Sunday, April 15, 2007

Oh What A Beautiful Morning . . . . . Oh What A Beautiful Day . . . . . . .

I've got a Krispy Kreme doooooonut,

And I really don't care what I weigh.

OK, I cribbed that one from my sister, but I don't care who ya are, that's funny right there.

It's early, I'm awake, the birds are chirping, the Billings airport METAR reports a wind of 8 knots out of the West/Southwest which isn't too ridiculous, and I've got flying things ready to load in the old Ford and head out to the park. Sorry, no insurance on the Mugi Mobile yet. Must have patience young grasshopper, must have patience. You're gonna love the Mugi Mobile. No . . . . . It's not a VW Bus unfortunately, but it's damn sure not bad for what I payed for it. It's not 4 wheel drive though . . . . . . . Nuts.

Mostly I'm just having a really hard time deciding which one of my beloved pick up trucks I'm going to drop the insurance on. I'm already paying for insurance on three outfits, and that's enough. I really like the big diesel Ford, but my old blue GMC just has too much sentimental value. Maybe I should drop the insurance on the car since it seems to be making a particularly bad nuisance of itself lately, and give the Ford to the Mrs. That way I could keep both of the trucks, and the Mugi Mobile. Since I'll once again be spending the afternoon with wrench in hand underneath the wife's family truckster, I'll have a little better idea as to which one gets the axe by this evening.

The old Cavalier has been a great car, I've gotten 10 good years out of it, but it's getting to the point where I really want to say "enough is enough". On the bright side however, about 75% of the expendable parts of the car are under lifetime warranty, with more soon to come, so if I keep this up I'll have a Rolls Royce before long. If the damn thing "fails to proceed" about one more time however, I'm likely to have a really cool bonfire out in my yard when I douse it with gasoline and toss in a match. Oh well, the old piece of shit could've busted in two 5 years ago, and it still wouldn't have owed me a dime so I guess I should quit complaining.

Before the wrench twisting proceedings commence however, there's a little something that's way overdue to leave the ground under its own power. Since there's a whole lot of folks around here that want to bear witness to the first tuning flights, the test flight will be delayed until after I return from the park. This one will be tested right here at the Big J Enterprises World Headquarters, and I intend on getting video of the occasion . . . . . . . Win, lose, or crash. Stay tuned.


I AM CHEAP said...

WTF??!!!! Did it fly? Is it in one piece? Throw us a bone here. Or have you been workin on momma's truckster. You gotta know we're dyin how here. We NEED to know was there a maiden or not? "details". Which one of Big J Enterprises "company vehicles" is getting the axe? Hope you got to fly the T-REX today and there are no repairs to be done.

Justin said...

I am cheap? That's the best you could come up with? I hereby dub thee "Closet Flyer". Oh yeah, you were already dubbed that weren't you? hehehehe ;)

See latest post for details.