect us from ourselves? Hidden back door taxes, that's all they are. The politicians that you duped into passing them don't even believe in them.

Overall, I'm a pretty damn law abiding person. I don't steal. I don't lie. I haven't killed anyone ever, and I haven't killed anything other than bugs recently although that record can easily be broken if some dumb ass decides to let his dog run loose and shit in my yard. I don't use illegal drugs . . . . . not anymore anyway . . . . . . and I can honestly say that I haven't in almost 15 years although I really don't think drugs should even be illegal. I have insurance on my vehicles. I obey speed limits and all other traffic laws, both in my own vehicles and my employer's.

I, however, do not most generally wear my seat belt unless road conditions are less than favorable, I fire up a cigarette wherever I damn well please if I'm outdoors even in those "designated areas" where some asshole seems to think they can tell me not to smoke even though I'm outside, and I think absolutely nothing about driving down the road sipping a cool one so long as it's only one and not a state legislator's nightly ration. I've even been known to get out of my truck on my way to or from hunting or 4 wheeling and walk into a roadside store with a loaded pistol on my hip, but so far I've never felt compelled to rob the store or kill anyone . . . . . . But then again I'm not generally intoxicated when I get out of my truck either unless my wife's driving, and I'm a firm believer that guns and alcohol don't mix.

Don't bother trying to give me an open container ticket for those beer cans in my truck either officer, those aren't open containers, those are empty containers, and there's a difference. A cop tried that one on me when I was in high school. Aluminum and glass are not controlled substances, and I'm not going to take a ticket without a fight for something that somebody tossed in the back of my truck . . . . . . Even if it was me. ;)

When I get caught for not wearing my seat belt? I pay the 20 bucks and go on my merry way, seat belt unhooked again as soon as the cop's out of sight. I've heard loads of crap from all the "patriots" out there about "Freedom Isn't Free", they're right, it costs exactly $20 every time I get caught not wearing my seat belt, and it's happened several times over the years. The first time I get caught for your nanny assed open container law, I'll do the same thing, pay the C-note and pop another beer. Maybe I should just open an account with the Montana Highway Patrol so they could save the time it takes to pull me over and just send me a bill every month. Seems that freedom is getting more expensive but it's still what I call "The cost of doing business".

Now I'm just waiting for the boneheads to pass a helmet law, which they're sure to do eventually, then it'll be war. Don't be surprised if you see a guy rattling down the highway on his motorcycle with a five gallon bucket on his head. Eye holes are optional, but the hose leading to the keg strapped on the back seat is a requirement . . . . . . . . At least it would be if I were a legislator. ;)


Anonymous said...

You make me laugh!!! Was good to see you this morning. I went out to Stratton Road to see the spray plane but he was all done when I got there. I saw you and Mark were still at the park when I came back. I called Steve-o this afternoon to see why he was not at the park this morning and his wife told me that Steve's Dad passed away yesterday morning while he was flying out at the airstrip. I went down and talked to him and his brother Mike for a while tonite. Take care, Ralpho

Justin said...

You should've stopped back by Ralpho, you would've gotten to see the demise of the Fokker Mugi. Straight into the pavement at about 90 MPH, you should've heard the smack it made. I'm still not exactly sure what happened, but I think I pulled a little too much elevator when I was turning and it snap stalled, since it was going so fast I didn't really have time to react and still had a big 'ol handful of up elevator when it came out of the snap inverted. When one is inverted, going close to a hundred, and only about 20 feet off of the ground, down is up, and up is expensive. In this case it ended up costing me my crappy yellow speed control (big loss there ha ha, but it still cost 50 bucks and probably would've worked fine on a lower kv motor) which promptly began emitting copious amounts of smoke, and at least one servo. I'm still not sure if the servo's toast since further investigation revealed that the horn busted off, possible sparing the servo itself. My battery got bent all to hell and gone, but we left it on a rock for about an hour and it didn't get pissed so I guess it'll be OK. I bent it back into shape and charged it back up and still no explosion, so far so good. The prop went to the happy hunting ground obviously, and the Mugi itself doesn't look too healthy although it could be repaired pretty easily. Mostly just some extremely serious road rash on the bottom, a big split up the middle of the nose doubler, and some wrinkles here and there, especially the fins. I haven't decided if I'm going to fix it yet or just hang it on the wall of shame in my garage. I tested the receiver and the motor when I got home and all seems to be well with those so I guess considering the circumstances I came out pretty good. When I first saw the shape that battery was in, I thought it was going to be a lot more expensive than it was. I guess those li-pos aren't as delicate as people make them out to be after all.

Are you talking about Steve G.? I was just thinking last night how I haven't seen him in awhile. I'm sorry to hear about his Dad. Steve's a great guy, give him my condolences if you see him before I do.

moos said...

Scott doesn't remember to register his vehicles, either.

What is up with those of us who pay our bills & insure our vehicles?!

Oh yeah, we're honest, I keep forgetting.

cpmaz said...

From the title, I thought this was an Arizona blog.

See story:

I was mistaken, but I can say that our legislators are drunker than yours (.14 BAC in MT vs. .16 in AZ.)


Great title for your blog, btw. It's why I checked it out.

Justin said...

Yeah, I saw that too Moos. Seems that somebody must've stolen the temp permit off of the Ford Exploder he was driving before he bounced off of a curb and got pulled over for drunk driving. He probably lost it when he backed into a couple cars in the parking lot of the place where he got loaded. Had it been me, I would've been sitting in the drunk tank waiting for somebody to bail my ass out, and I wouldn't be stupid enough to think that my wife would answer her phone either. She'd let my sorry butt sit there and rightfully so. I didn't hear anything about the moron doing any jail time.

Welcome aboard cpmaz, the more the merrier. Be sure to check back, I don't update as often as I'd like to these days, but it's getting into the time of year when I've got a lot more going on to blog about.