Thursday, June 05, 2008

Everybody Likes A Little Tail . . . .

And the Tea Racer now has one. A tail that is. A little more graphics work and it's on to the wing construction.

Morgan wasn't kidding when he said the structure gains a good bit of rigidity once the seams are taped. I could use this thing for a prybar if I wanted to.

I'll be adding more black to the tail surfaces before I'm done, mostly around the edges to seal the exposed flutes in the Coroplast for better aerodynamics. This pic shows the detailing that I've applied to the canopy for a slightly more realistic look. If a person wanted to, it would be a piece of cake to fashion a canopy for this plane from a clear plastic blister pack or a hunk of plastic soda bottle, then perhaps add a lightweight pilot figure to the cockpit.

Had to toss in one more pic . . . . . Just because this thing is SOOOOO damn sexy!

The wing is where I'm planning the majority of my deviations from the original plan, so it'll no doubt take a little longer than intended to build. Another beautiful thing about this design however, is that it would be a piece of cake to make more than one wing for this plane, each being suited to a different purpose. One with retractable landing gear for show and flying off of pavement perhaps. Another with no landing gear and a double layer on the bottom side for hand launching and belly landing on rough surfaces. Maybe another with some dihedral added and perhaps a bit more span for a more leisurely flying experience.

Stay tuned.

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