Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Most Important Question Of This Election

Let's face it.

It needs to be asked.

It probably has.

But it hasn't been asked by me yet.

So here goes.

Who's Hotter?

Michelle Obama?


Sarah Palin?

Whoever gets the most votes will be the proud recipient of the What I Think (as if you give a damn) 2008 Political MILF Award. Please leave political preference aside, this is strictly a vote for which one you'd most like to bang, not which one you'd most like to see in a position of power. Unless of course you happen to be one of those kinky submissive types. ;)


Moogs said...

Aw once again you've nailed the core issues down. For me I've always had a thing for girls in glasses so it's Palin for me (also she looks more like the sort of chick who'd give flying a Mugi a try). However, Mrs Obama is rather sweet too so this election was win-win from the get go.

Justin said...

Actually the election was a bust from the start, LOL, IMHO anyway, but at least there was some eye candy to enjoy. I likewise however tended to favor Mrs. Palin, but only on the basis of looks and grit, not because of her political affiliations. It would be nice to have an election for once that wasn't a choice between the lesser of two evils.

moogs said...

Well on the bright side you've now got a pres the rest of the world wanted and have possibly turned around foreign relations in a heartbeat. Oh crap, that's politics... Oh well it's just so much more interesting than our uk parties which lack even a smattering of talent (and yes I mean chicks)

Justin said...

I tend to agree moogs, while I am no raging Barack Obama fan, I'm trying to remain optimistic that perhaps I will be 4 years from now. I'm not holding my breath, but I'm definitely hoping for it. I think Obama is probably the first president since John F. Kennedy that truly has the ability to make some serious change for the good in this country, and I seriously hope that he doesn't get mired in pointless social bickering over crap like abortion and gun control, and instead concentrates on the real issues like the rapidly tanking economy, this ridiculous quagmire Vietnam Version 2.0 that's going on overseas, and the astronomical price of health care. We've had enough presidents that pour their efforts into pleasing the single issue voters instead of focusing on the country as a whole. Single issue voters are generally hopeless morons anyway, screw them I say, LOL. As long as Obama sticks to what he's promised, and doesn't allow the next 4 years to be focused on "liberalizing" the country, aka - ramming the Democratic party's official agendas down our throats, I think he has the potential to be one of the greatest presidents this country has ever known. I also think he has the potential to be a total tank job, LOL, but then again, don't they all? ;)

Anonymous said...

Why not tell it like it is, take a look at Michelle Obama's mother and then come back and tell me in another 10 years you would want to be married to that and you think she is hot, she is not hot, nor is she attractive...I have seen more attractive black women walking the strip than that thing.

Justin said...

Anonymous, why don't YOU tell it like it is, or more importantly, why don't you quit changing the subject and just answer the fucking question. I asked who was hotter, in your opinion of course. I didn't ask, nor do I give a rat's ass who's MOTHER is hotter. To the best of my knowledge neither of their mothers are in this. I didn't ask which one you would like to be married to in 10 years either, I just asked which one is hotter. Therefore, I'd like to ask you, whoever you are, to please temporarily remove your tinfoil hat, put down the purple Kool Aid, squelch your backward, dipshit, right wing tendencies for just long enough to answer the question that was asked. Then you're free to go back to being a bible toting douchebag so long as your pathetic ass may live.

Got that?