Saturday, November 20, 2010

Just In Case Anyone's Wondering Where I've Been . . .

Been busy turning this:

Into this:

No, I'm not dead, not by a long shot. ;)


And Happy Holidays.


gun cabinets said...

WOW!! Nice ideas i like it your are right.
Thanks for sharing.

Morgan said...

Me likey! It just struck me that I haven't read any of your blogs for probably over a year!
I love your project! I lost my BMW F800ST to joyriders who torched it and my replacement is a comparatively woeful little Honda 400. Maybe one day I'll tweak it into a Lipo powered ebike...
But I'm also hooked on the idea of an ATV for the Winter but the dream CanAm Renegade is out of reach :-(

Good to see you're well and still being a mini Skunkworks!

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