Thursday, July 10, 2008

Red Bull Gives You Wings!

Or at least I gave my Tea Racer wings. In this pic you can see the balsa ailerons fitted to the wing and ready to be covered and hinged. Actually they're covered now, but I've yet to get the hinges fitted and attach them to my super jammy whiz bang torque tube aileron linkages. Sorry I didn't get any pics of how that was accomplished, but there really isn't all that much to it. I simply hogged out a channel in the inside of the Coroplast, hogged out another channel in the corresponding location on the opposite side of the wing, epoxied the plastic bearing tube into the channel on one side, fitted and bent the torque rod linkage, cut holes for it to pass through in the top wing surface, then folded the wing as per the instructions.

I also epoxied two hardwood blocks in front of the wing spar at equal distances from the centerline of the wing for landing gear attachment points. I had originally intended to install retracts, but decided against it. This plane will only be using a 4 1/2 inch prop, so the landing gear won't need to be long enough to create much drag. I may fashion some aerodynamic fairings for the landing gear legs, but retracts would be more trouble/weight than they're worth methinks. Perhaps I'll include them on my next Tea Racer once I've got a bit more experience building and flying them.

The single aileron servo will mount to the center of the wing, inside the fuselage and out of sight. Zero drag for the breakneck speeds this thing will be attaining with the 3800kv powerplant in the foreground. Don't let my drawn out build of this plane discourage you. This thing virtually flies together once you get started. Mine is just taking a while to finish because I've had a lot of distractions. Everything you see here was constructed in only a few short hours of actual build time.

When this thing finally makes it to the flying field, there shouldn't be any confusion as to what aircraft it is, nor where it came from. Morgan was nice enough to send me a sheet of official Mugi Tea Racer decals, so this plane will be flying its colors proudly.