Wednesday, April 11, 2007

So I Still Haven't Taken Pictures Of All Of The Airplane Projects . . . . .

You know how it is. Work, Life, Easter holiday, goofing off flying RC airplanes, you know, important stuff.

The helicopter is getting really close to being done, or at least I think it is. If simplicity and instant gratification are your thing, do yourself a favor and stay away from RC helicopters. If you like figuring out mechanical problems and tinkering with itty bitty little parts, then helis are for you my friend. Did you know that Murphy's law counts double for whirly birds?

There's currently 6, yes count 'em, 6 Mugis in various stages of assembly and 3 of them just happen to be made of the coveted transparent coroplast. I'm converting a little bitty tiny free flight toy Piper Cub to radio control and it's almost done. I've scored some really cheap and cool motors and speed controls off of ebay lately that are already slated for various other projects including a few of the aforementioned Mugi Evos.

My Fokker Mugi had an unfortunate high speed encounter with terra firma a couple weeks ago and is still awaiting repair, which is yet another testament to the durability of Morgan's design. This thing drilled pavement at about 90 MPH, AND IT'S REPAIRABLE! Find me another RC model that could do that. I never did get a definite top speed rating on the thing, partly thanks to a finicky speed control that just couldn't handle the mad RPMs of my top secret Mugi race motor. Unfortunately/fortunately however, the speed control didn't survive the crash and will therefore be replaced with one that's hopefully a little more up to the task. Bench testing of this speed control with my motor shows favorable results. Flight tests will commence shortly.

My other Mugi was recently the recipient of new servos as well as the new and improved Big J Aviation Slop Free Mugi Elevon Linkage System which will hopefully alleviate the dreadful control surface flutter that took the servos out in the first place. Flight testing to commence as soon as the weather is appropriate and work schedule allows. This was the first Mugi that I built, and I can't say that it was my best effort. More of an experiment than anything, and the fit and finish on the control linkages have always left a little to be desired. They don't anymore.

My IFO is now the beneficiary of brushless power since a GWS IPS motor can't seem to handle a 3 cell li-poly battery for more than about 5 minutes without making a really cool smoke trail across the sky. What's an IFO you ask? Here's a picture, or better yet, ask these guys.

An IFO looks like a big pair of flying panties, but they're about as much fun as a guy can have without actually sending a pair of panties flying, especially if he doesn't have a lot of room to fly . . . . . . . airplanes that is, not panties. I don't think you'd want to try flying one of these in your bedroom, unless you have a really big bedroom. I built this bad boy for the days when I don't have time to go to the park. I fly it right in my front yard. Loads of fun looping around all the power lines, which will be a whole lot more fun I'm sure now that it has about 3 times the thrust that it used to. All that excess power should translate into an insane rate of climb, provided that the airframe can handle it. At any rate, I shouldn't have to worry about being able to climb enough to clear my shop after launching it off of my deck anymore, it should be able to go vertical as far as I want it to with this motor.

I do have pictures of the "been finished for freakin' weeks" driveway!

No more mud in the front driveway!

No more mud in the back driveway!

Even a good skid steer operator needs a supervisor sometimes.

I am not a good skid steer operator.

Well that's all I have time for today folks. I had a short night last night and therefore have a couple hours of free time on my hands. I've already burned up a good part of it blogging, now I'm off to try to make something airworthy before the weekend. I'll take pictures of the planes soon, I promise. Besides, you definitely don't want to miss the blog debut of the Mugi Mobile. ;)


a-fire-fly said...

He isn't supervising, he was bringing you another beer!

Justin said...

Actually, that's me standing there, Brian's the one doing the digging. I took a turn on the sticks of the skid steer, but had I done all the work we would've been there for at least two days. I'm pretty handy with a forklift, but since it was my first time running a skid steer I wasn't exactly moving at a blistering pace.

And what do you mean beer? Don't you know that it's inappropriate to be operating heavy equipment and drinking? We of course had to take a break and let the machine "cool down" from time to time however. In their shortsighted haste, Case seems to have neglected to equip their skid steers with beer holders. ;)

Cricket said...

I find it amazing that with all of your engineering and manufacturing talents....Big J Enterprises has yet to develop a viable beer holder for such occasions!!

Justin said...

Good point Cricket, however you should really think about patenting your inventions before submitting them to industry. The Big J Enterprises Worldwide New Product Research And Developement Team is currently working on accessory beer holders for a multitude of different types of excavating equipment, and they're likely to become one of our hottest sellers as soon as the Political Relations and Lobbying Department finishes up with paying off enough politicians to repeal the open container law and stop all of this anti drinking social engineering BS.

Being the President, Founder, and CEO of a multinational corporation like Big J Enterprises is a tough job . . . . . but somebody's gotta do it. ;)